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This world is broken.
Hypocrisy everywhere.
But it always was.
I was born in spring
above a silent stream.
Called on by an ancient king
to serve after winter’s dream.

We fought a many battle.
Braved storms and other misery.
Always the obedient cattle
until death or glorious victory.

Time moved like the water below.
Day and night in constant flow.

I held on till the end
seduced by a promised land.
A place of plenty and open doors
across the distant ocean shores.

Then I fell, all brown and brittle
into the river’s icy wave.
I drifted happily for a little
before I sank to my murky grave.
OpenWorldView Jan 30
                     ­                            A
      Y                                            R
          ­   O                                    T
                        U ­                   S
                            R              N
                  ­E                              D
          M                     ­                 M
    E                                         ­    E
    S                                        B
      H         ­                    E
            W              C
         M                  R
    I                                    K
 ­   N                                          S
       ­        O
Our hearts are meshworks.
You and me becoming one.
OpenWorldView Jan 27
Snow reflects first light.
Silent winter wonderland.
Cold and stiff I sleep.
OpenWorldView Jan 26
Neon lights from the city below
illuminate night’s heavy clouds.
Rain muffles constant urban humming.
Pierced by echelons of distant sirens
moving slowly through concrete canyons.

She watches motionless from above,
across this vast dystopian reality.
Born into flesh but cast from the skies
her ghost was replanted into a synthetic shell.
A lithium flower of exponential evolution.
Major Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

I know this deserves better, so any comments are welcome.
OpenWorldView Jan 22
And the wolves are watching
the lambs fight among themselves.
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