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lilly grace Mar 17
i watch birds fly every day
i watch cars drive every day
i watch planes soar through the sky every day

i watch people falling through the ground every day
a few times a week i see children morph into nightmares
a few times a month i see my friends walk through walls
every so often i can smell a church burning down somewhere

every once in a while everything goes quiet
all the colors around me shift either 4 shades darker or 2 shades lighter
i want to be lighter
i want to be able to lift off the ground just like the birds

i want to be so light that i can slither through molecules
as thin as a paper

i want to walk through walls
i want to morph into something scarier than my nightmares
i want to remember what it feels like to not be scared of falling through the floor

i want to burn down a church

and then cry and beg for forgiveness at the feet of the lord

i had to, i'm sorry.
it was the only way to feel like he's truly gone.

i want to be high on the feeling of screaming at the top of my lungs.
but i can't find anything that raises me up enough to feel that.
diphenhydramine morphs children into nightmares.
dextromethorphan makes people fall through the ground and walk through walls
the devil himself makes me remember the smell of a
but i've never seen a church burn down

perhaps it's just my mind manifesting my thoughts into physical sensations
Cara Anne Mar 2022
I have spent my whole life attempting to find the sun.
So, that I may have a source of light,
In this dark tunnel that I inhabit,
Which is defined as my life.
But it was not until I halted my journey that I realized,
The world's brightest stars need darkness to shine.
Mays Benatti Jun 2021
Found a place of solitude inside my mind
Self reflection is on the line
I say my affirmations to affirm my manifestations
Satisfaction on the road to law of attraction It’s universal connection, I feel it through my consciousness
I am your daughter, twin flame, friend, teacher or lover either one doesn’t matter
We’re all made from star dust & matter that’s the piece that matters
Annika Apr 2021
I wish you had proved me wrong
Deep within my conciousness
I floated

Opening every door I came across
All of the forseen options
like chess moves

Knowing all of this, I'm too in-tune
I manifested this outcome
Without even wanting to

Thats the hidden side of being concious
You manifest what you think

I was thinking of you

Now the challenge is to grow
I didn't know what love was
so I asked you to tell me
"There are no guidelines or laws
Love is boundless and free"
I inquired about effect and cause
"If it is desired, it will be"
and after a dramatic pause
I felt it
to a certain degree
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
The Other Side

Look through me so that I can see you
Surprise me
Do not hinder your reveal

I appreciate your humanness

The blood that sings when you think of me in golden evenings

I know.

That you can hear me learning
I feel your brain’s creativity on my spine

That is beauty speaking to the core
Growing one breath at a time
before we meet again
A first true love is undoubtedly the most powerful and wonderful
Chad Young Dec 2020
The Pyramid is the Messenger
   of the Spirit world after we pass on.
We all must resolve to consecrate
   our actions to the Pyramid there.
The Orb is the handmaid that
   every soul is given for its care.
Pondering... I could be wrong.  Baha'u'llah said that His Revelation produces the "triangle and square fruits".
Val Vik Dec 2020
I live within the greatest depth
no soul has ever touched

I ascend into the surface
& flee back into my birthplace
- into your breath
- your pulsing embrace

& I will gently wait there
for the worlds to interlace
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