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Jul 25 · 296
soul colors
OpenWorldView Jul 25
blue shreds broken glass
cut deep red to find lost love
boundless black void spills
Jul 24 · 253
OpenWorldView Jul 24
etched into my mind
you fill my dreams with pure love
let us never wake
escaping reality
Jul 13 · 217
keeping silent
OpenWorldView Jul 13
when words are targets
the truth remains unspoken
and progress will stall
May 3 · 156
thoughts of untamed love
  obsess the martyred soul

pleasure, raw and wild
  tear the mind to pieces

quelled emotions surrender
  to the passion of desire
Apr 12 · 289
OpenWorldView Apr 12
black rose petals fall
a dark veil for our dead
love transcends the loss
love transcends
Mar 26 · 344
the sum of us
OpenWorldView Mar 26
life sways through time
shedding tears of joy and pain
into an ocean
Feb 27 · 584
OpenWorldView Feb 27
it’s breaking my heart
listening to the silence
of unfulfilled love
Feb 26 · 425
OpenWorldView Feb 26
do not be afraid
to imagine happiness
after you wake up
Feb 6 · 349
going back in time
to right the wrongs of your life
is a futile wish
learning from your mistakes is not
Feb 6 · 378
in you I saw light
a bright beacon from heaven
guiding me from hell
Feb 2 · 266
darkness, cold water
stone tied around my ankle
the abyss awaits
Jan 27 · 337
behind closed eyes
OpenWorldView Jan 27
I strip away that skin,
the flesh and bones
until nothing is left,
but a single sad sob
in an empty world.
Jan 12 · 498
some love
OpenWorldView Jan 12
hush, my dear darkness
release me from your refuge
and give me some love
Dec 2019 · 296
OpenWorldView Dec 2019
time flows eternal
a year coming to an end
leaving me behind
Dec 2019 · 242
eroded (10w)
OpenWorldView Dec 2019
your early heat
and the coldness later
made me brittle
Dec 2019 · 315
miss you
OpenWorldView Dec 2019
we have never met
but always knew each other
two souls bound by fate
Dec 2019 · 152
sweet veil
OpenWorldView Dec 2019
dreams ease the longing
painting love in soft red hues
sweet veil of closed eyes
Dec 2019 · 847
city scene
OpenWorldView Dec 2019
neon lights
illuminate the night’s
heavy clouds

while rain muffles
the constant urban humming

pierced by distant sirens
moving slowly
through concrete canyons.
Nov 2019 · 1.1k
your poems
OpenWorldView Nov 2019
enchanting whispers
of lost love and new longing
penned with ink and heart
pure magic
thank you
Nov 2019 · 232
OpenWorldView Nov 2019
count from one to ten
take a deep breath of fresh air
close your eyes, exhale
Nov 2019 · 181
OpenWorldView Nov 2019
prisoner for life
solitary confinement
seeking no parole
within every person lives the real self
Nov 2019 · 458
float in the sea of music
OpenWorldView Nov 2019
hallowing darkness
wordless psychedelic sounds
transcending my griefs
music my saviour and friend
Nov 2019 · 474
soylent green
OpenWorldView Nov 2019
screening "Hannibal"
demonize animal meat
selling soylent green
Desensitization - turning off emotional responses
Nov 2019 · 492
OpenWorldView Nov 2019
fingertips caress
the empty space beside me
searching your warm skin
Nov 2019 · 536
OpenWorldView Nov 2019
i have but one wish,
that the sun shines forever
while you burn in hell
Nov 2019 · 781
OpenWorldView Nov 2019
across time and space
love plays with weightless longing
sadness covers all
Inspired by "Silk"
from "Alessandro Baricco"
Oct 2019 · 345
slowing down
OpenWorldView Oct 2019
shadows grow longer
crows lament coming winter
silence blankets land
hiking impressions
Oct 2019 · 405
her beauty
OpenWorldView Oct 2019
the sight,
like a constant surf,
broke my courage.
and all those silent words
drowned in the white spray
of her beauty.
Oct 2019 · 174
OpenWorldView Oct 2019
green, yellow, red, brown
hanging, dying, falling down
beautiful carnage
Oct 2019 · 679
OpenWorldView Oct 2019
this little hot spark
ready to ignite the world
fell in its cold sea
Oct 2019 · 568
rebel within
OpenWorldView Oct 2019
falling for someone
knowing it to be a dream
won’t stop the heart riot
Oct 2019 · 904
OpenWorldView Oct 2019
pure white innocence
charmed the world with pale beauty.
envy lit the pyre
Oct 2019 · 165
OpenWorldView Oct 2019
visit old places
to search among memories
in hope to find you
Oct 2019 · 512
OpenWorldView Oct 2019
reborn from despair
we find strength inside ourselves
choosing life, not death
Sep 2019 · 269
OpenWorldView Sep 2019
colorless cocoon
envelops a silent pain
until we accept
inspired by
a short film by Julie Gautier
Sep 2019 · 96
OpenWorldView Sep 2019
rain darkens the day
the earth is drinking its fill
life sprouts from union
Sep 2019 · 463
OpenWorldView Sep 2019
her moist, ruby lips
yielded the sweetest kisses.  
the taste still lingers
Sep 2019 · 366
OpenWorldView Sep 2019
ground down smooth and small
I fit nicely among man,
but cut if broken
Sep 2019 · 284
OpenWorldView Sep 2019
we stood in the cold
looking into each other
just before we kissed
Aug 2019 · 137
iron rod
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
twelve blows breaking bones
arms, legs, hips and shoulders smashed
mercy is a cord
Aug 2019 · 316
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
he speaks in silence
the poem of her beauty.
a spell unbroken
Aug 2019 · 241
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
Pointing out
the truth.
the future.

It's all for naught.
As words spoken
remain unheard.

Ignored you start showing.
Giving all you have.

But again
all is for naught.
As results
remain unseen.

So you keep toiling
silently hidden
unknown unseen
til the end.
Aug 2019 · 509
towards the light
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
I endure the pain
along this sad life journey
knowing you are there
Aug 2019 · 232
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
eerie calm around
dark clouds on the horizon
perfect storm coming
Aug 2019 · 201
Morning Ritual
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
coffee, fruit and toast
to feed the body’s spirit.
one kiss for the heart.
Aug 2019 · 195
development (10w)
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
learn learning
learn teaching
teach learning
teach teaching
Aug 2019 · 291
Love Lost
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
forever pledged love
hollowed out by dailiness
just snake skin remains
Aug 2019 · 233
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
i sink to the ground
in the dark river of time
unseen, unmoved, cold
Aug 2019 · 281
"human" nature
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
hate spawns violence
violence begets more hate
round and round we go
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