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Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 5/27/2019

Mother, you know - darkness is coming,
so lend me a lantern
that I may distinguish in the dark what is black.
That I may feel the white of the jasmines,
though their smell still makes me think of death,
but this affliction I would like to cure.
Plant the soothing flowers
and say - on the field furrows, like on a lowland meadow,
moments of happiness bloom as well
from a passage - to a passage.
Send me a letter of hope that you will be able to come
and that you will blow the candle out
when the time to wake up comes.
You will lead me by the hand because I am still a child,
and I'm not ashamed to ask you - talk to God there
about difficult matters - after all, you also
shared the burdens of existence,
here where every day is different
and where there are no sinless.

Copyright © by Wieslaw Musialowski 5/26/2019
Friends, I am asking for your understanding, because all my translations must be proofread and corrected. Poems are hard to translate (even in free verse translations). Regards.
Bohemian Jul 11
I have a few delicate topics to discuss,
Possessing insights
Willing to be put forth the raw emotions with pedantic as in to say self-aware,detailed approach be it righteous or wrong which you performed at the moment,will be appreciating the honesty.
Anyone please? The topic might be delicate extremely and can affect emotions upto some extent.
It is for the sake of a project of mine that I cannot elicit the conclusion of properly since I am murky in concept of the algorithm that makes the another gender work.
Help would be appreciated. :)
You may drop me a message .
Xaela San Apr 21
In a far distance land, away from humans
There you can see a great forest of beauty
A dense forest with moist green moss
And mighty trees stand proud in its green leaves
Under the warm breeze of the summer season;

If you go deeper unto the green land,
Beyond the tall trees and silence of the forest
You'll see a wondrous place a city can never offer
Because you'll see what nature's true beauty is;
There you can see diversity in animals and plants;

Somewhere into the forest, a creature can be seen
They are free to roam around in their own habitat
And as nighttime comes, they retreat to their homes
Into their own dens for shelter, protection and comfort
As they sleep and wait for the sun rises in the morning;

I honestly say they are truly a majestic creatures
Called Grizzly Bear also know as Brown Bear
They are species of mammals with interesting behavior
For they hunt and mate in the warm breeze
And hibernate in the cold winter season;

Grizzly Bear also have unique characteristics:
Because of the white tips found in their furs
Especially in the shoulders and back part,
It creates an illusion of being grizzled;
Hence the name Grizzly bear was given;

Grizzly Bears are omnivores, a plant and meat eater;
They are large, they are hunters, they can fish salmon;
They enjoy eating berries and nuts in the forest;
They are brown and huggable creatures
But don't dare hug them;

A Grizzly Mother Bears are great parents too
Like any devoted mothers, they teaches their young;
Mothers taught cubs to dig and hunt with their claws
Also how to stand up tall in their two legs!
Like how a adult Grizzly Bear living in the forest should be.
This is a random poem that is about Grizzly Bear which was a request from a friend. I hope you enjoy reading! And you can also comment any advice to make my writings improve :-). Because I'm still practicing my writing skills :). Thank you for reading!
Desire Mar 25
P lease
R emove
A ny
Y uck

Hope for healing.
Encourage those around you.
Pray, and let God...
Desire Mar 25
“When we prayed for no one,
no one got healed…
Now we pray for everyone,
and some get healed…”
- John Wimber
Wellspring Church Service (5pm)
Pastor Seth Bazacas
Johnny walker Mar 11
Helen believed In me trusted me In her time
of need when first met
her she wasn't
Helen almost scared of
me because of the way
her ex had treated her
But she learned to trust
I stayed with when
she poorly even when she got better, but never laid
a hand upon her even though she was so attractive
I look after her cooked meals made her pots of tea
because she was struggling
with health but I was there for her never asking anything of
but that of her company I just loved being with her first time In my
I wanted to be with someone but so different
to other so kind and so caring she
Just wanted be with her all the time I remember sitting talking to
her suddenly I just
stood up and said
It Is my Intention to marry you If you'll have me, I fully expected her to say I'll have to think about
but she didn't she jump up from the settee through arms around kissed
and said yes I was amazed she wanted to be my wife Wow
I was over the moon happiest man In the world
from that day on I never left her side In the twenty years we were
Never apart Helen and I In twenty years we spent together from the day I first met her till the day she died
Po Mar 8
Let me dream,
Let me dream,

Dream of a place,

Where joys have crystalize time,
Allowing me for only,
Only for a second
On eternity’s arms,
I can’t hold my sorrows still,
Who dwell restless on my chest,
A story of confessions,
My confessions.

Oh dearest, Let me dream
Oh dearest, Let me dream

Where my tears
embody waterfalls,
As rivers plant flowers,
Along banks of solitude,
As well trees,
To these wondering mountains
Of mine,
Reminding me of the simplest
Of all designs.

Oh dearest, Let me dream
Oh dearest, Let me dream
Let me dream.
Hello loves, for some reason ever since watching little nemo recently, it’s a pure and beautiful movie, Inspired this piece,
Hope you enjoy
As always thank you
For your time.
B Sonia K Jan 31
My mind screams louder than my voice
An explosion of anger
Ruining this sublime grace and beauty
Painful currents
Flowing in my blood stream
On a frequency of endless pace
The pain of frustration joins in
Faith and logic in battle
After countless mantles bought
Struggle to struggle to struggle
I cannot see your face

This debate
Dancing around my brain
Dragging me down
Into an abyss of endless agony
And my faith just almost fails me
After nights of endless intercession
And daily prayers in tongues
I cannot feel your presence

I stretch my ears
I raise my face
I hear and see
Wonders and wonders you have done
And I know you’re there
Your words surround me
The warmth in this biting cold
I blink and salty waters you’ve made
Like waterfall
Cascades down in heavenly designed drops
Drenching the bed I once laid
I cannot hear you

I am drowning in longing
Listen to the yearnings of my heart
Speak to me
Stop this biting pain in my chest
Can you see me?
I lift myself in supplication
It’s all you
For I am small and vulnerable
And you are larger than life
Show me your face!
The humble request of the down-trodden
I have but one humble request.
Forget not I who loved you best,
Not I whose love will never rest,
With all my love I loved you best.

Acknowledge to me only this.
There is none else you want to kiss,
Mine are the only lips you miss,
As yours are those I want to kiss.

Assure me that you realize.
You see the love inside my eyes,
The tears of joy of joyful cries,
Of your image inside my eyes.

Promise me this one thing you know.
The closeness of our love will grow,
Coming together fast or slow,
Come closer so my love will grow.

If nothing else let this be true.
Devote to me as I for you,
Making love as only we do,
Love me for me as I for you.
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You don’t see me
You won’t hear me
You don’t call me
You won’t text me
You don’t look for me
You won’t touch me
You don’t love me

I will set me free.
When you feel there’s nothing else between two lovers.
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