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Raman Arora May 26
The song on loop
and yawn's a constant companion.
The bed invitingly soft and
the worn out cozy blanket.
A half finished cup of Joe
now gone cold
Picking it up not an option
for my lazy limbs,
Sleepish eyes carrying
Stone heavy eyelids
A caffeinated brain
Intoxicated with futuristic ideas'
Streams of probability
And possibilities
Running with Infinite paradoxes
The two eternal repellents'
Bookand iphone
Depicting angel and satan
One on each shoulders
Playing cold wars like
****** and Englishmen
With the hour of devil on clock
And Jesus on the lips
I slid into the eternity
Of pleasant thoughts
Of how to spend the next day
of my life.
The only dreams that you can wake up to are the ones you get when you're asleep.
If you've always wanted something, put in work and don't be lazy about it. You won't get it.
Chandler Ames Feb 26
out there somewhere
exists a world where no task remains
straight and narrow
nest for each sparrow

waves steady fill e'ery shore
fill my eyes with chore
ah, close to sleep
still scattered sheep

go on and slumber
go on and fold your hands
drink your wine in remembrance
but forget about the broken bread
dogs will eat those falling crumbs that the baker loves
scattered sheep become the choicest meat
but hired hands never weep over flocks and fleece
lost to dogs on another's land

quite the comedy that the sparrow learns to fly
pushed out o' nest at the most convenient time
quite the travesty that a shepherd must leave the 99
in chase of what was forced out the 'fold.

ocean waves turn from tasks to tears
as understanding fills the years
my brother suffers, my neighbor dies
as the fragrance of my Father's love
turns to rot and stench and sty
but the birdbath's baptism is too wet
so i'll go on a crooked wretch

out there somewhere
exists a world where one less task remains
trust and treasure
nest for one more feather
and while i don't know where it lie
i know which way to fly
but i never liked migrations
more than the bed where i'll die
Hannah Nov 2019
O timeless sloth, I must with thee abide,
Let it be not to my own destruction.
Another life from me thou must divide,
Say to me t’was of mine own instruction!

I cling desperately to thine branches
I must weather the slings and arrows of
Most untimely sharp commands, and blanches
At my staunch resoluteness thereof.

Cease! Cease! See not the moss amongst my hairs,
Nor my talon-like nails, still, motionless.
Judge not, entwined as thou art in bland affairs
In your gray monuments to boastfulness

For nothing is equal to nothing.
To mime futile work is all but bluffing.
Today I wrote my first ever sonnet while procrastinating :))
Hlengiwe Oct 2019
Comfort my dear friend please forsake me
Turn your back on me just like earth does to the sun
Free me from your hold and let me welcome a new dawn.
It's hard to leave your comfort zone, it would be much easier if it left you...
Megha Elizabeth Jun 2019
A World Without Wi-Fi
     »by Megha Elizabeth Koshy.
The people in the world
Like machines they go
With tiny commanders
On their palms
At the streets, at the malls
At the office, at the homes.
Some even chattering to their buddies
At the next door!
People behave like dummies
Who carefully keep ears sharp
To there notification  tones,
But never to their mummies!
Kids who pay attention for their
Comments and likes
But never bother to brush their teeth twice!
People are slaves of technology
Like electronic gadgets
If not plugged in they run out of life.
Now just imagine....
A World Without Wi-Fi
For one single day
People may fall sick
And some will even die!
This is just the first attempt of mine...please forgive me for the flaws... :)
Emily May 2019
Lying on my couch;
Lying to myself.
Claiming I will work;
Knowing I will not.

Hiding from the world;
Leaving friends alone.
Hating what I do,
Letting my life rot.

When will I decide,
To face life again?
When no dish is clean?
When all food is gone?

I wish, that I had,
Motivation, an
All-consuming force,
Inspiring action.

But, alas, just me.
Too lazy to work,
Too tired to sleep,
Just dissatisfied.
Lake Apr 2019
seems like i'm just moving along
convincing myself that nothing's wrong
then i look back and wish things were different
i always keep a certain emotional distance
always jumping between several distractions
while all the plans i made never gained traction

why does it feel good to be lazy
why is doing nothing so easy
i might have something to say
but i'm not gonna do it today

it's a vicious cycle, it never stops
it just keeps on going until i drop
the brake's cut, the pedal's floored
and frankly i'm just feeling bored
i should be my own savior
but i'm always saving it for later

maybe it's time to stop pretending
and admit that this problem's never-ending
the sooner i realize, the better
i can't blame the weather forever
Arisa Mar 2019
The phone is ringing
but I don't want to get out of bed.

I'm a caterpillar stuck in a cocoon.
It's not my time to flourish -
no one else is home.

So I guess I have no choice but to be the butterfly
Then crawl back into my casing once more.
I was feeling very lazy this morning.
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