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Cassia Jan 1
My heart was a ribbon

You tugged on the strings

It all came undone

And you became all my dreams
Tony Tweedy Dec 2019
When I was young life came at such a pace that choices were often ill-considered.
Now I am older the pace is easier but the important choices are all made and they can only be made to change by actions ill-considered.
The choices were often difficult as is the route to change the consequences.
Most of us choose to languish in the discontent we made and we ask ourselves... "is this all there is?"
Amanda Dec 2019
Saw it unfold before my very eyes

But it happened too quickly for me to wrap my life back up into the neat little box it was packed in
Pandora doesn't go back into the box
Grey Dec 2019
You're lost in the destruction, a defect of time.
Your life's been turned around, spun upside down and back again.
The very thread that defines you is coming undone,
your entire life gone in that very moment of loss.
You are alone.
Once so useful, you now are equivalent to trash,
tossed in the can
without a second glance.
The dirt on your back has become too much;
the loss of your partner overwhelming for all.
For, it is true, being a sock without a pair
is nothing less
than a travesty.
Claine Oct 2019
Rumors spread, I prayed to God
that it was all a misread
but how could I believe you,
now that you are in her bed?

oh you fell for her, oh she held you
I fell for you and held you
you were so into her, she fell for you
oh you said you loved her, oh she said it too

if fools were tattooed, i'd be a giant taboo
if warning were red, my skin would be in fumes

Friends told me you weren't right
i should have listened
instead of hurting outright
i thought you were worth the fight
then, everything became undone

Love was a game,
and i took the blame
i loved too much to let you go then
i became selfish, but so were you, never again
Em MacKenzie Oct 2019
I’m the only one with dirt on my hands,
I’ve been crossing my fingers and snapping rubber bands.
And the fragments and pieces build into a story,
I transformed it to a thesis; the quality’s too low for me,
and I never set my expectations too high,
as should I, a lack of truth and abundance of lie.
My oh my and by the by.

There’s cracks in my ceiling and head,
there’s splinters in my skin and my bed,
there’s poison in the words I was fed.

I’m the only one missing pressure on my shoulders,
replaced the gentle weight with two heavy boulders.
I was wishing on satellites thinking they were stars,
breaking free from embraces thinking they were bars,
admiring fireflies not realizing they were cars
but I’m painfully aware of my own
I’m holding open seminars
to these memoirs of ours.

There’s cracks in my ceiling and shell,
there’s craters in my heart where I fell,
there’s holes in each story you tell.
Beth Bayliss Mar 2019
trembling hands and parted lips
wandering fingers find your hips
hold me close and hold me fast
let this waking daydream last
blushing cheeks and flushing skin
in crumpled sheets we hide our sin
it's over and it's just begun;
you touch me and I come undone
you always put me back together again afterwards
Bohemian Mar 2019
Her pixie dust that I envy
His hands were coated with it during daylights,erstwhile
Dust that turned red
Under the full moon nights
He might have undone her woven stitches
Loosen the twines and strands
One by one
With his learned needle-less hands
She seems to radiate the rainbows
That he steals and his face glows
We watch him baptized
In a cult under the shrine
While his shadow casts a merciless bovine
Enticed by the fragile
His facade thrives
Sinisters shriek
On one and another's atrocity
Eerie evaded by his enshrouded arms
Hugged in delight
Those violent eyes
Glimpse venereal walk,preying,on road side
In this city many have died.
|Suffering with feelings ,such is the helplessness at times.
I am afraid more than I envy her,I am frightened for her|
I wish not to discover her residual feelings unseen dumped into a pit,is your kindness just preying since the people adjacent to you seem to fade away gradually. :'(
Why deceive ?
Somewhatdamaged Feb 2019
Hopeless without a goal
Reckless without a soul
Bound to self destruct
With everything going around
My heart is left with a hole.

Whenever I come undone
Just hold my hand
And say my name.
I may come to you in pieces
But you make me whole.
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