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Grey Feb 13
"Pretty girls don't smile!"
Those are the words of wisdom
fake soothsayers preached,
not thinking that she'd listen.
Alas... now she's cold as ice.
Feb 12, 2020
OpenWorldView Oct 2019
this little hot spark
ready to ignite the world
fell in its cold sea
because when the last light bulb burns out, and when the fire in your heart gets extinguished -

only then will you learn how to overcome the darkness.

- v.m
don't think about that test you're sure to fail. don't think about not getting in to your dream university. don't think about spending your entire life working at mcdonalds. you do you. don't do future you. you are not your past, nor are you your future. live for right now. tell your friends and family you love them. give your sibling a hug. you never know what the future holds - and i think that's an extremely good thing. thank you, and goodbye ✨.
Shaxy Aug 2017
I don't feel at ease.
What was anticipated, extinguished.
Spike Harper Aug 2016
Is it that entertaining...
Snickering behind hidden words.
Is it that meaningless.
Leading the blind in circles.
With such an alluring scent.
Dusk will drain what remains of the sky.
Yet the moon will not rise.
Not this night.
For this has left the senses.
Regardless of the tides.
Not even gravity dare defy such.
And in such ways.
That the mind will plunder.
And hide.
For in this deception of perception.
Will this day be known..
As this fools tragic.
Fallen Angel Apr 2016
He has a hold over me
and he shouldn’t.
I have a new boyfriend
and he may not always treat me right
but he’s there.
He has been someone that’s been with me for 9 months
and he says he loves me
but I don’t think I can ever love him
when I believe my heart still belongs to someone else.
I don’t know where my someone else stands
when he thinks of me.
The words “I love you” has passed his lips,
but it has been months since he told me that
and I think that feeling has been extinguished
and it kills me to think that it has.
See I never told him
and I feel like I should have
now I believe it to be too late
as he is trying to move on
and I have three words left unspoken
I love you
and I don’t know if that is an accurate word
but when I see him I want to be around him
when I hug him my heart beats faster
and when I think of him moving on
my chest aches.
He recently said that even though we’re hurting each other now
we can make each other happy
and I don’t know what that means or what he’s saying
when he is losing feeling for me.
And maybe right now we’re not meant to be together
and in the future it’s possible
but I don’t see him keeping me in his heart or on his mind
when he has created a “thing”
(whatever that’s supposed to mean)
with one of his best friends younger sister.
And if I ever show up dead
it is safe to assume that he has moved on without me
and heart break syndrome caught up
and my heart that seems to beat for him stopped
and never started again.
It's a difficult thing to process. And I feel like a horrible person when I say the things that rage from my heart
Poetic T Dec 2014
Love nearly ignited, but then
An extinguisher of thought
Put a stop to that,
The flame was nearly gone
Was so small, exhausted little thing,
"Till that day"
"Till that kiss"
Then a candle flame burnt
In the heart,
It was if I had never
"Thoughts were wavering"
But I would not let this flame
Be silenced as before,
My heart was aglow
Warmth not felt since long ago,
I felt dazed with every touch
A kiss would be a journey
"Moments of bliss"
Where two lips met,
Words weren't needed
Our hands told each the
In each others arms,
Never again would I let feelings
Be doused, extinguished,
This time I'm letting love lead,
"No matter what happens"
I will once again let this feeling guide my way.

— The End —