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Seanathon Jun 10
Dispell all fears
By writing them on rounded rocks
By crushing your own selfish doubt
And walking on the pieces beneath
Until the uncertainty stops

This is how you change the eyes
First you change the mind abrupt
With Hammer And Sole
Kitty Jun 1
You're going to hate me maybe
Or you'll try to ignore what you see:
Us being atracted and talking free.

Are you scared of what might happen?
Rather than that you should suffer
Every moment that you haven't done.

Speak your mind '*** you know me.
Please, don't fear my words and be
Everything that i need in this life to see.

Certain it is that I might be addicted
It's your choice what you're believing
And your soul is yours to bring
Leaving it in my hands to stop aching.

Reading the first letter of each is a key
To know what you really are for me.
For a special someone,
a long time ago
~May the words always be by your side!~
Johnny walker Mar 19
Just read a poem gentlemen wrote that opened eyes me to
trolls who on poetry sites are using the emoji that
of a thumbs
Trying to destroy peoples love of poetry writing how pathetic these so-called trolls are they have nothing better to do In
Other than try and destroy other peoples lives and enjoyment shame on
them they disgust me they run
though the Internet
like a plague Infecting
everything they come
In contact
Internet trolls who infect us  like a plague everything they come In contact with
Bohemian Feb 15
Dost thee care for it which belongest not to you ?
Dost thee care for them who walk on wreckage as thou didst?
Why are the words misconstrued?
Why is the truth hard to you?
Ever that thou sowest
When yieldest the possibility of lowest
Measure thine life's circumference
Since thou revolvest most near the dark
Often it be the most absorbed
How thou mess with a mere sector
Yet the most of it collapsest
Sweating in the smoke to keep going
It requirest lest of a hope
Thee who dost not hear the screams
Cannot hear the sayings
Those qualms pushing to help that which benefits us nothing
To care for those who're going through that which we once nagged about
Those push and pulls could be the way to acumen
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
Tiptoe to the moon you wanderlust sole
Fetch the cobbler from beyond the green knoll
For I'm in need of mending this black hole
Rain down on me stardust, repair my soul
Put stars in my celestial insole
Fill this galaxy with light and resoul.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Listen to me carefully.
Bees won't die necessarily.
The flowers will stand up straight.
Everyone can be in a good state.

Stars will continue to shine.
The universe will be fine.
So will the whole of you.
Mistakes will be few.

Miss nothing but your sole.
Nothing worse than losing control.
Treat every ounce of your body.
Life will stay rocky.
I offer myself as bait to those who eat souls for breakfast.

I offer myself as a toy to those who want to kick me.

I offer my soul to those who need new soles on their shoes because my soul is the most immune to physical abuse, with a soft heart acting as a comfortable cushion to stomp on.
Brandon Cotter Sep 2017
Years from then and you’re still in the doorway
One hand in your pocket and the other on the frame
Though shadows, they refuse to be stored away
Vivid to the clothes on the ground, everything’s the same
You hurt someone you loved and couldn’t see it
In the mindset of forever you forgot to live for now
The moment things came crashing down you couldn’t believe it
You kept asking yourself how
How do I live without her here, how do I go on?
Why should I pretend to be happy and fine when I’m dying inside?
You spiral down into dreams, into an abyss of fault, you’re gone
Nothing can dig you from this grave, dug in full stride
The snapping of a bird awakens you from your despair
Mystified by the room you roll to your left and cry
Struck by your reality like the warmth of a shimmering glare
There is no reason to live without her, just another reason to die.
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