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1d · 271
Crime Scene
a heart on the floor
blood splattered across the walls
ripped apart by words
3d · 88
ad astra
fifty years ago
mankind took a giant leap.
time to learn flying
we can reach
the stars
6d · 93
In need
painful memories
encased in a troubled heart
waiting for rescue
In need for a friend.
7d · 290
What if
She came with her friend
wanting an introduction
but I played the clown.
She never asked.

What if
I wouldn't have been
the child I was?
Jul 13 · 79
OpenWorldView Jul 13
I came back for you
watching in peaceful silence
unseen and alone
Jul 12 · 216
Our Masters
OpenWorldView Jul 12
made us money slaves
control our narratives
divide and conquer
we live in a crazy
nearly surreal time
it plays like a bad movie
in front of our eyes
Jul 10 · 31
The Poetree (10w)
OpenWorldView Jul 10
grows rank and free
on fertile ground
with words abound.
Jul 8 · 19
Wasted Life
trivial shadows
the pain of unfulfilled dreams
haunt me like a ghost
Jul 7 · 20
Soul Searching
body, mind and soul
slacking, fleeting, immortal
search one, embrace all
Jul 4 · 564
plain written words
bloom within the readers mind
gate into their souls
read, thought and felt
a thousandfold
Jul 3 · 48
Me for You
unselfish, patient,
kind, loyal, understanding
and a bit crazy
Grand dreams beat boring reality.
May you never run out.
dreams are all I have
Jul 1 · 100
two loving hearts sleep
below a green canopy
embraced innocence
just a dream
Jun 30 · 130
At first sight
OpenWorldView Jun 30
one in a million
stomach turning butterflies
life just got meaning
We are at our best when in love.
Jun 25 · 969
Like Raindrops
OpenWorldView Jun 25
tiny speck of dust
accumulating water
falling from the sky
We are but dust.
Jun 25 · 140
OpenWorldView Jun 25
you whisper sweet words
promises from a white veil
deceiving my heart
Jun 24 · 198
Love Flow (10w)
OpenWorldView Jun 24
curious minds
smiling lips
touching hands
kissing mouths
loving bodies
Jun 22 · 312
OpenWorldView Jun 22
like slow winter fog
fingers trace without a touch
across her cold skin
slow, tender, journey.
don't wake her.
Jun 21 · 204
OpenWorldView Jun 21
blazing moon rises
darkness chases frightened soul
fleeing own shadow
You are your own worst enemy.
Jun 20 · 435
OpenWorldView Jun 20
Come with me,
take my hands.
Let's be free
and leave these lands.

We run away,
to escape the norm.
We do not stay
for the storm.

Let's build a home
just you and me.
A place to roam
together - till eternity.
Home is where your heart is.
Jun 19 · 389
OpenWorldView Jun 19
i love the feeling
this strange and eerie calmness
after lost battle
make your peace
Jun 16 · 165
OpenWorldView Jun 16
“I’m dark”, she warned me.
Cross the event horizon.
Nothing can escape.
Jun 16 · 51
OpenWorldView Jun 16
oh, life full of joy
I laugh, smile and crack some jokes
fake happy, yippee
Jun 16 · 35
OpenWorldView Jun 16
standing on the bridge
climbing across the railing
jumping to my death
stupid thoughts while waiting for the bus
Jun 16 · 144
OpenWorldView Jun 16
a world, black and white
heretics and disciples
time ignores them both
Jun 12 · 237
Fleeting Life
OpenWorldView Jun 12
she graced our lives
sowing joyful memories
we never forget

now she's an angel
soothing our saddened hearts
with little fond tales
Jun 8 · 181
So Easy
falling out of love
easiest thing in the world
focus on yourself
It works.
Jun 8 · 201
the gift of reason
lifts us from primal darkness
but amplifies greed
Jun 6 · 142
Last Wish
Bury me
under a tree.

One with
green leaves
and pink
round blossoms.

One that grows
sweet red fruits
that feed
hungry mouths.

One that sparkles
in golden colors
until the first
winter arrives.

One which
rests in peace
covered by snow
until spring.

Bury me
under a tree
so I can live again.
Jun 2 · 115
Upside Down
a plutocracy
rules best from the shadows of
May 31 · 426
OpenWorldView May 31
books, music and love
***** for the dreamer
carry us away
traveling with your beautiful mind
without moving
May 31 · 290
OpenWorldView May 31
the wind whispers pain
across my life's cold wasteland
grinding me to dust
May 30 · 279
OpenWorldView May 30
seeing you daily
that uplifting cheerful soul
makes me fall for you
love at many sights
May 30 · 225
simply perfect
OpenWorldView May 30
sitting on the porch
birds chirping, the day closing
with you by my side
simple happiness
May 26 · 817
OpenWorldView May 26
standing in the rain
facing heaven, arms spread wide
tears invisible
you can't see into
the soul
May 24 · 93
Loving too much
OpenWorldView May 24
cling to what you love.
hold it tight, never let go.
that’s how you lose it.
keep a bit of distance
don't suffocate what you love
May 23 · 520
Paint Life
OpenWorldView May 23
born an empty sheet
traits and external forces
affect your choices

so, death is certain
all the time before the end
is yours to paint green
Try your best.
May 21 · 188
Your Heart (whisper)
OpenWorldView May 21
wake up. wake up now.
listen. closer. can you hear?
a heart. yours. beating.
the most beautiful and comforting
sound in the world
May 20 · 149
OpenWorldView May 20
Blind Polyphemus
shepherds his dull flock of sheep.
Ulysses long gone.
Keep grazing.
Give wool and meat.
Be meek.
May 17 · 407
OpenWorldView May 17
hubris not wisdom
is ruling the current world
it will end in tears
it always does
May 15 · 350
OpenWorldView May 15
soft power of love
civilizing the wild man
harlot of culture
Inspired by "The Epic of Gilgamesh"
May 15 · 297
Twilight Mirrors
OpenWorldView May 15
dark faceless features
stare from mirror to mirror
into endless void
May 11 · 217
Search (10w)
OpenWorldView May 11
Not for shallow fame,
but love
from those you touch.
"Give and you shall receive."
May 10 · 374
Intertwined (Sonnet #1)
OpenWorldView May 10
Barn swallows zigzag swiftly through the air
hunting for flies beneath a clear blue sky.
Cord grass shelters a little brown marsh hare
frozen by the buzzards long hissing cry.

She sleeps on a quilt sprawled out on the ground
while a light breeze caresses her white skin
and bright sun plays in tune to natures sound
fending off nightmares about horrid sin.

I watch all this from the shadow of hell
as my flesh rots in the dark earth below
and fat maggots feed on my oozing smell
churning meat until next winters cold snow.

Heaven, earth and hell are all intertwined,
but mortals are oblivious and blind.
We talk about change,
    but expect others to do it.
We talk about fake news,
   but keep reading it.
We talk about democracy,
   but don't listen to the people.
We talk about lies,
   but keep believing them.
We talk about tolerance,
   but suppress opinions.
We talk about human rights,
   but torture and ****.
We talk about privacy,
   but eavesdrop on all communication.  
We talk about freedom,
   but fight endless wars.
We talk about hypocrisy,
   but are the biggest hypocrites.
We talk about so many things,
   but not what really matters.

Stop talking,
   start acting!

Next time you are upset about something, look into the mirror.
May 6 · 139
At the beach
The shoes left behind.
Cursive last words swept away.
A poet’s last verse.
May 3 · 414
Early Warning
The canary died last spring,
but we didn’t heed the warning.
And without enough light and air
we morphed into monstrous things.
Devouring each other’s souls.
May 1 · 260
After the hurt
Loss of love or life
may break your devoted heart,
but it sets you free.
Don’t despair.
Treasure the good memories
and let them guide you.
Apr 27 · 327
Forgive & Forget
OpenWorldView Apr 27
   you forgot me.
   you hurt me.
   you laugh about me.

But I forgive you.

I laugh with you
I will hurt you
I am going to forget you
   at last.
Apr 27 · 130
Holy Grail
OpenWorldView Apr 27
Love, essence of life.
Kind, patient and innocent.
Quest for a pure heart.
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