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Sethnicity Jan 18
She did not intend to be with to him
Though she did care for many of them
She's refused many and few
But She'd never fall for Don Quinn

She'd been to many places and many a ride
She'd seen many faces and broke mini man pride
She paid no mind to the attention of men
She did not desire the hand of Don Quinn

They would jump and trot and stride
Speak and shout And whisper lies
They were merely entertainment for her eyes
A trail of dead hearts lay broken that tried

Still steady was the stature of this man named Quinn
All ready from levies he battled within
With family with money and with the closest of friends
He weathered and learned and discerned to grin

While others were eager to dash in front or behind
Don Quinn had a plan he thought worth the time
For she never took pleasure in being pushed off her line
Don Quinn for the win had a plan more divine

While others took leisure and gusto to sway
Her focus was steady and kept on her way
So Donny took heed while walking this day
Still she was not looking she need not be saved

He tightened his noggin and sharpened his eye
He gathered his dignity and he leveled his guide
She continued to dismiss the distractions of guys
He paced himself on this path he would try

What was his secret or his future demise?
Would he falter fluster or fall before her thighs?
No. Because his aim was the same as her prize
He was becoming by running towards the Skye's

So when she got there he found her right by his side
She was not looking for Donny or a handout freedom
All she needed was a companion with whom to share a sunrise
Dr. Quinn practiced medicine while building a horizon
he was willing to walk wait and work towards their golden Skye's
Mr Quinn out did many a men simply by fixing his vision
Random thoughts and dreams I have for my daughter's and my daughter's daughters and of course for amy son and all of our future sons!

Also remember watching this show with my mother as a child and was struck by the beauty and grace and power of this single female trending to everyone in this old west community. Unfortunately a very fictionalized show but dreams become reality...right?
rach Jul 2020
we’re like joker and harley,
love cannot be seen
my world is dropping in the city
and i am feeling dizzy
well, this is the agony
of being your queen
no matter how toxic this is,
you are still my weakness
can’t stop loving my puddin
though i’m the only one who’s vibin
and i know
i am now weaker
than i’ve become.
Bohemian May 2019
She could be more lost than anybody as though no akin
She could be more distorted than the moon's skin
She could be more sceptical than what eclipses bring
She could be more pessimistic than March equinox
She could be more cynical than the devils in abyss
She could be more sadistic than Harley Quinn
She could be more ghastly than decapitated heads
She could be more dead than a corpse itself  
But when she rose,
You know ?
She attributed him in nothing
His relics are buried
And I ?
I donot care with delight by my side
julianna Oct 2018
In a different reality,
I would be wearing two-toned shorts,
Do crazy makeup,
And dye my hair
I’d carry a bat and wear a shirt
That said I was your monster
I’d be your crazy baby
And you, my evil man
But sadly Harley and The Joker
Don’t think the way I can
I’ve always wanted a twisted love and honestly, we’d have it. But things are different than I want and right now, that’s
what I need.
Kassandra Mar 2018
I fell for a madman, a lunatic, a clown
Knowing this all I can do is frown
For so many years I took his abuse
Him hunting a man who hides as Bruce

This cakey clown makeup will cover the bruise
A temporary reminder not to give him bad news
He threw me out the window, it’s not the first time
It’s all my fault, I got in the way of his crime

One thing I needed to remember, he’s the star of the show
It’s him and Batman, him and his foe
I was just a puppet, a means to an end
Maybe that why I met Ivy, I just needed a friend

I was charged to mend and fix his head
But it was him who got inside mine instead
My ambition clouded my judgment, all could see
He saw this flaw and decided to overtake me

I became his Harlequin, or at least I guess I was meant too
The issue is I thought for myself and didn’t share his worldview
He lured me in with sadness and my pity
He told me we would in the future rule Gotham city

I believed him, I changed into a red and black lackey
He said he just wanted to bring smiles and make himself happy
Mad love, it’s what the sirens called it
I guess they were right; how did I not take a hint?

But he never loved me, that much to me is now obvious
He hit, punched and dragged me, how was I so oblivious?
I was just a pawn in his mad Puppet play
I guess the joke was on me, isn’t that right Mr. J?
From Harley's perspective after everything went sour
Quinn Jan 2018
i think i forgot to take my pills today

i swear somebody just slammed a car door
behind me

why else would my ear be ringing and my
body jumping

unless that was simply the sound of my
neck snapping.

as my
body dis-
and every-
looks like a
circle be-
cause it
all whizzes
past me
my body


that was the sound of my neck snapping.

Maybe i just rolled my head
back too hard in agony
tragic forget-mistake

'take these

'or what?'

'you might feel like yourself'

what a thought.

This can't be me-
i've cried three
times today, please
someone tell me
why i can't sleep
without dreaming
because i always
have to wake up.
I hate missing a day, I always feel insane :P
and broken
And limping
Your perfect puppet on strings,
In time to your madness;
A tiny porcelain ballerina
Spinning on a pedestal,
As you orchestrate our final symphony.
My sweet,
Maestro of monsters,
My Conductor of Chaos
And pain,
I adore you-
My darlin,
My puddin.
and hopeful
Here I am,
By your side;
Your fondest hit
Your favorite toy to squeeze
(the life out of)
Your prisoner in love;
(Your good girl)
Begging for just a little more.
Heave me over the side
Drown me in your molten insanity,
Push me under-
To feel the thrills,
The chills,
The danger;
The happiness
Of liberating manic laughter-
To feel the helpless despair
As I perform in your circus.
Here I am,
To beg a bullet
For these lips,
That praise your deeds,
And pray for release,
For a mutual destruction,
A final comedy written in blood.
I guess...
the joke is on me after all...
Right, Mr. J?
Inspiration was Harley Quinn and the Jokers relationship in the new Suicide Squad film.
josh wilbanks Aug 2016
Her thoughts have seem to lost their ways,
A beautiful kind of strange
Reminds me alot of myself,
Like minds dervied from dark times
Eccentric little craze of mine,
Your love is unreplaceable

Quick little jolts of thought,
Undeniably we assertain
Inseperable are our wants and wishes
Not an angel or a devil
Namely, you are my Harely Quinn
She needs someone to love her better,
Like the other couples do,
To always forgive her,
save or die with her,
like the realcouples do.
She's so pale as fck,
shes was build for all abuse
and he use her like a toy
and she stills  love him so much.
shes was paint in acid bath
and her colours make guys die
and she have secrests that he dont know ...
She needs someone to love her better,
Like the other couples do,
To always forgive her,
save or die with her,
like the realcouples do.
he threw her ...
of buildings,plains and ceillings
and shes still love him
i dont undestand
why this love remain  
She needs someone to love her better,
Like the other couples do,
To always forgive her,
save or die with her,
like the realcouples do.
ps; hi Mr J i love u
a poem for harley quinn with a touch of kehlani song gansta

— The End —