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Man Mar 2021
how many protests have you watched now?
how many devolving into riots?
via violent actors, on either side
what was gained, for those we lost?
was it in vain?
did the pay outweigh the cost?
or was our venture defunct?
would civil disobedience had been better sought?
or a more brutal insurrection,
to rival those we've been taught?
just do like they'd wish
and lay down and die
annh Mar 2021
I am not my words,
Nor am I the letters from which they are formed;
I am a beating drum,
A cacophony,
A riot keeping pace with mortal time;
Spinning order thriftily,
So as not to cheapen the divinely proclaimed language of the soul.

‘Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.’
- T. S. Eliot
Scarlet McCall Jan 2021
Shattered glass and a blood trail.
A dead policeman in a massive fail.
Horned-y guy waves his spear,
trying to get us to fear.
Qanon conspiracy
says Pelosi and Hillary
make pizza pies with children’s blood.
But their message is a dud
with the sane who still dominate.
A bizarro postscript in history, the fate
of the mob of deluded nobodies
who entered the Capitol with ease.
Because who would have thought... was right on 4chan, the plot.
Seems not many do their jobs
and a policeman’s killed by wacko slobs.
Kristin Jan 2021
My birthday is on the 19th
it'll be a riot
the next day, they say

My birthday is on the 19th
the rioters won't be quiet
come what may

My birthday is on the 19th
I'm not adhering to my diet
that bittersweet day

My birthday is on the 19th
I'm not so happy about it this year

My birthday is on the 19th
the next day fills me with fear

My birthday is on the 19th
can't be near those I hold dear

My birthday is on the 19th
it'll be a riot, they say
come what may, the 19th is my day
Peacock Secrets Jan 2021
Daily rallying, bullying, Rioting, lying
Terrorizing Washington DC's peace
Waving weapons, hiding white sheets
All cause the Covidian King wants to keep
The crown
Screaming ***** "Black Lives Matter!"
"Coup-opperate! let's topple the Capitol down!"

Meanwhile the slave-catchers called "police"
Took selfies with these terrorist in the streets
Meanwhile, why were you missing from your own riot?  

You and Your MAGA minions made millions
Of Americans sick.
All of you are still too ill... too illegit to quit!
Tried to dominate twitter with hate,
but Allah don't like that bigoted ****!

We the people of soul and prayer
Have been raising our hands in the air
For four full years
Today, we retire from our weary pursuit
We watch with popcorn as the chickens come home to roost
A poetry slam re: trump's most recent *******
Kristin Jan 2021
I did errands today
and I was confused

Something was wrong, astray
I mused

I settled into the evening quiet
And my disquieted soul shouted

"The flags were not at half staff"
As the West Wing staff and Cabinet was trimmed by half

Yesterday, Congress was sieged by riff-raff
45 egged them on

Congress counted the Electoral votes
but our troubles are not all gone

Today, I needed to see that flag half-mast
My grief begged for a symbol against the bombast

And yet the flag waved, full staff, as if nothing and no one mattered
And no one has said a word
Tyler Matthew Dec 2020
America, is that you?
Your stars are looking dim.
Stripes look nice on prison clothes,
but yours are wearing thin.

America, is that you
there behind the mask?
Of course, I too, am wearing mine.
You don't need to ask.

America, is that you
angry in the street,
smashing windows, spreading fire?
And is your dream complete?

America, was it you
I saw on evening news
dancing like a circus monkey,
speaking as you're cued?

America, is that you
propped up by the wall
with little men surrounding you,
waiting for your fall?

America, use your voice
and let me know it's you.
I can't hear much over the noise
that's coming from the zoo.

America, it must be you,
though I can hardly see.
I'm feeling for you in the dark.
America, it's me.
NancyMay Dec 2020
on a sacrifice
of hydrangeas
a turtle gloats
Hannah Dec 2020
How do we live in a world with such chaos?
How did we get here?
Tell me!
How did you manage to let the precious Earth turn into a toxic pile of waste.
Riots everywhere.
A virus on the go.
Trash piling up causing pollution.
Children are not safe.
Parents are not safe.
No one is safe in this cruel world.
Wake up and listen to us!
Why aren’t you listening?
There isn’t going to be a world to wake up to if nothing changes.
Reality is knocking and you need to answer.
Wake up and learn to be responsible.
I said wake up!
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