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Tori Alva Oct 2020
Time keeps passing by
No word from you ever since
I am tired of waiting
When will this end?
Meet me in my dreams
That will be my closure
Do not forget me
I want you to suffer
idk why I keep thinking about them
Alexander Oct 2019
In honesty ,
I don't see a reason not to,
I apologise for being crude or being rude or being blunt,

I can feel this urge,
this craving,
this want.

I know you've wanted it,
And I refuse to dennie it,

To be clear an honest, I don't plan to disrespect or disregard,
Your words or agreements.

But I don't disregard your wants, and I don't see why I would,
You make me feel like I shouldn't, but you do like you should.

Your eyes scream at me,
As your thoughts twisting into my frequencies, calling me, but keeping me at bay.

Your body reserved but your fingers twitch,
Watching you closely,
I can feel your nervous, it's not about me, I can feel you wanting me, but nervous.

As I said it's not me, your not nervous about me, you may not know me, but you know me, well enough to or understand or know my intentions, but you know your not nervous because of me, I know you aren't.

But I do know why you are.

You gave me a reason, but I don't feel you can agree with it, I can feel your regret already building as you say no.

But I know why,
your afraid, of the problem, of the situation, of the conversation, of the lingering regret of regrets yet felt.

But what regrets are more fearsome then the ones we create in our selves?

Give your desire to me, rest your eyes from fears, let me take what you want me to have, and I'll give everything I know you want.

To me this submission is one long coming, and now it's silent and waiting,
Every glance, every bitten lip, every idea of desire, every moment in my presence, I've felt you.

Your wants flowing to me like a current from the oceans pull, doubtless as they are, unquestionable,
And unrelenting.

So to be honest what reason not to, when it seems the scales have set, and balance is in my favor, and yours.
it's insane how much I can crave her and we've just met, I understand her needs to be reserved but I understand her wants and feel them enough to question what reservation is even needed.
nooneknoes Aug 2018
whats the point of trying hard?
hear me out.
i could try really hard pass all my classes and get a scholarship. i could go to college become an engineer or something. but i would still be unhappy.
so why wouldn't i make it easier on myself and do the bare minimum get a job as a cashier or something.
i would be unhappy either way.
so why not
sindy Feb 2018
I believe i found exactly what i would like to do in life.
And all my little world is falling apart.
My mum always happy start being moody.
My boyfriend always staying starts leaving.
The gouvernement quite supportive, start withdrawing all my rights.
My emotions quite inexistant start fighting.

But if i look deep inside me, i know i am still there, i know i can trust myself, i know i will and i am making the right decisions.

So let's it be, let the world fall apart, because the one to come will never.
Morning thoughts
Ma Cherie Apr 2017
Your love is like,
beautiful bands
of moving light,
undulating emotions,
through your big beating heart,
forcing chaotic
an intriguing energy,
outward to the skin,
pulsing through your fingertips,
emanating from your spirit,
piercing me those eyes,
connecting deeper
than I have ever known,
my soul to soul connection,
one deep look-
so hauntingly familiar
our eyes meet,
an we tie the moment,
creating the most exotic
and wonderful,
parallel universe of our own,
right in each others arms.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Ma Cherie Apr 2017
Close your eyes to see my face,
an touch my skin in hot embrace,
reaching out to touch my lips,
you touch me deep,
an move my hips
please run your hands,
back through my hair,
let's do some things
I'd never dare,
make me want you -
that's so nice,
but ask me baby
an don't think twice.

Ma Cherie © 2017
William Anderson Apr 2017

I was asked what I wanted to do with my life.
“I wish to be an author.”
“No. That doesn’t pay well.”
“Then I will become a poet.”
“No. Poetry isn’t a real profession. You should go into engineering.”

And now I wonder
Why I was even asked in the first place.
They give you the choice of who to be
But then tell you who to become.

Now I dream of a world where nobody
Is compared to the perfect person that society has created.

The one that doesn’t exist.

“What will you be when you are older?” they would question.
“I wish to be an author.” I would reply.
“You’d be good at that.”

But that’ll never happen.

Unless I make it happen.
Which I will strive to do.
I will not become the non-existing, perfect person that only I could see the flaws of.

Yet it is so hard
When who you disagree with has already embedded their opinions into the minds of all others.

They tell you love isn’t money.

Yet their actions scream so loudly
that they block out the whispers of their words.

But luckily, I have headphones on.

While the music of my personal success beats
Faster than the hearts of those who followed the lives
That were chosen for them,
I will dance.
I will
In front of those who are statue still
As they complete the tasks that they hate.
And I will start

Ma Cherie Feb 2017
You kiss me in the darkness,
an you save me in the light,
I guess I'm gonna need it,
if you take me in the night,

I want to gently caress you,
to caress your beautiful face,
I want to caress your beautiful body,
and then again I can retrace,
and take myself,
back to our most special place,
I am so comfortable,
in our sacred and beautified space,

I love the yummy sounds you make,
as I touch against your softest skin,
we're moving together there as one,
it mustn't be- to love a sin,
let us do this now,
and then, let's do this all again,

You tip me back caress my neck,
an take a
n i c e ...
oh what the heck,
I close my eyes again,
an return me to my bliss,

Where I dream about you again.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Inspired I think...
Joe Black Dec 2016
Just imagine
If snowman could
Think and express themselves
What would they say?
I imagine, they would talk
About creation and evolution
It would go like these:
- Do not say B.S.,
There is no creator! By chance, evolutionary  
We become like these from snowflake!
One invites you to join snowman conversation ;)
Ma Cherie Dec 2016
She sits at her favorite stool,
and his too,
an old metal one,
with a soft faded & holey towel,
folded as a make-shift cushion,

Her knees out to the side,
one foot on each rung,
sipping fruity tea with honey,
crisp cold white snow blankets her outside
it ain't for her the money,
preparing ideas for food for many,
always composing magic,
and bracing for the many requirements,
of her day,

She sits there so very often,
it was her very ***** place,
she loves so very much to be there,
but she leaves with only grace,

A lover, friend and his personal chef,
with him she's gotta keep the pace,
keep her his your corner,
when you need it she's a welcomed ace,
such a wonderful and sturdy brace,
grey skies are so easy for her spirit away to chase,
a strong and bending tree,
you could never really break that base,

Seems like to some in order to have true love,
is like winning some old endless race,
she hides her disappointed tears,
and a smile comes to her lovely aging face,

Patience it is her virtue,
but strength it is at her core,
her kindness though only goes so far,
before she shuts the proverbial, door,

She's been down the long goodbye road,
a few too many times before,
but hey boy it ain't like she's ever really tried at keeping score,
and she loves so much its only her mind that's temporarily feeling a tad bit sore,

She is the strength of very many,
she has her Father's helping hands,
you'll notice when she's gone,
you'll cry out her name,
in lost demands,
she's a waning waxing moon,
she changes quickly with it's sudden plans,
she leaves when the wind calls,
into the drifting times of sands,

She may not be so "easy",
but what good ever comes that way?
please boy,
listen to every single word I say,
you need the sun to shine,
so please just ask her light to stay,

So plead to her to never ever really,
go away,
she's the one who loves you true,
I pray you hear my words today,

As it seems it is the only way,
for you in this,
my folded hands,
in my silent reverie for you,
& her
I will forever,
& always pray.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
I hope he see's her...his muse
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