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Joe Black May 2017
Ceased to be.
Joe Black Dec 2016
I saw something pump in my hands
Is it my heart? It cannot be
The old reason is fleeting.
Sick ghosts aren't healing.
Affection shot her nasty arrows
Using my heart strings.
Perhaps that's why it's on the floor
Defeated and dead.
Where do your words begin,
Have I gone mad, did I sin.
If I search for it
I do it blunt and bare.
No old ghost can haunt it
Or taunt it.
As your doubt settles right
Where your heart used to be
You blame me...
Tell you what, I take the blame.
It's always the same
Story again.

--Eleanor Rigby
All credit to fantastic Eleanor Rigby
Joe Black Feb 2017
If walls could talk,

What one would say to another?

-See ya in a corner...

Joe Black Nov 2016
It is extremely strange world we live in,
The more you care, the less you get;

Show of anger, of dissatisfaction,
Have to be displayed here and there;

Otherwise they play, they laugh,
Thinking that they played you well;

While all you wish is to take care of her,
Love, forgive, and except her as she is;

Strange, not logical world I live in. . . .
Joe Black Jun 2017
Open your heart, open your hands,
close your eyes.
Dive in feeling.
Make your transcendence experience happened.
Totally open minded.
I dont know who I am.
But I feel that.
You can be mine experience and I can become yours experience.
I can help you undersand  the spirit molecule inside of you.
Joe Black Nov 2016
If you would seek the moon, it is her face.
If you seek musk, her hair is hiding place.
She is a paradise, arrayed in splendour,
Glorius, graceful, elegantly slender.
Joe Black Dec 2016
Cant breath
A/C in a box suffocating
Humid outside choking
Am i still alive?
Joe Black Dec 2016
I find it hard
To speak myself
About things inside of me,
Thoughts i have,
Feelings i feel..
It's way too hard
To do it now..
I try it,
Belive me, tryed today..
But all I got
Was just a judgment
Or useless lecture
Lecture about obvious things
I had to do or not..
I knew it was mistake,
Knew the outcome
By saying that to me
They make it worst..
One knows intellectually
They try to help
But it shut me up
And locks inside..
Well, maybe that is why i heavily spending time in here
Cause nowhere else to go
But to a web...
Loneliness that's how you look
I know now your face
Solitude is way much more attractive
Joe Black Jan 2017
Heart enforced by power of Soul, cause Heart is connected to it, gets warmth of Soul through Love. Pure Love. Without expectations. Love fulfills it with strength which lifts up above Earth to fill up with spiritual desires.

Sometimes, Heart is trying to explain to Mind,
What attracts it to these or that human, situation, animal,
Any other object or activity...
Why it get hooked by these or that situation, why it want to do particular things.

But not always, it is able to translate to Mind language, something that doesn't fit to it's dimension, something that doesn't belong to Earth believes or laws. It's hard to push in to shape of Earth something, that much greater, deeper, brighter filled by Cosmic Universe power.
If these shape was not stretched by Love.

If these shape doesn't want to change and grow, preferring old rules and dimensions, not always it happen to tell with words, how your Heart feels, how feels Heart of another person. It's hard to convey by words movement of Soul.

Sometimes, Heart lacking those Earthly words and expressions, which could explain, why it get still when you meet someone, whom Mind wouldn't ever choose. Why it's attracted towards him or her so hard, while trying to forget of it by Mind.

Why it doesn't want to listen to all sound reasons, and beats, and feels in it's own way. Why it is attracted somewhere where Mind has no power.

It, these Heart, like, lives by it's own laws and doesn't want to bend to practicality and rationality of Earth, doesn't want to settle in safe place somewhere in warm box of bricks and woods. But all the time eager to go high to the sky, clouds and stars, to get some warmth there, through it's dreams and feelings.

Mind constantly trying to teach Heart, which step by step, point by point, explains WHAT you have to love, HOW you should feel and ABOUT WHAT you have to dream.

He, Earthly Mind, is extremely practical and doesn't want to loose energy which it can direct to it's benefit in present space of Earth. It builds plans and routs, selects right words and expressions, paints comfortable conditions for Soul livelihood, and tries to pack all Her feelings in strict order, shelf by shelf.

For some time, Heart gets quite, it calms and agrees with it, comfortable for body and life reasoning of Mind. Soul takes seat and listens to all reasons, sheepishly agreeing with all it says. Then it goes hiding deep inside, getting quite in sadness.

And even, Soul tries to settle in seat of steadily moving train, and observe in window, how life is passing by.. Without any move, without any expression, diligently following all rules and regulations of Mind.

The train of life is going straight, Mind drives it. Heart with it's Love, seats quite and looks into window, how life flows behind it, steadily and intense. It seats quite, rarely shudder with any interest, simply observing what happens behind window, of it's life.

Joe Black Jan 2017
Heart, calmed for time being by Mind and hidden into box of rest and dimensionality of Earth. It has hidden it's fire of Love, closed by lock of rationality and smartness of body.

The less fire burns in Heart, the less it wants to look out into window and spectate life.
But all of sudden it sees familiar shape, or there was a glimpse of flower, same flower which someone gave to you, familiar sounds of favorite melody, which you were listening, when you were in Love, or...

And roused Heart, and forget all those, what Mind been teaching in numberless repetitions and orders. That Mind, that build the wall from pain and suffering, to divide Heart, to divide dreams, to divide Love. It has build tall fence from pain, and forbid to look into sky full of stars, and listen to SKY.

But the spark, fleshed by memory of Love, broke chains of Mind, and burned them down in a moment. Pierced straight into heart, awakening feelings and desires. And now, fading fire of Love in it erupted with new strength and brightness, taking all wishes and dreams along to the Sky.

Awaken heart from sleep, lulled by Mind. It's mighty bright fire got ignited again, which burned down all reasons and proofs. Burned down in a moment, all rational paths, and all calculated by Mind route, of Life path, which was build by pragmatic Mind.

It has forgotten of promised convenience and comfort of preplanned routs, forgot and doesn't want to recall, Earthly life comforts. It took off to Sky, illuminating by it's fire World around, and stars began to illuminate the Heart and fill up with Hope.

It doesn't want to ride in a train of life, convenient and comfortable, with certain beginning and end. It wishes to be free, in it's Love and live, to burn, to wish, to love. And freely fly in vast space of life

It filled up with fire, warmth, Love. Doesn't want quietly die in a train of life, where there is no Love fire, and desire to Live. It doesn't want to choke without Love, as a spectator looking into window of life without it.

It wishes to stand still, suffer, take off with Happiness, and land down with Sadness. It wishes to fill with tears of Love, but love in a way to enjoy these Sadness, these Life, these deepness of it's Love. To raise up to Sky, high to the stars, where stars will be filled by it's Sadness. Which will cause Shooting Stars illumination of vast space of Sky.

For it, important, the process, filled with deepness, with sensitive bliss, fulfilling elevation. Cause for it, for alive Heart, this is Life, way, path and meaning, that place, where it heads, entangled to it Soul, filled with desire that Heart. It wants to be free, dream, and fly and LIVE!

Joe Black Dec 2016
They say:
-Be yourself!
And later
They take you to shrink
Joe Black Dec 2016
-Sweetheart i've been flying to you
On the wings of love!
-Three days in a row?
-Been blown away by the wind.
Joe Black Nov 2016
I want to be with you
I want to be within you
It is some kind of need
We call it feelings

They grow and grow

*conditions applied
Joe Black Jan 2017
Alone we say we come to life

Alone we say we come to death

Why so stupid we can be?

Blind and deaf to real truth?

From Us we came you and I

To Us we will come back

You and I
Joe Black Nov 2016
They come every night,
Lines of your beautiful eyes,
I breath for you.
I've hide my tear in ocean,
Will love you till the day you find it.
Joe Black Jan 2017
We live, we die.

Human - temporary.

Death brings to end to aging and miseries,

Relieving from a burden of life existence.

For loving souls - reward.

After all , we do not change just because we die…
Joe Black Dec 2016
i've noticed, recently
Some sort of energy, light
Call it as you wish
It leads you or pushing you
Toward something unknown
But yet familiar
Someone might call it destiny
But i think it's Universe in charge.
If you observe attentively
You will see traits of Its hand
All over your life..
i was ignorant, blind
Couldn't see them then
Would dismiss as coincidence
Or simply wouldn't notice
You came into my life
Talking about so many
Different, fascinating, strange, new things
You made me curios, i've start to wonder
Explore them, intellectually and spiritually
Things i told, wrote you,
Were not merely words
They are reflection of my insights
You are the Universe
Now i see It.
Now i feel It.
Now i love.....
Well, you see..
while  i had these fever, all of it was making perfect sense to me. It was beautiful, i felt enlightened, haha, for couple moments
Now, that  i feel better, one might change something but i'd rather keep revelation of that moment untouched
Joe Black Dec 2016
We met long ago
Even thou it was not that long at all
Hardly couple months..
We saw each other four or five times
I've imagined that you were someone,
Who get to understand me
Without much of explanation
Without explanation at all
I've imagened that you were reflection
Reflection of myself througgh the story
The story you told me about yourself
If there any such thing,
I've imagined,
That you were my soulmate,
That phantom person
Which they talk endlessly about
Which we search throughout our life
To share moments of life
I wonder if there any such person,
Or we are just framed,
Conditioned to believe in it..
Wise man said:
We are just the sets
Of words, of actions
Repeatedly reused cliches..
The world has become one old theater
With repeated acts in it..
I wonder how it would be,
To live in such world,
Where you and I
Have to actually experience all
Beauties and miseries of life
Where we go through relationships
Without reflection of past
Simply by not having memory of the past..
Does it even metter
The Past?
Or it's merely our approach to exist..?

I've imagined you
I've imagined me

Is it all just a dream???
Joe Black Jan 2017
My inner Universe is ruled by Death,

It start it's ruling by killing God,

Smoothly, nicely, it wiped him away.

Then it was time for the Sun to die.

They said artificial light is better, healthier.

One by one Death was ruling out its verdicts,

Till it grounded inner Universe to mortal realities.

But that was not the end of it..

There came death of spaceman, doctor, chemist and engineer...

Later died optimist, than the guy in love..

Next in queue poet and painter..

Till nothing left. Empty. Dead. Perfect.

Inspired by **Life
Joe Black Jan 2017
I want to be with you

What's the matter then?

Doctor said you do not exist...

Relax, neither he does.
Joe Black Dec 2016
Soon enough
I'll get tired of everything
And jump of the window.
When you live on the first floor
You can afford it.
Having fun xD
Joe Black Mar 2017

in solitude we walk on Earth,
going through challenges in life,
Predictable routine, like on repeat.

Among many you meet one,
it hooks you up and lift you high;
Emotions, feelings, experiences…
All new and strange…

You split apart some day,
it drops you heavy down,
it feels all strange;
seems like that’s the end...

it wraps you into wings,
let you feel anew,
things you never see in sober world,
All new and strange…

There comes a time,
it kicks you back to "real" life,
it feels all strange,
Feels like that’s the end.

They walk align,
too tempting to resist,
Too dangerous for mortal me.
Joe Black Dec 2016
Gained strength
Wisdom fled before love's fire
Embraced they lay
Till break of the day
Cursed the sun for rising in the sky.
If people hear, will not agree
They will oppose in vain  
What these lovers have
They never will...
He despise of what they think
Under the sky by almighty God
He swears to keep the faith with her
Ready to fight and die
And fight the Death
If need be
To burn in the fire of love to thee
Joe Black Nov 2016
Year by year is passing by,
We learn, we love, we get hurt,
We learn that love is pain,
That humans are not worth of trust.

We feel alienated among a humankind,
Lost all trust and hope of thinking otherwise.
Diving inside ourselves, shutting all doors out,
Cause there, we know, there is peace,
There is no love, there is no pain.

After a while, we feel it is time,
To come out to look around,
To witness changes out there,
To try to trust, to try to love...

What a stupid idea
To hope that something changed.
It is all the same in new design...

I wish good luck to Musk,
With all the air and space research,
I'll take a queue to fly to Mars,
Cause nothing here is holding me.
Having mixed up time.
Hopefully throwing it out will help.
Joe Black Nov 2016
For a moment we were one,
It was beautiful, thank you!
Joe Black Dec 2016
Dear Lord,
Please, give me strength..
..oh no, don't give..
I will waste it again and get tired more.
Better give me wisdom, for..
Oh, no.. I understand all anyway.
Better, you know what,
Don't give.
Take away laziness and stupidity
No, without stupidity will become boring
Without laziness my mom won't recognise me.
Okay, sorry. I need nothing.
Thank you
This complicated life :D
Joe Black Dec 2016
The inner desire
Of one
Which is me
To be genuine and caring
Attentive and compassionate
To people around him,
About thouse whom one gives
All himself..
And one humbly might say
To some degree it is achieved
But then what happens next
It punches you hard
Straight into your heart
You opened it to them
Stark naked stand there
With no intention other then
What you meant
To care, to love..
Do they take it as a game?
Some sort of wicked trick
To play them..
Why they go around,
Misuse your blind puppy trust
Don't give a s**t of what you feel
Shutter you gradually
Peace by peace
Till nothing remains
No love, no care..
Everytime showing someone more care then they might usually receive, i get these..
It's quite a pattern. I don't want to change. It's not me who should or should I?
It creeps in mind all the time.. :
"Maybe you are the mistake"
Tell me am I?
Joe Black Dec 2016
-Babe, you are the reason
why i get up early in the morning!
-Nah, kidding, I'm employed.
Beautiful day , init?
Joe Black Nov 2016
It is a wonderful day!
In a wonderful place.
There is no time, there is no thoughts,
It is place where fear does not belong.
The manifestation of Light
Which is Physical Nothingness,
Perfect Symmetry.
That's how you can start with day reflection, skip millennia's and Big Bang itself to Universe origin in 7 lines..
sorry for being rudely brief
Joe Black Nov 2016
in need to come out of shock received today,
after a flight you lend in someone house...
after a while you are with someone in your place.
and all the while like stupid guy,
i sit and wait next to your house,
for you to call or just to text.

you said you feeling dizzy, coughed and stuff,
i thought that must be serious, i must to come
tomorrow is my flight, make sure that she is alright,
by dropping all i go the whole way long.

so here i’m knocking on your door,
i wasn’t welcome there, was just intruder.
i never thought to go and knock,
they said: she is waiting for you.

you open door and saying hi, on a couch someone’s guy
you looking fresh, your hair is wet..
lost all my words, lost all my thoughts
couldn’t reflect of who i’m,
what was i’m doing here and where i'm

i had a question in my head:
who am i to you?

**you showed me there.
Joe Black Dec 2016
Just imagine
If snowman could
Think and express themselves
What would they say?
I imagine, they would talk
About creation and evolution
It would go like these:
- Do not say B.S.,
There is no creator! By chance, evolutionary  
We become like these from snowflake!
One invites you to join snowman conversation ;)
Joe Black Feb 2017
Walked near her slowly,
Brushed with hand, breathing slowly,
She came closer, shaking,
Warm, quite, soft...
Her eyes were shing like a moon,
They were telling way too much,
I've start to play with her with hand,
Slowly put her legs apart...
Hand was filled with warmth of her soft breast,
Movement up and down she been waiting for...
Then thrill pierced inside of me,
And white liquid dripped..
At that moment i felt enravishment,
That's how i milked a cow for a first time...
Joe Black Dec 2016
You stand on

Busy street corner

And imagine,

That you are not here

That you do not exist.

People are walking,

Cars beeping,

Shops are getting open.

World continues to live without you.

It is painful to understand that.

But necessary...
Joe Black Feb 2017

Is these club of anonymous moody people?

Yes, hello!

Welcome, get the hell out of here!

Joe Black Mar 2017
-Do you love me?



-Till death!

-I thought longer...
Joe Black Dec 2016
Am I taking it too far
Or you taking it too light
I don't know.
Sitting in hotel lobby,
Completely absent
Out of touch with reality
Deep in my mind
Thinking over
Thinking about thinking..
Light up a cigarette?
Do some harm to self
To distract from all that
Rotational process of thinking
Thinking over
Thinking about not thinking..
Wondering to myself
Is it me taking it too far
Or there are different levels of thoughts in my head..
Thoughts about thoughts of thoughts..
It's quite tiresome
Why can't it just stop?
Am I taking it too far
Or you simply don't give a ****..
Joe Black Nov 2016
Broke all my walls
I've been building so long
You touch my soul and took my heart
I thought you meant the things you said
I wished i saw that light in you
But then you throw my heart away
You left it bleeding there in dirt
"It's not for me." you told yourself
I won't be hurt again, cause now I'm strong
That what you think
Until the time, someone else
Will brake your walls

Joe Black Dec 2016
Like a marvellous mountain against the blue sky,

the vivid, bright, clear, unpolluted snow,

the majesty of you drives all my thoughts,

my concerns, my problems away.
Joe Black Dec 2016
She is mystery
Sophisticated Puzzle,
Trickiest riddle
Most complicated task
To solve
She is marvellous Universe
My heart chose to float in
It's strange, weird,
Unknown darkness
Love every moment
Spent in you

Dedicated to girl one loves,
What can one say,
i'm in love

— The End —