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In the need of a loan,
Let’s meet some officers who must not a con.
Mr. Terrier, the senior one,
Always FRISKY and care for none.

The morning routine starts so early.
Trying to look DAPPER with hair curly.
The skin of brown and polished BOOT
I tried to look professional and cute.

The meeting started and Officer looks firm.
Presented us with all the loan term.
The terms we agreed and the agreement signed.
Now the chores are done and an assistant is assigned.

The assistant looks like as young LAD.
Hope he had all the experience and be true to our FACE.
The day went well and now time to sleep.
There must be some dream, waiting long deep.
A requirement of a loan leads to a simple regular encounter explained.
Michael H Aug 2019
I float through life,
Ignoring the strife,
No kids and no wife,
And I’m fine.

I’ll listen or not,
I’ll like what I’ve got,
I’ll not take a lot,
I'll Not whine.

I’ll drink all the night,
I'll Fight if I like,
Then I might steal a bike,
Now it’s mine.

I’ll guzzle some whiskey,
I'll do something risky,
Then I might get frisky
And find.

A fine willing woman,
Not boring or wooden,
Lay on sheets a'woollen,

I’ll wake up tomorrow,
Some money I’ll borrow,
And then I will swallow,
Some wine.

I’ll do it all over,
A young Irish Rover,
You better move over,

I’m young and I'm clever,
And I’ll do whatever,
Whatever the weather,
I’ll shine.
Haha, twenty-something, drunk and feeling cocky.
I'm never gonna treat you bad,
Because I never wanna see you sad.
But if being with me makes you sad,
Then I have to let you go my lad,
And the 'I have you' turns into 'I had'.
Got inspired by a song :)
S Bharat Apr 2019
A Lad

Since they spoke
And made me do,
I saw they cut a joke,
And I did too.
Why they hit me then
I didn't know.
I learned by myself
And did grow.
Then I saw them and
How they spoke;
I laughed at them when
They cut the joke.

S. Bharat
Bohemian Mar 2019
Amidst the market,
Shall I sell my lies ?
For it be seen expensive,
And afront stand many prodigals
Just as did I
Oh ,no!
I shall rather seek an online site !
Just as you ,
Maybe Facebook or any other for hi-byes
Satire on you. The same person who counts the beads of rossary for you shall pick at your minuses too
Pete King Dec 2018
You took my eyes.
Attached them to a line
Straight in-front of your face.
So it doesn't matter where I look,
Or what I'm trying to do,
All I can ever see is your ******* face.

You took my gravity.
I dropped from the sky
At the bottom was a mattress
Crafted from the finest memory foam.
Sheets already covered in your hairs,
Pillows already smelling of your perfume.

You took my heart.
Which may sound quite romantic,
But I'm talking several broken ribs,
I'm talking a gaping hole in my chest
That anyone at all could look into
And see the weirdest depths of my soul.
Robert Nov 2018
oh so you're engaged now
madly in love huh
well that's funny isn't it
I'm kind of the same
but mostly just mad
nick armbrister Jan 2018
cindy the raunchy hippy gal gets it on
with her 22 year old toy boy lover
he called round at hers' and grinded her
covering her neck with love bites
and filling her with his seed
while she rode him hard
and used and abused his body
both of them deserved it
for it was what they were
a willing young buck stud
with his older **** activity partner
drink was involved cider style
mixed with wine and *****
and fruit juice with ice
some of which found its way
onto her body for ****** purposes
like ice on her *******
and also banana cream on her *****
while he licked kissed and bit
her at every single place
with each opportunity he got
more experience for him
and another notch for her
the aging fun loving hippy
who'd f8cked a thousand men
and two hundred men
in her debaucherous liberal life
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