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***** and sweat,
Hunched and broken,
By the toilet bowl
I will flush you out
Until the only thing left of you
Of us
Is the tears in my eyes
And the acid in my throat
and i feel something when i see you now...

posting some old drafts ****
Norman Crane Apr 25
we regurgitate
ideas with which we grew
acid worlds we knew
Mary Kate Mar 26
It's all very overwhelming.

It's like an acid trip.

There are a lot of colors. There are a lot of sounds.

There's a certain serenity in that trip state.

There's too much happening.

Focus on the colors. Focus on the sounds.

What about my rationale?

Let the waves roll over you.

This is too much.

Give in.

No. I have to keep going.

Focus on the vibration of your essence.

I can't handle this.
I have to shut down.
I have to preserve.

Go numb.
Prioritize Preservation.
All the vinegar
has drained out of you,
along with **** words
and acid anger.

Asleep, you are—
curled into the ball
of infant dreams.

You are ending,
it seems
as helpless
as you began.
Man Feb 24
rims rolling, underneath the machine moving
on a path beaten

legs of one leaving, they look good

she had a packet of sugar, what was it
she sought to sweeten

tarter than battery acid, acidic lady
who makes the mood, placid

you try, gathering to go after
to follow this feeling, disheartening

this love was a disaster
but you want more, mayday man
maybe, today
you'll get her
Mike Feb 4
we had it all
the popcorn
the peanuts
all the salty snacks you could ask for
and then some
drunk degenerate drove down a road
some maniac of a man on a mission he only noticed
when stomach acids burnt the back of his throat
he wasn't always so quiet
he wasn't always so unkept
things change
Vespa Woman Dec 2020
Dancing and jiving to the sound of the heart monitor in the back
Your seizing like a seizure and im beating like a heart attack
Grandma's dead
Dad shot her in the head and we’re
Drinkin and dancin tonight
I feel FINE
And we can slide through the slick halls
Flirtin with the white walls
and sign that everythings always alrigh
****** all up in her feeding tube,
Take a shot of anesthesia every time she makes a Cadaveric move
Yeah grandmas livin it up tonight
Now we’ll moonwalk into a birthing center just to step to those jarring screams
You've got syringe glass in your hair. I'm sitting in the doctor's chair. Yeah, I'm dancing with the girl of my fever dreams!!!
spike the ceyline bags with laughing gas, its so funny. not knee slapping funny just so funny.
We’ll have a disco party in the medicare
Weave some new bath towel from fallen cancer hair
Yeah this ***** getting crazy and i'm with you
**** who are you?
i promise ill finish it im just looking for feedback for now sorry if its triggering or insensitive
Clay Face Nov 2020
The one who’s behind you is the one you love.
Something else calls you’re name, tickles your ear.
But what happened to the intuition of what was and is so true?
Ticks on your shoulders, did they wait for you?
Left you in corruption, an unsound view.

The trade is so strong, kills your brawn but what can you do? The pain never ends, when no one wins, you can only die in this life. The paper god on your tongue melts you into glue.

It’s agonizing as you bind the world.
Nothing splits you but your pulled by all.
Reality stretches your skin, your mind loses sight and you’re paranoid. It will never end.

And it never ends
And it never ends
And it never ends

A woman evolves from the colors on the wall.
Strange and hairy, lament grows as her fur.
Scintillating messages of life and death they call.
Who am I, and who are you?
I’m speaking in tenses contradictory to a single point of view.
I can hear her scream, as she shaves her pits.
So beautiful it serenades my mind and scars my eyes.

I’ll never have her, and she dissolves into the bars of this cell again. I’m coming down or I’m blasting off, so hard to tell when god digests so well. Release my mind. It will never end.

And it never ends
And it never ends
And it never ends

Pierced skin, stained skin, ripped skin, all over her.
She’s broken and odd, but so close to me, I can’t help but connect.
The cover of her book is blank and new.
Pages are torn and ******, nothing to awe but still novel inside.

It drains me as it’s end never finds an end.
I can’t belong here when I’m rinsed of life and I dry as glue.
Bound and confound I can’t decide what voice to choose.
You’re on the right and I’m on the left, in the middle is me and we are you.
The nurse draws a bath and I am rinsed.
Drooling in comatose they wipe your lip.
Who new god had a price and came in a sheet.
That little square is the key to become like me.
So free from what’s contrived when you can’t decide the difference in truth.

The days go by and the years turn to seconds.
The nurse whispers in our ear, your mother is here and we start to cry. She holds our hand.
And it ends.

And it ends
And it ends

It ends.
𝐀𝖓𝖓𝖆 Oct 2020
It's comic, the less I drink
The more I feel corroded inside,
It's like all the acid been finally making effect.
I'm enjoying my slow death, with electronic music
And a bottle near by, just in case.

I'll welcome the worms instead of you,
They were braver, and took less to arrive.
I've been feeling this for so long, it's funny how I still hold 'onto it.
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