Engeli 7d

Your immensity
full of life and beauty

No one could fathom
but stand in awe

This greeny rice fields
of nature in wonderment

I....reconnecting from within

The breath
The mind

The body
The soul

At peace within

You are not here,
It is a different thing.
You are not here,
It is a separate thing.
Because I can have your manifestation,
And I can have them anytime,
Enjoying Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

You do not love me,
It is a strange thing.
Nor do I love you,
It is a sad thing.
But my feelings are not dead like yours,
And I can revive them anytime,
Eating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

My mum had been to Bengaluru, she brought doughnuts for me while returning via New Delhi.
She bought them for me from DLF Promenade shopping mall where an outlet of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts closest to the IGI airport, New Delhi is present.

My HP Poem #1419
©Atul Kaushal


Maybe he wasn't meant to come in quietly,
He was meant to come in soaring,
Come in roaring with personality.
With the type of persona that could settle the beast inside me.
So strong, so peaceful, that tears roll down my face.
Not because he's overpowering
But because his gentle force moves me in a way
That only strong tides can move the gentle ocean.

~ The way he moves.....me


They said no offense
but he reminds us of you.
Doubt it, i replied.
Then through those doors you stumbled through;
Saying “love is all around,”
and that made me turn around.
A careless glance.
That’s all it took.
For me
to see me,
when i thought
i watched

~ When i first met you

If I could show you how I feel, I’d take your hand and then unveil,
The deepest parts of the abyss,
I’d plant a kiss upon your lips.
I’d grip you tighter and swim higher,
until the water seems real tired.
I’d take you up into the clouds and wake the tides up,
then make them crash.
I’d make them splash right up to us,
to show you that this world would be nothing with out us.
I’d grab you once more and take off,
right into the milky way to show you how big this love can be for us.
I’d take it up a notch higher,
and fly you to infinity and still a bit higher.
Because this universe can be unjust,
but i’d choose no where else,
without you and without us.
So close your eyes mi amor,
And let me show you,
que no hay temor.
Después de aquí somos uno,
y si no estas tu,
ya del mundo no ahi ninguno.
I’ll be yours forever more,
so take my hand and lets explore,
the corners of this gran amor,
and every corner of this world.

Bethany G Blicq Dec 2016

Choosing to love
shows the world
what God is like.
is to manifest God.
By loving the entirety
of creation, we become
The Way, The Truth, and The Light.

Written in 2016.
Bethany G. Blicq

Thank you for reading!
Joe Black Nov 2016

It is a wonderful day!
In a wonderful place.
There is no time, there is no thoughts,
It is place where fear does not belong.
The manifestation of Light
Which is Physical Nothingness,
Perfect Symmetry.

That's how you can start with day reflection, skip millennia's and Big Bang itself to Universe origin in 7 lines..
sorry for being rudely brief
Hayley J Aug 2016

Being normal is so overrated
Everyone's in pain everyone is jaded
The realm of creativity
Is the place to be
Flowing and feeling the energy
Dispense your sixth sense
Onto humanity
If your third eye is blind
You have to open your mind
To the channels we have inside
That connect with the universe and combine
Our thoughts and our words into something divine
I promise normalcy is a sickness
Do you feel your aura?
If there's a thickness
Then you need to clean it out
Speak with a whisper, there's no need to shout
It clogs your soul
And you need to know
How to let go
Of whats not really you
Deprogram yourself, become brand new
Wipe off what society has done  
Face your problems, don't just run
Step out of the shadows and into the sun
Feel yourself and close your eyes
Feel your energy and become more wise
Free yourself for just a moment of your time
Just sit still, stop trying to climb
This present moment is all that is real
No past, no future, no time, no wheel
When I say everything is an illusion it's not an exaggeration
We create what we want with our imagination
If that's the truth, what reality are you making
Are you being true to yourself or are you just faking
The paranormal is more real than what we see
Not believing institutional lies is the key
Be true to who you are
Show off your love and show off your scars
Your clothes are worthless and so are your cars
The realest you is made of pure light
And it flickers and dims when you're trying to fight
No need to resist
Put down your fist
Open yourself to what's all around
Pull yourself up off the ground
Nothing is against you but your own self
Become the books on the library shelf
Full of perspective, depth, and knowledge
Don't be programmed by a government run college
Think for yourself and don't stop growing
Expand as big as the galaxy and don't stop flowing
You're the micro of the macro, which is the universe
Save the world, but take care of you first
You can't save anything when you're drowning in doubt
Your soul knows something is wrong that's why it's trying to shout
It's telling you that what you're doing needs change
Don't you realize you're feeling a little bit strange?
Take accountability for your co-creation
What you're seeing right now is of your own manifestation
You're not a victim, you're actually in charge
If you don't like how you're feeling then open your arms
Give yourself a hug and stop all the hate
Love is always the answer, it's not a debate
Love yourself, the world, and everything around
528 hertz is the life changing sound
The vibration which is the frequency of love
Feel it, embody it, wear it like a glove
Magic happens when you're totally in tune
Come sit with me beneath the moon
We will make a new intention and set it in motion
Make waves of change in this consciousness ocean
Find love within and stay unique
This society wants to mold you and make you weak
Protest them by knowing your soul
That's the most potent power you'll ever know

Hayley J Jun 2016

Psychedelic souls
Connecting together, making a flow
Sharing what we know
Creating an awakened show
Gather round and watch the smiles glow
Talk to people and help them grow
Give them something to believe in
Help them stop the constant grievin
People need a break
This world can be hard to take
Show them how happiness feels
Show them that its deeply real
Access the love and higher vibrations
Teach them creativity and concentration
Be the change you wish to see
We have the same purpose, you and me
This worlds a trip and we should treat it as much
Teach people to heal with a gentle touch
Energy flowing through our bodies and all around
Manifest with imagination, art, and sound
Create what we want to exist in 3D
Connecting with higher dimensions is the key
You have everything you need inside
Don't hurt your brain looking far and wide
The collective consciousness is overflowing inspiration
For the world it's an invitation
To express what you see
Keeping your mind open and free
Heal yourself and your energy
Take some supplements and drink some tea
Create a world we don't have to flee
Decalcify your third eye and join me
Embody the expansiveness you can be
They're not coincidences they're synchronicity
Everything is connected here and beyond
Your own body is the magic wand
A conduit of energy and the divine
Anyone can understand what I'm saying if they open their mind

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