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John McCafferty Aug 2020
Feeling unkempt from shortness of breath
Brain functions less as cloud covers ahead
Given a rest when energy spent
Lungs are suppressed
No control in the chest
Closeness too dense
Muffled words left to float in the air
Stifled and drowned
Faint from the crown
Blood pressure down
Warmth idling for me not to care
Few beads of sweat, heat heavy and wet
Recovery yet but soon on the mend
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Bohemian Mar 2019
Ever,if we meet under the canopy of coincident
Your collars shall be on the verge
To be plucked out by me
With the 'good-girl nails' plunged into your flesh
I promise,
I'll get the red in you,out,oozed
Soon will turn you Sapphire blue
Neither your counters
Nor roughness would chase that of mine
Now then you shall be Kisna's pigment
I shall embellish a Peacock's feather on your unkempt hair design
Your hair that you've nurtured in masculine style
Torn apart and your face wet in wild wine splashed back to conscious mind
A smile for witnessing you mad at me
But anyway vengeance was mine.
Poetic T Aug 2017
Collections litter boxes
in the corners of my room.
filtering through snowstorms
of white laced with scribbled verse.

Memoires sewn in tapestry of
what was wondering within
the cotton of thought and the
needle of motion of my pencil.

There are momentary pauses
laced with eyes gauging words.
Then there are crumbled echoes
of what now litter a tiny  bin.

I walk from the room of my conscious
verses some unkempt in the corner,
others slung into a void of rejection.
I may visit momentary , but now I write.
K Balachandran Jul 2017
a garden unkempt,
she took him,made an attempt.
he is more than real!

— The End —