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Lift and inspire - clear the way
Be a friend to another today
Helping others will always pay
Rewards of peace and wealth

Life is full of daily needs
That you can fill with kindly deeds
What you get back ever exceeds
That which you give away

Lift and inspire - start right here
Spread vitality, hope and cheer
Your abundance is always near
As you plant inspiring seeds
This is Prosperity Poem 41 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here

Lift and Inspire is dedicated to my Mom - Marge Westra.

She has been a lifting and inspiring influence to me throughout my life, and is still doing so today. And I'm not the only one - she lifts and inspires everyone she knows!

A big part of the prosperous life is helping and inspiring others. My Mom taught me my basic philosophy of life, and especially the principle of helping others.
Nathalie Mar 14
Sometimes we think
letting go means
we are losing something
But what if letting go
means that we were
getting so much more
We hold on too things
or people way too long
sometimes that no
longer spark us but
only deplete us
To lift ourselves
and the world
aroung us,
sometimes we have
to realize , that
some people no
longer occupy
a place in our lives
and by letting them
go, we will fly high.

newpoetica Dec 2018
lift me up higher,

to a place where i can touch the heavens

if not the heavens, then at least the stars

if not the stars, then the clouds could do

if not the clouds, then you should not

you should not lift me up,

instead put me down,

if you should choose to put me down darling,

all i ask is that you do so,

you should do so gently.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Stairs of clouds
Each step heavenly
I wait for your hand
Reach to me
Soft spoken and howling
Sirens of whispers
Drape me in ivory
The deep lights
Watch as reflection shift
Each color, each touch
Approach the ceiling
Euphoric it was
Lifted to the stars
Each one our own
Soon you will return
Return to the morrow
Bands of darkness
They held an embrace
Comfort in you
Comfort in trace
Prayers are wing's to envelope our thoughts spoken or not to God's ear,
Every word He does indeed hear,
It can be a plea, a question, or just a statement or two, So lets lift one another up to God's loving ear's,
A prayer can erase your every fear, help us carry one another's burden with care,
So let's lift those uP feeling defeated because of these floods. In Your Holy Name I Pray, amen
I wrote this during Hurricane Florence along with several others. Let's lift one another up! © an hour ago, Venjencie Arnold ~SacredInkedBlood
I wrote this during Hurricane Florence along with several others. Let's lift one another up! © an hour ago, Venjencie Arnold   spiritual • friendship • society • hope • love
Ciara Jones Jul 2018
You've brought me down and left me in a broken state. You've lifted me up and made me feel ways in which others cannot relate. I keep telling myself for you, it's never too late. With every new beginning, there's something hard we always have to face. We take steps further into life and leave others confused, without a trace. Many have told you to slow down your pace, but I have been there to defend you in many ways. I have hoped and wished that you would understand me, even today. But maybe it's you, along with others that will never be able to relate. You've taught me helping others is my fate, and that is something I'm thankful for, without debate.
Steve Page Jun 2018
She touched my ***.
I'm sure she touched my ***.
She's getting off on the 20th floor.
At least she did yesterday.
I've not got long.
What do I do? Turn and smile?
Do I subtly return the compliment as she passes by?
Did she touch my ***?
Or was it that bloke's bag?
I don't think she did.
She didn't touch my ***.
Don't be daft.
There she goes. 
I wonder why she limps that way?
Blast, I'm late again.
Prompted by a line from Victoria Wood. She knew how to use the word '***' to good effect.
In these rains,
Drown I, in this petrichor,
only to ascend.
Just as the raindrops fall across my window, dripping I thought of writing a 3-5-3 poem. But yes, that's exactly what I feel when it rains.
DP Younginger May 2018
You ponder alone in darkness,
Disgracing your personal image is an uncontrollable pleasure,
Don't hurt,
Don't feel,
Cleanse your inner complection clear of unhappiness,
I'm here for you,
Lift your chin.

Let me kiss those seeping tears,
You cry when you feel happy,
A feeling new to your emotions,
Let it bleed through and stain,
Lift your chin.

Let me love you, forever,
I'll protect you from these unidentified flying emotions,
I can be your self-control,
Only letting love, happiness, and joy into our house,
Lift your chin.

I love you,
Nothing else matters,
I can be your only friend if it makes you warm on winter days,
Don't be lonely,
You have my heart, forever,
I can sing your song on rainy days,
I can tickle the tear duct for you,
Shaking loose the last few droplets for this puddle of sadness,
Lift your chin.

I'm here love,
Don't stress,
Don't tremble,
Do you hear that?
My heart pounds for your love,
A drum with a never ending metronome,
Each beat running on infinite happiness,
Lift your chin.

I'm grasping your nervous palms,
They are moist with worry,
But you're comfortable in my eyes,
You're lovely,
No one stretches this smile wider than you do,
Do you see my tears?
They contain no sorrow,
They leak for you,
Tears that speak of your beauty with every drop,
A warm sensation that disguises your goosebumps,
Somewhere you're reading my words, aren't you?
They make your head spin like a basketball on one finger,
Left your chin.

Let me in, forever,
Keep your head high, forever,
When you cry, I will be there with a kiss,
Mopping your sorrows away,
Until my dying day,
Lift that chin.
Written September 11, 2008.
Robert May 2018
your cheeks
lift just a little bit
when you smile
showing your front teeth
that are far too big
for your small face
it's so cute
it melts my heart
so please smile a lot
even if your smiles aren't for me
they still make my cheeks lift
just a little bit
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