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Maya Oct 2018
Been itchin' to step on the toes
of some politicians, ditchin'
the sneakers and hitchin'
the anger, an armor of agression,
clothes of choler, cursing the
contempt-ridden regressions of the system.

Edgy kids turn into violent adults,
You have the right to remain violent, folks, 'long as you're getting something done and not lounging lazily,
waiting for things to change by
themselves, putting your drive on a shelf, hazily remembering what you actually believed - go **** right off and leave.

Stick to your guns.
I'm so sick of saints and nuns advocating for peace. Peace is a piece of giving up belief. "Friendly Negotiations" to talk you out of your convinction, turn convicts into martyrs and we'll see which side you really trust.
How can you believe that peace will will solve problems when it just causes feelings to be pent up?
People are competitive, wanting all that opulence in the posthumous, and peace is a puzzling problem, not a solution.
Peace would be basic if human nature wasn't so acidic, mixed with the tension of a complex society, your peace is about to burn a hole in the walls of government.
The only peace for me is death.
Ideals are nothing without people fighting for them with every last breath.
Go out and scream as long as you're making noise.
Rip limits to shreds, and raise your ******* voice.
just a person being angry in a cafe at six in the morning. yes, this is edgy, i am aware but I wrote it for myself, not you.
Zen Dog May 2018
Troubled is the heaviness still brewing from the feud,
As you chew upon the bitterness that our fathers have fed you,
Bent and burdened shoulders cannot accept embrace,
So I beg you, my beloved brothers, let me bear some weight.
Umi Mar 2018
Gather in a dark night, impurities of the mind caused by poisonous emotions from loss and envy, of spite or jealousy, forming misery.
Love fades, ahh once so innocently precious, yet fragile in structure,
Leaving the servants of it in great despair and even darker hate,
Where affection ruled supreme once the scars of misery are causing a heartache from leftover rampage, a riot now presented. Ah, phantoms
Swaying back and forth between sadness and anger one gets lost in his own blindness, destroying and bringing himself into ruins,
This lingering sadness seems eternal as time passes painfully slower,
An enlighting realisation should do the task and let the soul lost inanihilating, irritational despair grow once again strong and happy,
A spark illuminating the dark, with patience and hope for the future,
But until this event is taking place, a personal **** is what has to be crossed alike a bridge made of anxiety, depression and self doubt.
But worry not all you lost souls who are waiting for light!
After all, every winter and every night find their end and ensure the dawn of a blooming spring dream.

~ Umi
How did passive aggression come to be your natural progression?
I won’t even pretend to justify your passivity
don’t pin your insecurities on me
I’m no voodoo doll
no outlet for your rage
or regret
let sleeping dogs lie
and allow the sun to set
before you rub the salt in the wound
saying all the wrong things to get me to stay.
This will go my way
or no way at all.
I’m prepared to take the fall
and stumble
but when my bones hit the floor
I won’t crumble.
It doesn’t take much to make me cry.
Books, films, TV
they all move me
but for you my tear ducts have built their own fortress
my mind can annihilate you into nothingness.
I guess you could say I was pretty ******.
I am me
Who said this?
So is my body
An invaded custody
Occupied by her
Thoughts and memories
Two sided glossaries
Not a reflection is mine
That would determine
My own identity
Out of my sanctity

I may be a string
Of any cacophonous Sitar
Where she creates
On my wounds
Riot of sounds
Without bounds
Nichole Dec 2017
Notes on a guitar,

Hard and beautiful,
Like a relationship; you must learn!

Notes on a guitar,

Loud and free,
Like a riot, standing up for what you believe!

Notes on a guitar,

Electric and proud,
Like a nightclub of dancers, the sound!
If you like it let me know :)
I'll cut the cord
grow to be free
untainted by your truth
the nauseating pill
you forced down my throat
which implanted you
in the deepest
parts of my being
where my desires used to linger.

But before I go
I must impart
one last epitome of sorrow
to lead you into the melancholy of tomorrow
where my time is no longer yours to borrow.

I told you I loved you
through lying lips
with nails bitten down to my finger tips.
It was never you I really loved.

It was who you were supposed to be
who you were
in the beginning
at the start
the succubi
that stole my glacial hear.

Your skin started to ooze
the monstrosity
that you were underneath
eyes reflected
the overwhelming urge to hate
which you'd implant
in my mind and allow to gestate.

No love should come with teeth
if surf this morning is seldom slack
when a garter holds up its string

this chuff is fishing that spoonful glimmers
while bait require quinine indelibly
by the sea

where squalk among clouds patrol crowd
that hasten to ***** the sound

newly afoot a dock seemingly hottie taut darken wheel has line aboard and always say peekaboo  
by the sea
a man has a boat near the sea that  a  dock hasten surf
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