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A member of the dating scene,
Only online, giggles it seems,
Today a man did 'wink' at me,
Can you imagine, hilarity,
He lives 3000 miles away, by the sea,
****** fungus covers he,
He has more than slight obesity,
Should I wink at the walrus? Tee hee,
I'llpack up my gear and get out of here,
You'll manage without me, non-dear,
I'm off to a walrus by the sea,
You'll learn to cook your lunch and tea,
Byeee! Yeah, well in reality,
I've got cellulite and jocularity!
Feedback welcome.
Carmen Jane Sep 3
I saw the little boy with my own eyes
He cupped the sun in his hands
Then threw it away in the deep ocean.
It was him, who gathered all the sand
With his hands and his bare feet
Under his red pail,he hid it all, underneath
And threw it in the ocean.
Then he giggled really loud
That caused ripples
And from ripples emerged big waves…
In the ocean.
PMc Sep 2
A no hot-water turns Friday hotel frivolity into
“****-it” fortune and we just wanna’ go home

Burned toast with hard margarine, returns of
peanut butter and honey
makes most of morning’s breakfast
plugged sewers back toilets up non-serviceable
the bus is late, and the garage band sound-track is far too loud
conversation is inaudible, speed detrimental
spirit now dented

Stressors of first steps toward tomorrow’s last long look at love lost
bright financial future seeming more like
rainy Sunday afternoons

I needed a giggle more than ever
from you dear friend, a simple text
proved enough to lighten the load, broaden the smile
put it all into perspective while looking forward to our
one day together.
One of those days that starts out like crap - and we look at it in perspective and MUST make the most of the day we're left with.  Play the hand we're dealt so to speak.  One kind word or a good giggle from a friend can turn perception into reality.
Carmen Jane Aug 11
Giggles breaking thin layers of caramelized crust
Taken by the wind, breathed by the love dragon
Seconds ago, forgetting to protect the trust
It was left to be carried, in the red wagon

Footsteps sprinkled in soft sinking sand
Washed sparsely by the foaming waves
Thirsty of knowledge, reaching the land
Echoing desires in faraway caves…

"Once upon a time there was a princess.."
Was the phrase that cuts the silence,on repeat
The promise of presents could be what convinces
The older sister to stop knocking the same beat

Sunset no longer peeks through the curtain
There's so many stories that needs to be told
We'll reach midnight, of that I am certain
Memories like this are sprinkled with gold!
Sharing a room for the first time, would these sisters ever go to sleep?!
Bohemian Feb 17
Much than the stars infatuate at nights
Does her dark skin through the lattice of her top
We bereave the nights
Instead we sneak peak under the sun
There ,she achieves utmost pitch in giggles
I trail ,fall and then fail
Micaela Jan 24
everyone wants to feel wanted
and tonight i did
you wanted me and now
i’m yours yours yours

for keeps
for kicks
for ***** and giggles
for real
for ever
HisStuntDouble May 2018
Your toes

Your nose

Your dimpled chin

The backs of your ears

A cheeky grin

A giggle

A chuckle

A tickle on your tum

A burst of laughter

My job is done
an0nym0us Feb 2018
So high, so bright
Someone who tames everyone's sight
Everything about you looks right
Looks that no one can fight.

Cold sweat
Heavy breath
Face turns red
Hidding it is a test.

This feeling
I can't stop smilling
Cheecks keeps blushing
And knees won't stop shaking.

Oh its been a while
Since the last time
I saw someone so fine
To my eyes, he brightly shines.

Indeed, Im afraid
But not too great
I tried to make it fade
But it always stayed.

I like you,
I really do
I just don't know what to do
If you turn me down too.

I think you are the finest
Best among the rest
The girl you like must be the luckiest
Why? I just said, because she won the finest.

I don't expect to be lucky
I dont need to be one, really
I know my limitations completely
Simply seeing you makes me happy.
Phoebe Hynes Nov 2017
I’m laughing with you.
We sit at my piano
Video media records,
and I have the pleasure of watching us toss our heads back
Breaking neck smiles.
Play back our giggles
Mismatched notes
We don’t search our own accord,
Clash of chords
corded around each key.
Sitting on that bench is wearing socks of different pairs.

I am a fuzzy mid-calf, and you are an argyle knee high.
Socked in laughter.
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