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Bohemian Feb 2019
Much than the stars infatuate at nights
Does her dark skin through the lattice of her top
We bereave the nights
Instead we sneak peak under the sun
There ,she achieves utmost pitch in giggles
I trail ,fall and then fail
Rebel Heart Apr 2017
So sick of seeing familiar faces
So done with this whole joke.
So tired of the same old places
And these memories so broke.

Well you told me it'd get better
You sang it to me in rhyme.
But words can't make life sweeter
And I'm just stuck in time.

My plastic smiles have faded
My hope vanished somewhere.
The only option left is to run
To I don't know where.

Running away from myself
While trying to reach this goal
Never running fast enough
To escape out of this hole.

So tell her sorry for me
The little girl with so many dreams,
She just wanted to touch the stars
And not be so broken at the seams...
Part 1 sneak peak (unedited version) of my new lyrical journey collection "Destination: Life".
I dug up pieces of this believe it or not from middle-school me and decided to edit it and make it into a great collection.
Please leave criticism, advice, ideas, or just stop by to say hi in the comments.

— The End —