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reborn from despair
we find strength inside ourselves
choosing life, not death
OpenWorldView Sep 20
colorless cocoon
envelops a silent pain
until we accept
inspired by
a short film by Julie Gautier
  Sep 8 OpenWorldView
This morning I awoke with a cluster of words resting in the palm of my hand, my fingers tracing their gentle form like the decades of a rosary. On the tip of my tongue a song, a story, a fable of experience, existence, and eternity lay dozing.

There I floated between my inner and outer worlds, an exquisite confluence of wakeful consciousness and drowsy carelessness, until daybreak shook the last of sleep from my tousled dreams and my verses disintegrated like dust into the ether. It was at that moment, when the cool breeze through the open window intervened and the thrum of traffic in the distance drew me out from beyond the covers, that I lost my poem.

I know it will return: as droplets of rain on window glass, or as threads of loose cotton on a frayed cushion cover, in the rhythm of a lazy Sunday afternoon, or in the sigh of the ocean’s flow. All of these are mesmerising in their effect, some intangibly soulful, others enticingly tactile. All are enough to quiet the chatter of the quotidian mind and allow the delicate operations of the creative imagination to reign.

Only then, will I attempt to commit my words to paper...and you shall read them here.

Where do all the lost words go? Do they know their way home? Do they come with contact details attached? If not, does that mean they get confused and end up inside someone else’s head? Did I post your poem my mistake? Did you post mine?
The lips which I once kissed,
lying still and cold beneath the damp ground,
those which inflamed mine,
far beyond passion, sound and fury--
having lifted my soul from the muddle of
sheer emptiness--a breathing fire sharply

While lonely flowers lay upon the grave,
the tomb of our anguished goodbyes--
The swells of my heart like a misty rose,
its petals shedding icy tears,
in the twilight hours of frozen air--
turning solemn and bleak as they kiss
My beloved's cheek.
her moist, ruby lips
yielded the sweetest kisses.  
the taste still lingers
ground down smooth and small
I fit nicely among man,
but cut if broken
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