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Sarad Maharjan Nov 2018
I'm having one of those days,
where nothing seems alright.
My head's stumbling like its in the ******* maze!
And I'm losing in every fight.

What the **** is going on?
Feels like the water is flowing backwards,
The gravity pull is upwards.
Seems like everything is messed up.

Oh what a shame
Don't know when it all began.
You play all your mind game,
Trying to put all your blame,
On ME!!

Pretending that you were here for me,
Offering me your helping hand.
You tried to serve and feed me,
Only what's good for you.
I swallowed it whole,
But now I'm spitting it back on you!

I've drowned in your shadow,
So dark and deep!
Couldn't even figure out,
If I'm fake or real!

You sold me out, knocked me down,
Stabbed me on the back,
Soaked my heart in gasoline
And burned it down!

Now I could care less,
Coz my head is full of ******* rage!
Oh my vision has turned red,
So you better runaway.

Yeah you better be scared,
When my eyes are furious and red.
Had enough of your stupid games,
Its my turn to make you pay!
its pretty raw but don't want to change it though....written in my troubled days to make myself feel better...was not angry with just one person but with so many people and specially the system!!
aniket nikhade Jan 2017
All of a sudden, out of nowhere something came across the way.
Exactly what this something is,
it’s quite difficult to say.
As of now the present is on hold because of this something.

Difference of opinion leads to conflict of interest
Escalation in conflict leads to war
Always remember never forget the cause.
Go into details of each and everything,
follow the same.

Over a period of time it will be realized,
time and again cause is the only thing that not only remains the same, but is also important and hence in no way there is an escape.

Never forget that you are facing an odd
Never try to evade the same
Over a period of time it will be realized that odds make a way for many more new things in life that can not only be touched, sensed and felt, but those same things can be a part of  life,
making an otherwise routine life very much interesting.

— The End —