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Z Sep 2020
i pull away
i don't know what to say,
it's too familiar
my apprehension
at simple questions,
at gentle whispers

we'd spend our evenings
chasing feelings
we'd try to capture
by those lattice lies
we manufactured

but i can't talk
i missed so many calls
and i can't think
i just can't get involved

i'm on a break, i just can't take this,
i'm suspending consciousness
my reality
has lost all consonance

but, oh,
there's nothing much i miss
and, oh,
i just wanna stay like this
co'brien Nov 2019
i'm a fool
    with a camera
and i must stop
    and shoot
the rusted lattice i
    walked under

my friends
patiently for me to finish

i aim and fire
    my photographic rifle
        and capture a luminous sun
A Simillacrum Apr 2019
Sitting to practice relaxation.
Misplaced pavement slabs stick out.
I try, now, not to trip, but it's happened.
I try, now, not to wish.

Rain induced meridian response.
Red caffeine lattice on black.
I try, now, not to sip ashamedly.
I try, now, not to wish.

I won't try to keep myself locked up.
I won't repress what I am,
as if I'm only so valid
as I am fitted
and dressed
to expect.
Bohemian Feb 2019
Much than the stars infatuate at nights
Does her dark skin through the lattice of her top
We bereave the nights
Instead we sneak peak under the sun
There ,she achieves utmost pitch in giggles
I trail ,fall and then fail

— The End —