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Jennifer DeLong Nov 2020
I am a mystery yet to be
I am a contradiction
a model of possibilities
I am driven to succeed
Stopped mid speed
I am a lover
deeply passionate
With no one to call my own
I am habit forming
full of wonder & lust
I am all of me and more
I am deeply devoted
Yet wildly ambitious
I am so many things
I am so many emotions
I am waiting for the divine
Hoping for a rather 🔥'y
throwing me every where
to become pixie dust

© Jennifer L DeLong 11/10/2020
Mitch Prax Jul 2020
There she was
waiting in the twilight
disguised as a pixie
in a field of
magic mushrooms.
Her aqua hair
smells of the ocean-
the kind that washes into your dreams,
but me,
I did not have to dream
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
Eve is walking up some stairs,
he imagines falling off,
and then part of himself does.

from then on he can’t tell
whether he’s at
the top or the bottom
or the bottom or the top

“where is my head?” down there
“where is my child?” nowhere
he carried him like she carries him

black hair. blue eyes. tan skin.
different but the same.
Eve turns the corner and takes another step
from "midnight" 2018
available @:
Liz Alvarez Aug 2019
I imagine to romanticize my life
I fantisize my drive to work as quirky and cute
My cup of tea is the best thing I've ever tasted
Wearisome tasks are now so compelling to do
Now I start to picture things in such a charming and beautiful way.
Darkness and heterodox philosophies clouded my mind for so long,
I almost forgot to admire goods and breathing trinkets.
Waking up and peaking in, would be the bright sunshine through the blinds
And my frizzed hair all over my face.
Through triumphs and trebulations
This is a film
About a girl
Viewing her life
As a studio ghibli film
Eleanor Sinclair Jun 2019
Does your heart skip a beat when you see me
Do your hands still long to feel me
Does the mention of my name invoke emotion
Is my existence to you like a potion

Can you feel your heart beat on
Even on days when I’m gone?

I won’t stop loving or caring
Even now I’m more thriving and daring
I dare to take the leap of faith with trust
Jump with me, I’ll be your pixie dust
Bohemian Mar 2019
Her pixie dust that I envy
His hands were coated with it during daylights,erstwhile
Dust that turned red
Under the full moon nights
He might have undone her woven stitches
Loosen the twines and strands
One by one
With his learned needle-less hands
She seems to radiate the rainbows
That he steals and his face glows
We watch him baptized
In several shrines
While his shadow casts a merciless bovine
Enticed by the fragile
His facade thrives
Sinisters shriek
On one and another's atrocity
Eerie evaded by his enshrouded arms
Hugged in delight
Those violent eyes
Glimpse venereal walk,preying,on road side
In this city many have died.
|I am afraid more than you could envy her, you shall be frightened for her|
I wish not to discover her residual feelings unseen dumped into a pit,is your kindness just preying since the people adjacent to you seem to fade away gradually.
Why deceive ?
deleted Feb 2018
i am a pixie
so do not miss me
when overnight
i fly away

i am a puzzle
with missing pieces
so do not cry
when the picture isn't perfect

i am a drifter
so when you see me
this is what you signed up for
without a contract

i am a nap
for a the insomniacs
what you need
but never lasts
im so sorry
CC Nov 2017
It's the ones that get away that make you tap your ink on the screen
Helping themselves to servings of you to have you mercilessly dream
Succulent messy dishes that they mean to say
Descriptive rich adjectives that blur your mind away
So they devour you and everything you want to leave behind
They don't mean to but they say clearly what you are defined
They have all the hospitals holding broken hearts
And have you heard the rumors that they have no good start?
They are always in the middle
They never start or end
Forever making amends
Forever till they stop
Pretending is enough
If pretense is present tense
It's enough that they see you for who you are
It's enough if they find a real star
Blue and gaseous
They are so away so far
rb Aug 2017
Dear Manic Pixie Dream Boy,

You’re weird.

You like to dance badly to Michael Jackson. The Beatles are your idols. You’re a miracle worker when it comes to procrastinating projects. You choose to be Murdoc over Nightwing any day. A phone is a necessity you chose to live without. A good-looking leather jacket is among one of the many things you’d want in life. You have a vintage camera collection and your house has ninja swords that no one really uses. You let others borrow your bikes, and are not afraid to punch someone who’s a threat…

… and that’s why I like you.

I like the way you accept my flaws. I like the way your curiosity takes over every inch of space you’re in. I like how it’s so easy to talk to you, no matter how mundane the questions are. I like how you don’t judge my preference for long, critical words. I like how you value opinions a lot, and think them through. I’ve asked for your help too many times to count, and you don’t show any signs of being tired about it. I don’t know if you notice the way your face lights up when you talk about the things you love, because it’s blindingly endearing. It’s precious that you have a checklist of things to do before you die. Each word that comes from your mouth seems so genuine and sincere.

I could go on and on about the little things that make me so enamored with you… but I know I’m not supposed to like you.

Labels are a possessive sign to you, while labels give a sense of stability for me. Your nocturnal ways and my early-bird persona will clash eventually. I like finishing things early, while you wait ’til the last minute. Disney doesn’t exactly mesh well with the Gorillaz. Your stubbornness and mine will be our downfall, despite the numerous petty debates we’ve had so far.

I’m still glad you’re my friend.

I mean, that’s what we are, right? Friends? I mean, friends sit on the curb of the street and listen to how each other’s days went, right? Friends stay up until the late hours of the morning to talk about life through audio calls, right? Friends go to the park in the middle of the night together without their parents knowing, right? Cute nicknames as we wish each other good night is a friend thing, right?

Right. I forgot. Labels are a possessive thing to you.

I’ll try to stop checking Facebook for every chance you’re online. I’ll try to make our talks less about personal things, because I think only my labeled “boyfriend” should know them. Forgive me for trying to keep my distance, because I’m sure that I’ll only fall harder the more I get to know you. You’re probably starting to get weirded out by my strict, depressed lifestyle, anyway.

I hope that one day you’d find The One who would change your life. As much as I’d like that to be me, I know it’ll be someone else.


The Snooty Protagonist
Best to write things down before it eats me up inside, honestly.
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