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Bohemian Mar 11
Boulder be the sights,revealing
How could thou conceal it with thy veil of words,sealing?
Hoisting the boulder,
Legs tremble beneath great weight,
Ant brings home a crumb.
juliet Nov 2018
the angel laughs
at my broken mask
i hide behind a boulder
so i can’t see the light of day
and if i can’t see you
you can’t see me
who is this girl i see
staring back, listening to
the tune of the song i sing
about losing everything
i can’t hold onto myself
when you trace my lips
and marinate them with the taste of strawberries
but tell me,
who can live without hope?
Knit Personality Oct 2018
In beautiful Boulder, Colorado the little boy's balloon literally burst,
and he figuratively burst into tears
as though it were literally the end of the world;
and, figuratively, for him it was.
But, literally, one day you'll find that all of your miseries
Were, figuratively, so many burst balloons.

Sophie Katherine Oct 2018
The boulder stands strong
The boulder weathers the fiercest storm
Its rocky exterior protecting the life of what’s inside
When the surroundings can cave
The boulder cannot crack
Or else the strength fades
And the boulder dissolves
Into pebbles
Into sand
Though sometimes
The boulder grows weary by being firm
By being unaffected by outside circumstances
The boulder needs to soften
Needs to breathe
Needs to crumble
lots of nature imagery lately!!
I just need to say that it is hard sometimes being the one expected to hold it together and be strong and be unaffected by negative circumstances
Knit Personality Jul 2018
There once was a player named Morgan
Who played all day long with his *****:
     He played with it majorly,
     Sadistically, and ragerly,
That claw-handed, hairy-palmed Morgan.  

There once was a confident nudist,
The rudest of nudists, and lewdest,
     Who'd offer a toot
     On his flesh-and-bone flute,
Declaring he'd make you a flutist.

There once was a wandering hobo
Who wandered from NoBo to SoBo
     Whilst whistling merrily,
     Gladly, and verily
Mozart's concerto for oboe.

Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
such a heavy load you have there
that chip sitting on your shoulder
why not just let it go
let it go before it's a boulder

thicken up your skin a bit
don't jump so quick to defense
nobody's out to get you
you don't have to be so intense

I hate walking on eggshells
I really don't want them to crack
so remove all those shells, brush off the chip
and cut everybody some slack!
This one is for me, too, at times! :-)
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
Some people see me as a zero
But I'm a ******* hero

Everyday I survive
What would make other want to take a swan dive
Off the brige on 65

Everyday I survive
What would eat others up alive
In the chaos I thrive

Yes some people conceder that I'm a ******* zero
They can't see behind the mask that I'm a complicated hero

Everyday is a boulder
I must climb over
it all leaves me a little colder

Everyday is a boulder
Ment to roll me over
My life's a **** rollercoaster

Some people need to reconsider what makes someone a zero
Because everyday I fight to the end, plainly makes me a hero
Christine Feb 2016
she whispers. "hey."


"you're my boulder."

he chuckles. "what?"

"you're my boulder. you're
stronger than a rock. you're
the one who keeps me
from losing myself. you're
the one who keeps me
grounded. you are my boulder."

he grimaces. "but if i'm a boulder
then i'd crush you...i would
hurt you."

she laughs quietly. "well then, you're
a gentle boulder.  soft and fluffy and
all that stuff."

he stifles a laugh. "so do i just have
a bunch of fluffy green moss
growing on me?"

she nods. "you're
my big, gentle, sweet, moss-covered

he smirks. "well...
then i guess you're
my pebble."

she looks into his eyes. "how so?"

"you're my pebble. you're
small but not easy to break. you're
seemingly fragile but you're
stronger than you look. you're
part of me and you're
the one who can either break me
or make me whole. you are my pebble."

she smiles
and he wraps his soft green sweatshirt
that he's wearing
around her
shoulders. "mine."

she murmurs. "my boulder."
he whispers. "my pebble."

and finally,
both of them
are found
as they gaze at the stars
and into each other's eyes.
A small scene that popped into my head...just something short and sweet.
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