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Sara Kellie Oct 8
Her saturate beauty
in violet black light.
The narcotic consent
some Saturday night.
Colours are bleeding
a vivid dream night.
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide,

A sleep pattern paisley
purple and green.
Faceless adversaries
heard, yet unseen.
A motionless panic,
unable to run.
Contorted, curled fingers,
now, isn't this fun.
The ups and downs of an
LSD ******.
Anastasia Sep 1
in my lungs
my flesh
picking flower from your beard

                      only in my dreams.

                                      daffodils from your eyes

                         intertwined around your glasses.

                                       I make a bouquet

                                            every night.

                                 hoping maybe in your dreams

                      you're picking flowers off me too.

                       clutched in your hands

                    maybe just one.

please just one...
Wrote this tripping on acid last night. to someone I think about too much.

not sure about the formatting yet but eh.
Homunculus Jul 28
Twisted tales come surging
From a mind writhing and purging
In an oft fomented urging
For expressions, pure and raw
That fight repressions, lure and claw
Their way up to the surface
To effect a sense of purpose
But it's really all just worthless. . .
That's, unless you think it's not!
But if you don't: Your brain might rot!
Your skin might bubble, blood might clot
Leaving you heaving bile and snot
Or maybe phlegm and sputum
So your mental stores, you loot 'em
Load these rhymes up and you shoot 'em
Into repressed regression's mains
Into depressed suppression's veins
Until they sing a glad refrain
Of being decoagulated
Platelets become agitated
Now the blood is circulated
And the brain that hibernated
Has awakened from its slumber
Now it ponderously lumbers
With intentions unencumbered
Gotta do it by the numbers
So, them synapses start firin'
Them cortices start wirin'
And belly full of fire sings
Of jelly beans and tire swings
Of silly schemes and flyer wings
On foul mouthed little parrot,
Owners ***** laundry, airs it
Polly want a *******?
Just a snack sir?
But old Polly sez:
"**** me harder, Álvarez!"
Look aghast, her husband Ted:
"Oh hell no *****, 'cause that's the bed
that both we AND our children sleep in!
you've got Latin Lovers creepin'?"

She vacates the bedroom weepin'
Well . . . that took a drastic turn
To dwellings where disasters churn
So silly, will we ever learn
Or for mere want of learning, yearn?

(Tom, to himself: Go eat food. . . .)
(Tom, back to himself: Good idea!)

I think he left, but I'm still near
As tattered, scattered writing, dear!
So, read me well and read me clear,
And bring some friends to visit here!
(Paraphrase of System of a Down song from 2001 tour) I'm on drugs! I'm on drugs! Iiiiiiii am on DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on drugs! I'm on drugs! Iiiiiiii am on DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Doooooooooo yoouuuuuuuu like DRUGS? Iiiiiiiiiiiii ammmmm DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" But so are you, really. You drank coffee today, didn't you? AHA! Caught you right in the act! Case closed. . . .
Summer Jun 17
I unlocked the door to the other world
I swallowed the key for a few hours then I projected it back up into my hand
Back into the muted land
I miss all the colors and all the sounds
Everything was better
So much more clearer and the world felt less round
The trees were glowing with breathtaking sound
It was still so scary and eerie and made me feel dreary but not as dreary as here
I need to find the key again
The key to my sanity
The key to my invisibility
The key to my mind where I could see all the stars align
Everything was melting and flying
My mind was at peace for such a short time
I do not want to be HERE I would rather die than to not live in that sound mind
My key... I will find the.
Nadine Younan Apr 24
A color capable of holding emotions as magnificent as the stars shining,
like diamonds in the spread of the sky,
yet holding a thousand shade of sadness.
The sky which holds people's lives between its palms and
sways left and right and
have its clouds riot.
Don't turn that color into a darker shade and bring down on me your tears and pain.
Don't reflect that tormented color in me.
But she does it anyway and
I wake up in the middle of the night
clenching my fists and gasping for a single breath
of relief,
of air.
Of air that is not tainted with the shades of that color.
But she does it anyway and
it turns me into a puzzled mess that makes me unable to differentiate,
to hardly be able to tell the different shades of pain
or love or anything in between.
The color that
ruins me.
But the same one that revives me.
The color of my lover’s eyes, so bright they look like
sapphires on acid.
The color that huffs its paint inside of my throat and
suddenly: I am able to live: and to love: and to be.
A Simillacrum Apr 10
You swirl my mind
behind the shades.
Dreams come and go
to Mary Jane.
You stir my dreams
all of the day.

Then, when I warred,
nothing could stop
the storm there in store
for me.

My central column
is prone to shift.
You have acid spit,
and kiss me there,
between the atoms.

What is
a holy moment?
When you
share a gaze with one.

What is
a definite end?
When you
find the beginning.
Inside my static dreams
Are acid screams

A sphere of broken glass
On alone a string,

If you pull my cords right,
You'll make me sing
ChrisL Feb 25
Inside me an unquenchable fire,
Rising and falling as a phoenix dies and is reborn in the purest of flames.
With every rise an unbearable pain uncomparable to anything I've ever experienced before.
With every fall a gut wrenching agony of searing pain.
Ebbing and flowing like the tide beneath a full moon, waves of acid crashing against walls of flesh.

No more of this can I take.

One, surely not enough, two I take instead for with this battle I will require all the help I can get.
I throw them in and begin to chew ravenously like a beast starved of food.
Chalky, dry and the strangest taste of mints fill my mouth and cling to my teeth.
I muster all the saliva I can and swallow the precious substance.
Within seconds I feel it hit the depths of my stomach, plunging in like an icy sword.
And so begins the battle of all ages, a clash of titans in a seemingly pointless battle for nawt but relief.
Like two dragons, one of fire the other of ice ferociously battling tooth and claw.
As the war rages on neither seem to be gaining the upper hand, both evenly matched in their immense strength.

After what seemed like hours yet only took mere minutes to pass, the dust settles and there is no winner in sight, in a final almighty clash the two dragons destroy each other leaving behind no trace of this ever happening.
The pain subsides and the burning gone, finally now I can be free from the fiery chains that once bound me.
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