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OpenWorldView Jul 2021
i followed the light
but could never get a hold
kept me warm anyway
it's sadder, more beautiful that way
because it lasts forever
Kanishk Kandoi Jul 2020
Like a cover over a body as a shell
As sweet as a taste a caramel

Protecting you in any sort of trouble
While living inside their own little bubble

This partner of yours is the special one
Always there when you’re up and yawn

A lifelong hold of two wonderful hands
Never ending bond of a lifespan
Bond sharing amongst two loved ones
Aduain Mar 2019
When the sky is black with storms
There is a place for you with me,
When the sea is rough and cold
a haven, safe, to be.

When the road is long and rutted,
I’m a smooth tarred motorway
To ease you along the path
to where you long to stay

When the journey’s never ending
I’m the firelight from home
When the anger’s overwhelming
I’m the calm before the storm

When the wind is strongest
Uprooting all around
I’m the steadfast oak
Stolid, rooted, Sound.

When the rain is pelting
Soaking all around
I will be the shelter,
your spirit will not drown.

I know that you can’t see it,
But I’ll always have your back,
I’m here with you forever
to guard you from the flack.
Jyoti Yadav Feb 2017
He promised me ” I will always be with you until my last breath.

I said” Yes i want you to be with me until last breath but not yours… My last breath…!!!!””.
Please review and feedback about the poem.
infinite mind Aug 2014
Longing for just one more day
Longing for a simple delay
I don't want to leave but i can't overstay

Longing for something far away
Longing for a full replay
Longing to be back
**Please point the way
Homesick from a second home ..

— The End —