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We broke the world with our haste
We broke the world with our greed
We broke the world with our horrid taste
We broke the world with our desire to bleed

We broke the world with our differences
We broke the world with our hate
We broke the world with our terrible preferences
We broke the world with our distaste for being late

We broke the world with our monuments
We broke the world with our thoughts
We broke the world with our pointless arguments
We broke the world with our wooden cross 

We killed the world that once worked for the people
We killed the world that celebrated the brightest of bright
We killed the world in which we once were equal
We killed the world with all our monstrous might
Martin Boško Apr 19
Mystical mistress clothed in satin
Chants magic words spoken in Latin
Pleading with gods to help her see
The vision of what will the future be
She fell into a trance, the gods have spoken
Oracle entered the mysterious woman
Expression of horror engraved on her face
She saw the tragedy of the human race
And when she came back, she looked at me, mourning
Whispered of tragedy of the upcoming morning
And when she was asked about the fate of the world
Her eyes told me stories her lips left untold
And after I woke up from the night’s rest
I found her lifeless body with a knife in her chest
She sought the future to relieve her pain
She went through it once, scared of living it again
Whining whispers echoing the night
Crying large tears, illusion broken up
Mirage of hope at the end of the road
The crazy and violent are ruling this world
Shh, listen, do you hear the silence?
The haunted streets full of ghosts?
The screeching fall of the world of finance?
We are but billions of clueless hosts
Written at the beggining of a pandemic after the first lockdown in my country
Deafening silence full of whispered screams
Close your eyes and listen to sound of the bubbling streams
The great filter finally knocked on our door
Our essence was exposed, rotten to the core
Written at the start of the pandemic
Empty fields and empty minds
Sounds of crickets and lights of fireflies
Constellations show stories untold
A perfect night at the end of the world
The world was bathed in rivers of blood
Impious villages were tortured by floods
People were praying to their favourite god
Indulgences were always so easily bought
Prayers, however, have now lost their charm
Thousands of infidels got suddenly harmed
Evil was purged by divine wrath
Screaming remained and lost was laugh
The world is at its evil state
The weak are abused, the extraordinary share their fate
People are being hurt, assaulted, and killed
By rapists and murderers the world has been built

Standing on the shoulders of evil
Our cornerstones are rotten
Rarely there's a true upheaval
Brave victims are silence, ostracised, forgotten

The rich keep getting richer
The poor are dying from starvation
We chose Ignorance as our trusted preacher
As we silently despise half of our own nation

Words of abuse are thrown at the others with ease
For their gender, their minds, their desired lover
Protesters are beaten up by governmental police
Why can't we be kind to one another?

The world of humans is a castle of sand
It's bound to crumble
Our self-inflicted injuries can never fully mend
Humans are taught to be egoistic, not humble

Just stop... Stop being so dense
Uproot evil and throw it away
Tear down that wall, tear down that fence
And listen respectfully to what other people say
C Dalby Oct 2020
Birds are singing as they narrate people grinning,
The sky is blue and starred at night
We are done with the wrongs and now focus on the right
Days are spent doing nothing and life occurs without a plan
No more flames when leaving that metaphorical pan
Ice caps are freezing and ozones are healing
Oh, Utopia

Defined as a place of non existence by the Greek,
Our ancestors would marvel to see us actualising our peak.
With each new generation not being as good as the last,
We strived to be better until hate is a thing of the past.
Oh, Utopia

The world has not always been the paradise it is right now
It has suffered quite a bit! Sit back, relax and let me show you how:
Dictators, dating apps, disease and  dabbing...
Depression, **** picks, dress size and *** grabbing...
Distant difficulties discriminating daily
Diligent defenders demonstrating plainly
All demanding democracies finally decide on the eternal debate.
Watching Parliamentary playgrounds leaves me feeling rather irate.
We have overcome all these and finally arrived at our destination.
A cohesive existence founded upon the pillar of cooperation.
Oh, Utopia

The journey to our present was the present of automation.
Competition for resources died with the wealth's excommunication.
Our time became our own to pursue whatever we pleased.
Now for everyone, the day is ready to be seized.
Our evolutionary struggles all extinct, our troubles all gone.
Perhaps now is the time to be happy? Time to move on.
Oh, Utopia

No more fornicating over Instagram and insecurity
No more toxic masculinity and finally some male maturity
No more measuring our success by how high a like button can count.
No more choosing our partner from the size of their banking account
No more candid masks worn by a big green beast
The vanity of man all buried and deceased
No more celebrating the ****** exposure of a love island fool
Finally we are being creative and using our brain as a tool
Oh, Utopia

However, this bliss is not what it seems and all is not well.
For Winge-ing, moaning and groaning are as ingrained as the DNA in our cell.
Having no problems is quite a bad situation
As we thrive on challenges from the dawn of creation
You see humans are hole diggers and nothing is ever enough
We are addicted to trouble and finding the diamond in the rough
Oh, Utopia

There is still so much to see and to learn
A fact that fills me with equal hope and concern
Until we learn to change ourselves and gain some sanity
The world will continue to be as it alway has been, ashamed of its own humanity.

Oh, Dystopia
Strying Oct 2020
Laying on a deathbed in heaven,
They said there was only happiness here,
Now all I wish for is
My heart to stop,
My lungs to empty,
To breathe my last breath.
So I just lay on my deathbed,
Looking at the perfect,
Just a dystopian view on heaven, eternal life may not be the dream. People want to move on not necessarily live forever, and happiness would fade over time if you have everything you want.
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