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Iris Madden Mar 2017
barely conscious
out of me,
A lost of grounding
to bind me to these moments
as i take my daily walk through dreams
past the present,
past all focus
and soon I'm lost
and where is Me?
time and time again
half-finishing thoughts
while starting another,
the memories are hardly grasped
through the fog
of this unexplainable crippling
of mind, of me
as every present moment
becomes the past
no sooner than your hand
has left the first trail down my curves,
maybe your eyes
will fill the blotches
become a cure
and help me focus,
I'll soon be longing
to grasp your fingers
and remember the feel
of their smooth calluses,
relieve the burn in my chest
from the lack of your breath
blowing gently against my face
as you claim my lips,
maybe you'll save me this time
maybe you'll save me...
*"Don't let me fall through, as I crash into you"
-"Crash" by Great American Canyon Band*
Joe Black Dec 2016
Just imagine
If snowman could
Think and express themselves
What would they say?
I imagine, they would talk
About creation and evolution
It would go like these:
- Do not say B.S.,
There is no creator! By chance, evolutionary  
We become like these from snowflake!
One invites you to join snowman conversation ;)

— The End —