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I'm brOKen Mar 15
Inside my static dreams
Are acid screams

A sphere of broken glass
On alone a string,

If you pull my cords right,
You'll make me sing
ChrisL Feb 25
Inside me an unquenchable fire,
Rising and falling as a phoenix dies and is reborn in the purest of flames.
With every rise an unbearable pain uncomparable to anything I've ever experienced before.
With every fall a gut wrenching agony of searing pain.
Ebbing and flowing like the tide beneath a full moon, waves of acid crashing against walls of flesh.

No more of this can I take.

One, surely not enough, two I take instead for with this battle I will require all the help I can get.
I throw them in and begin to chew ravenously like a beast starved of food.
Chalky, dry and the strangest taste of mints fill my mouth and cling to my teeth.
I muster all the saliva I can and swallow the precious substance.
Within seconds I feel it hit the depths of my stomach, plunging in like an icy sword.
And so begins the battle of all ages, a clash of titans in a seemingly pointless battle for nawt but relief.
Like two dragons, one of fire the other of ice ferociously battling tooth and claw.
As the war rages on neither seem to be gaining the upper hand, both evenly matched in their immense strength.

After what seemed like hours yet only took mere minutes to pass, the dust settles and there is no winner in sight, in a final almighty clash the two dragons destroy each other leaving behind no trace of this ever happening.
The pain subsides and the burning gone, finally now I can be free from the fiery chains that once bound me.
There is no rest tonight
I sleep… But I do not rest
I dream that you are being eaten from the inside out
When I wake and look into your sunken eyes… Hug your frail body...
I know that MY dream is YOUR reality
There is no rest for you
There is no sleep for you

I dream you are drowning
And even though you grab my arm for me to pull you out
The weight of your heart, tainted blood in your veins, and gathered regrets in your mind are too heavy for us both

But your head remains afloat…allowing you to breathe
So you let me comfort you by holding your hand
And you hold your mouth open…only allowing a sustenance that your mind has tricked you to believe is salvation
But its poison…a twisted substance that tangles itself in your mind, attaching itself to your body…
I remain holding your hand, because in the depths of your sunken eyes, I still see the glimmer of your spirit

I dream that you are being destroyed from the inside out…almost every night
And you are
Your thoughts and emotions are continually triggering and misfiring
Sharp and ricocheting through out your whole being
Destroying you, leaving you aching and in pain
Your solution…to go numb and distract from actually healing

I dream you are choking
And you are,
Pills, Acid
Corroding and dissolving more than just your physical being
Your turmoil becoming sludge
Just wanting to escape from your body
Getting trapped in your lungs and throat as you cry out for help

I dream you are suffocating
And you were
A dark shadow found its way in front and on top of you
A heavy blanket of darkness so dense you had no way to breathe

And somehow, through these dreams and in our waking moments together
You always found a way to extend your arm out, reaching for help
I’d grip your hand tighter and tighter every time
Your grip feeling stronger the every next time

And somehow…your reality began to change, and my dreams…my nightmares began to fade
Somehow… you found your way…back to us …
Away from the grips of your addiction
Closer to love, light and clarity of your life
Your Mind
Your Heart
Your Spirit

Tonight we rest,
Tonight we sleep,
Tonight I know you will actually dream.
Dedicated to my son who gets to read this. Dedicated to the families who have experienced the many affects and rollercoasters of addiction. Stay strong and keep a light of faith on.
datanami Feb 3
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datanami Feb 1
Organic Simili Samba
Orchestra Electronica
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Giant Gutter from Outer Space
Artificial Intelligence
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16/64 Psytrance song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letter)
Bettlejuice Jan 27
I’m like acid
Once you trip
You’re ****** for life
I am suffering in silence
I lack energy
Slow to move
Lack motivation
Less interested
Doom &
Sleep more sleep
How did  it get this bad.
yosemite Jan 15
one time i tripped like never before
and the jazz in my eyes could light fire
to the old couple’s balding heads next to us
in the mineral wells mcdonald’s

it was a missed opportunity
the tab was amazing
and at my peak, i felt that in each passing second
that great poetry bubbling in me

i didn’t write any, though
so you’ll have to deal with this ****
thanks, j.b.
epitome staph '17 '18
Casper Dec 2018
Through the forest,
I have found,
This flower in love,
Who is he?
This despised,
Pretty soul.
With love upon thy eyes,
Let love forbid,
Sleep on the eyelid.
So awake,
When I am gone,
**** me,
Do not haunt me.
Wilt thou darkling leave me?
Asante' Nov 2018
I was never intended
To be toxic waste,
The girl spewing
With her words,
Acid dripping
From the corners of her mouth,
Living, breathing
So please don't share that fire with me.
Get it out of my face
And away from my lungs.
I don’t want your fumes
To poison me.
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