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How to slice you chickens? asked the cow.
My hooves can't hold the knife...
******* all their fun or their sorrows?
My blade won't fit my grip...
These hooves, useless to our need!
You turned me into a sloppy cow!
Racquel Davis Dec 2020
I fatten the cow
And drink her milk
To wash down
Her baby's flesh
And she loves me even now
As I squeeze her *******
Her milk allows
It feels like silk
Because I fattened the cow
To drink her milk
Pockets Aug 2020
Cows graze in the grass
Caterpillars eat leaves
Humans ate the whole world
Turning God’s oasis into a feast
Jenish Aug 2020
From a distant village, where forest lining the edges, where nature dancing with wild rhythms, where human existence have usual conflicts with minacious wild life, I bought an unparagoned cow.
superbious gait
she glimmered in bright spotlight -
wild domestic breed

In that romantic night, where moon shy to pop out from behind the murky clouds, the queen in the cowshed spend her first night with the howling songs of dogs.
croaking frog's sonnets
blended with loud fearful barks -
greeted the new guest

As the symphony of greetings continued the night and the night after, I was puzzled and forced to look around to meet a vacant sky and under it the haunting darkness.
predawn darkness stood
a veil to my eyes hiding
mysteries of night

Unable to squirrel the burden of anxieties of my quizzical mind, I decided to stay awake to watch the cowshed and my cow under a splendid moonlit night.
mask of truth divulge
laurels stirred in fiery force -
a fine leopard leaped

My abstentious legs dragged back the fleeing heart, and I was rooted trembling as a pole left alone in a cyclone eye.
watchful twinkling eyes
stem the course to silent cow -
fearless mother licked

Astonished to saw the nonchalant cow, licking the beast same her calf, I decided to rend the skies for the jewels of truth behind this precious spectacle of love.
beast lost his wildness
under legs of licking cow -
Leopard lied there low

I took an assiduous journey back to her previous owner with the imagery of a leopard cherished by their benign cow, where I was welcomed by the most baffling story of motherhood.
the truth rushed at last
shivered reminiscence –
fed curious mind

Once a female Leopard lost her way to the erf of human dominance and suffered a pitiful end in their retiform, but before she touched the sacred stream of serenity, a baby was born to the hands of her pursuer.
crying cub was fetched
from dying womb to the barn -
cow turned loving mam

Until the baby Leopard transformed to riotous youth, the halcyon mother cow fed him directly from his teats of love and then one day he was transferred to a faraway forest as an avowal of the law of land.
objections obliged
mother and her son parted -
but distance was dim

Hither to, on every darkest hours of silent nights, the different son visited her foster mother to share his adventures in the distant wild and to cherish the beauty of motherly love and it continues even the mother was transported to another house as the uncouth son followed her to her new abode.
trembled with pleasure
flower of truth opened soft -
fine fragrance of love
Butterfly Jul 2020
Sometimes it's nice to be lost in your own thoughts.
But I've been lost for to long.
I bought a cow bag. It's legit a cow plushie as a bag. HE NEEDS A NAME, SUGGEST SOME NAMES IN THE COMMENTS??
Zywa Jul 2020
The cows look at me

as if they ask me: are you –

living without grass?
Collection "I am"
Mark Wanless Jul 2020
time now
cow sound
calm sleep
Joe Morrison Sep 2019
My gorgeous cow, you inspire me to write.
How I hate the way your frightened and weak,
Invading my mind night and day through the night,
Always dreaming about the quiet sheikh.

Let me compare you to a contender?
You are more aloft, profound and intense.
Sad frost nips the robins of December,
And wintertime has the incidental expense.

How do I hate you? Let me count the ways.
I hate yours ****** attitude, legs and eyes.
Thinking of for you is the baleful reprise.

Now I must away with a pensive heart,
Remember my rammed words whilst we’re apart
Poetress2 Apr 2019
A black Cow grazes,
in the midst of a Hayfield,
in the Summer air.
She was flying
The crows were flying
They were so hunger

Or they wanted to hunter
They chased her faster
Like a cat chased the fatter
Rabbit and he finally screamer

From losing hope or failure
As the man wanted to work
He was off by the manger
All west and east were narrower

He lost his aim
Until he found a plane
A sign from the heaven
Do not fill at swirl

They were chasing
One was catching
And flying with her
She was screaming

Help, help, no one was answering
She was discovering
The help was not being
Gained except by the using

Your inner force that will be the gaining
Suddenly, she was not fearing
Suddenly she was converting
As the huge monster appearing

She attacked the nearest
She was pecking
His eye was hurting
With one of her wing
She was aiming at another thing

She was aiming to his long
Tail, and going to his eye
He was downing to the land
She was doing for every one
Until she was downing fast
She was founding a land
In t, she was looking at vent
She was entering
While his owner "rabbit" was running

She was crossing
With many, many rocket, she was carrying
She was throwing at them
They thought she became a wild
They were escaped

There is no failure
Failure is gained
It is the hanger
Of our looser
the failure is bad, but the success is the best, it gained by our effort
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