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Words free to corrall
Untamed, wild beasts may bite
Loose from mouth unleashed
Words are powerful beasts
Bohemian Feb 2019
Nights when the Sun bereaves
The moon in between the graveyardshifts
He is boundless enlightening her
While her baits are never unleashed
Moon,"A Midas touch,
Burns who touches him as me.
He's the Anno Domini worshipped,
While I'm a mere eclipse.
Perennially furious,
I stare at him."
The moon hoards his strength and perquisites that she gives.
Sethnicity Nov 2016
Standing in this sphere
I seek communion with the Stars
Heat and dust for hidden answers
I wonder wonder where they are?

Bursting into gates I dawn my robe like a heavyweight
Wandering thru the distance I am guided by the Wake
skim the outer rim clouds dissolve revolve or scatter
but I'm focus on the mission I'm surfing streams of gray matter
burn to shine walk the line define gravity : the Force
untethered in this universe My vision on the course

I fast devoid of sun or moon
comet of the galaxy I'm bound to Windu
I am Master of the unseen epoch
I foreshadow the battle whether it  
yet be not   true
You know like Yoda, I do

I'm staring/speaking into the nebular
what will birth from this mother nurse?
As I transverse like silver surf
 Don't act like I can't create Heaven on Earth

I'm meditating on the cellular
my midichlorian ***** is buzzing like a church!

No alms needed I'm lighter when lit unified with this (galactic ****)
light sight like solo omni verse
So far not tea grow VOTE
The dark side outta Ben is Bern it's my turn speaking truth into these chicken boot tweens in Twitterverse
And make an ill quill
A retweet beat writer
Faux Father but a real goal setter
Hope ya feel better
Less is more like an invisible burst
I could cuttlefish but I'd rather soar
With everyting I've learned!
I am more than hate is worth

No matter measure of endeavor
light speed hyper space ever nearer to the source


Inhale Trees Exhale breeze Interstellar
Me out
A Feat at first
knees bows spout nose and cranium
If i didnt know better id say my bones marrow vibranium
One bout won!
The night win some but they just lost one!
If i couldn't make words then i guess I'd just hum! I was born with this voice and this voice has sung
I was born with this force and with this force I run into
Entwined and unleashed all is bound to the Force
"All is absorbed and destroyed in the Breath Mindfulness is the only choice we have to make"
Viseract Aug 2016
I forgive too quickly,
To me this is sickening
The beast inside of me, unleashed
Wishes to be a blade, unsheathed

Released into the world
Spinning, twist and twirl
Manipulate events, unfurl
A masterpiece, coloured swirls

It makes me feel helpless
I have too many morals
I follow them whether they help me
Or alone, I call

I have warned them
It's the last chance they will get
The satisfaction may be real
But I may end up in regret
a short, sharp ******* poetry... I am not satisfied even though it feels right. I guess the message is clear though, and that's good
Tehreem Jul 2016
My heart beats in your chest
Twists and turns within you
The words that leave your lips
Heavier than the mountains
So I care less about universe
When you're my axis of rotation
Those eyes can sear the skies
Killing the world in a beam
You are a hurricane unleashed
I never stood a chance in life
Truly yours unfortunately exists.
Gia Garcia Jan 2016
i feel myself slipping through the wind
unleashing my soul within
eyes leak in memory of you
and forgive myself for being the fool

i have no urge to scream
this pain cannot be mended by any means
who knew emptiness turns out to fill us with the worst of pain
pain that cannot be verbalized in any sentence or phrase

the closest it's had to having an explanation was in the tears we've shed
there's nothing about it that could be said
no one ever understands until they feel it
until they found the love that once made them feel sick

i stand here now, arms raised to my sides
no love, no pain, and no anger to hide
and now i know, finally, for just a few moments atleast,
how it feels to let my soul be free.
inspired by The Perks of Being a Wallflower and David Bowie's song "heroes" / the tunnel song.
Leal Knowone Jan 2016
ooh I am so happy
feel fear fire
blood will lash the fascist
fear feeds bible
ferocious alcohol
blood will splash past us
fear for what i have unleashed
here are their houses
swallow your fears away
free the lama, black sewer sky
hear the longing open dooor
all used up here there grass is greener
heave ** socially.
***** of the blind offer some potion
who are we but lamb skin and horse manure
smooth skin n smooth *****
frustrations are family bible
I observed their army fail
a rorschach knife a rorschach veil
as it strikes the rocks rocks fall
the animal he ate the bible
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