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Bohemian Feb 21
"My fellow bros ,my fellow brethren,my fellow comrade,
The time has come for us to fight back. No more will we become oppressed by main stream media,no more will I take this online abuse and hatred,no more will I say ,'I am sorry ,I messed up,okay ?' ,and you know why ? I'm number one ! I am number one !
No more lame boxing matches
I challenge t-series into a saber battle like real men,I'm throwing my glove at you t-series,fight me,IRL to the death. No more boxing glove and helmets,I am talking about to the death here."
"If they won't accept my sword challenge ..
Then the only thing we can do is :fight fire with fight."
"Smash subscribe ,smash subscribe"
"What we gonna do ?"
Smash subscribe
Given above are the subtitles from the video:
Quiet Justin Jan 21
The fight isn't over.
It never was.

They are catching up fast
And if we don't do anything,
We will lose.

I can here his voice saying to me:
Bobs or vegana, whichever will it be?
Sit the f#ck down T-Series, I'm here to spill the real tea (Uh)
You tryna dethrone me from spot on number one
But you India you lose, so best think you haven't won
When I'm through with you
We're gonna be completely f#ckin' done
'Cause we only just begun
I review you, clap clap zero, bye *****, gone
So come on T-Series, looking hungry for some drama
Here, let me serve you ***** lasagna
More of a joke poem than anything.
Monika Nov 2018
Roses are red
Marijuana is dank
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— The End —