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Where Shelter Apr 2019
the unthinkable is our specialty


there are special periods of varying length
when we are given grants of capability
where solutions transferable like shared salt drops
and red gummy bears

you need, I believe, and the
no contract is signed and commissioned,
belief is suspended,
for the eyes have the evidence,
the ayes win the nomination,
the shaken but unbreakable longest kiss
secures the deal,
and the local island newspaper banners a headline,

“miracles on the island expand contagiously!”

this is when
this is where
one walks the streets and the dirt roads
sing song smiling,
the tide always incoming,
the peeks of sun
perfectly strong,
installing a feeling
of safe and home and not alone

where is shelter?

here here,
here is shelter,
hear is shelter,
in words and deeds and on our
embracing fingertips


April 11, 2019
dina Jun 2018
how's it been,
living life
to the fullest
while wrapped
in someone else's arms?

how's it been,
turning away
from someone
who loved you
with ardor greater than she thought?

how's it been,
the times you've had,
which were so real
that leaving them was unthinkable?

how's it been
now that we've caught up?
meeting up with an ex was less embarrassing and nervewracking than i thought. instead, i was enveloped in so many words that i had to spit out at them to make them able to comprehend what had happened to me.
Broken Arpeggio Aug 2017
There has been an invasion
Of mind, body, and soul
The out of mind, out of sight coma
Is no longer in control

All atrocities that don't ****
Plant deep rooted wishes of being dead
With many festering splinters
That wreak havoc in the head

Uncomfortably attuned
To the assault on inner peace
Allows stolen virtue and nefarious
transgressions to never cease

Will patience be the poison that rots
The onslaught of thorns
That allows time to sow grains of tranquillity
And be reborn...
Finding a way to recover from the unfathomable...
Peter B Mar 2016
I wanna do
unthinkable things with you,
all stuff that you
would never get down to.

Something exciting
like journey to the moon,
or like skydiving,
when sky is ocean blue.

Something we both
dream about quite a lot,
not brave enough
to turn it into thought.

I wanna do
unthinkable with you,
and I'm quite sure
you wanna do it too.

My gentle hands
are taking off your dress,
please, close your eyes
and let me do the rest.
likeaghosttoyou Apr 2015
Minds numb
******* throbbing
Monotony then the beat drops
Euphoria, eating away at her core, the love she holds in her aching heart penetrating through her achingwalls, ***** click, speak to me in your mother tongue,
African queen , not just any ******* queen
With clicking tongues tell me you're life's story and for that I then would be granted the pleasure of just simply eating away at her *****, for ***** sake.
Marijuana induced
Pretty ***** too
I missed her? Yes
K603 Jul 2014
I do
wish to start again.  
To do it all with only minor changes.
Turn the pages of time
rewrite a few lines.
But the pages flip and turn,
The sand in the hour glass gone way too fast.

But once we've passed only those that love us will keep our book.
with ripped pages and coffee stains, only a few will really look.
So dust me off and flip the glass over read page one.  Don't skip to the end.
life is an adventure the greatest tale.
so love and laugh relish the moment and don't live
Too Fast.

— The End —