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J'ai toujours sous la main
Une ou deux molécules de ma muse effervescente,
Sa poudrière et sa houppe pour le teint.
Et quand vient le boléro de la migraine
Et que l'hallali explose dans ma tête en pleine chasse à courre
Et que c'est la curée chaude
Je rappelle la meute des mots chiens et taureaux
Et je transforme en plein couvent les kilomètres de petit-lait entier en fa dièse mineur
De ma Decatur ecclésiastique
C'est Aspirine et Antimoine,
Les deux vocalises de ma muse,
Deux sœurs siamoises,
Deux divas effervescentes de Cadix
Que nul bistouri ne peut disjoindre
Quand en duo, aveugles, elles dansent leur boléro dans un bain d'encre
Allegretto con moto
Au son des cors de chasse
Au lieu des castagnettes.
Ces deux divas sont une lettre d'indulgence,
Un passeport incunable pour le paradis,
Dont je suis l'enlumineur, le rubricateur, l'imprimeur, le relieur
Et l'auteur.
J'imprime à grand tirage leur psautier poisseux sur deux colonnes
Et quarante deux lignes
M May 2019
she is water
and I am but oil
This is really melodramatic and bad but i haven't been able to write poetry in so long so this is all I could come up with
sad and stupid Jul 2017
i brushed up against the spirit molecule,
and now my paintbrush is stained
with the most vivid and true of colors.
i tripped into the abyss
only to be greeted by the floor
of the gods.
A scraped knee, in a mental mecca
is a sure enough trade off for me.
Joe Black Jun 2017
Open your heart, open your hands,
close your eyes.
Dive in feeling.
Make your transcendence experience happened.
Totally open minded.
I dont know who I am.
But I feel that.
You can be mine experience and I can become yours experience.
I can help you undersand  the spirit molecule inside of you.
Aŧül Feb 2017
We use ETBR in the laboratory,
Ethidium Bromide is a poisonous dye,
And it is to be used carefully,
RedSafe is an even deadlier alternative.

Give special attention to its use,
Low - very low amount will do,
Or it can cause health problems,
Victory over nature can be constructive,
Exposure to it can cause cancer,
Should our efforts help in medicine.

Also used is an alternative marker dye,
Lacuna not entertained in it either,
Wear gloves always in the laboratory,
Always in this field of proteomics,
Youth may be affected otherwise,
S**hall be always keeping myself protected.
Another one of my secondary acrostic poems - this time about my work.

My HP Poem #1417
©Atul Kaushal
Aŧül Feb 2017
Come on buffalo,
Open your mouth,
Of your oral cavity,
Let us collect some tissue,
And let us collect some saliva too,
And then we test for some trefoils,
Fingers crossed – let the expression be true.

It has got to be there,
We know it for humans,
But of buffaloes, we know not,
Let us perform a preliminary study,
There has not been much research,
There is just a foggy, hazy oversight,
Scientific charm – the expression is positive.

Molecular markers in the electrophoresis unit,
Mixed with a visualising dye – the ETBR,
Yes, they will dance positively as expressed,
Against 400 base pairs expressed are the TFFs,
Tough to master this technique moderately is,
We have to take numerous precautions,
Especially with the poisonous visualising dye.
A poem about my work plans.
We are aiming to isolate the TFFs from buffalo oral cavity this time.

My HP Poem #1416
©Atul Kaushal
Lex May 2016
And suddenly
I was captivated by how he held his steering wheel
I was blown away by how the shadows of the passing streets lights
made themselves home on his skin
I wanted to be home on his skin
I wondered what it felt like to be embedded into the cracks in his hands
Actually I wanted to be a small molecule that belonged on his fingertips
Even for just 2 heartbeats
I just wanted to place myself over his chest
And for a few seconds my life would be completely in my hands
sweet ridicule Oct 2015
sitting in plastic blue seats
ignoring the catastrophic poisonous
element they’re breathing in and out
(oxygen takes an average of 80 years to
**** you)
it slowly sets you on fire
all of your molecules exhausting themselves
slowly burning up
in waves of passionate indifference
bjynxthelyric Feb 2015
We all vibrate at different frequencies of speed
Exerting different energies which cause a difference in needs
Necessities that matter like atoms hidden beneath
Range from molecule to Saturn on an infinite degree

Waves collide with others causing ripples in between
Blending fusion with illusion, then division in our genes
Editing a code that's impossible to delete
We evolve the grand scheme with every thought to be unique
Bigger than you could ever imagine
me-mow Dec 2014
sprinkled sunsets over a lush green landscape
as you hold the flame and watch it evaporate.
inhale mothball secrets, let it expand your lungs
what did you expect, for this to be fun?
new dimensions and planes of existence,
no longer questioning your existence.
shamanic swirls and colourful twirls
if you've had a DMT experience and you'd like to collab on this, please let me know!
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