Joe Black Mar 30


in solitude we walk on Earth,
going through challenges in life,
Predictable routine, like on repeat.

Among many you meet one,
it hooks you up and lift you high;
Emotions, feelings, experiences…
All new and strange…

You split apart some day,
it drops you heavy down,
it feels all strange;
seems like that’s the end...

it wraps you into wings,
let you feel anew,
things you never see in sober world,
All new and strange…

There comes a time,
it kicks you back to "real" life,
it feels all strange,
Feels like that’s the end.

They walk align,
too tempting to resist,
Too dangerous for mortal me.

Vexren4000 Jan 25

You have lifted me.
From some monotonous place,
With which I had lost pace.
I want to take you everywhere now.
From the tallest of mountains,
To the lowest of plains then run away as if,
we were,
the rivers that stretch as veins across the land.
I want to lift you to the most beauteous of locations.
As you have lifted me.

KathleenAMaloney May 2016

Forgiveness  Given
Each Day
Upon Awakening
Stretching Life
Peace be Known

As  Blossom
Wisdoms Smile

Sweet Sharings Innocence
Beloved Friendship
Lifes Gift
Holy Crown

Circle in the flower of life, HOME
Mark Parker Apr 2016

Day opens up with light
and darkness owns the night.
Of both times I desire
the sun owns day with its fire.
When sun dims, slowly adrift,
it gives the waxing moon's lift,
with pale beams softly sent
to show a world that's shadow-bent.

Well,  not sure where this came from. I guess I really wanted to rhyme words.
Alaska Feb 2016

She loved
him more
than he
could ever
love her.
She knew
she had
to let go,
so he
finally be
happy with
the one he
deeply and
truly loved.
To lift
the burden
that she
was, off
his shoulders.

aarvie angelica Dec 2015

Prologue (goddess)
When the war of the beasts
Brings about the world's end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss
Her gift everlasting

Act 1 (the wanderer)
Infinite in mystery
Is the gift of the goddess
We seek it thus
And take it to the sky
Ripples form on the water's surface
The wandering soul
Knows no rest

Act 2 (the hero)
There is no hate only joy
For you are beloved
By the goddess
Hero of the dawn
Healer of worlds
Dreams of morrow
Hath the shattered soul
Pride is lost
Wings stripped away
The end is nigh

Act 3 (the abhorred)
My friend, do you fly away now
To the world that abhors you and I
All that awaits you
Is a somber morrow
No matter where the winds may blow
My friend your desire is the bringer of life
The gift of the goddess
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return

Act 4 (the avenger)
My friend, the fates are cruel
There are no dreams
No honour remains
The arrow has left
The bow of the goddess
My soul corrupted by vengeance
Hath endured torment
To find the end of the journey
In my own salvation
And your eternal slumber
Legends shall speak
Of sacrifice at world's end
The winds sail over the waters surface
Quietly but surely

Act 5 (the sacrifiser)
Even if the morrow
Is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew
That clenches the land
To spare the sands
The seas and the sky
I offer thee this silent sacrifice

Full poem at once
And a simple interpretation of mine

Each act is spoken by different people of the story
The story;
There were three friends -"the beasts" as the poem says
One becomes the prisoner - the avenger, the evil
One flies away - the wanderer in the poem, the abhorred
The left one becomes the hero - the hero, the sacrificer
The hero sacrificed himself at the call of the goddess

For the avenger, goddesss is the evil, gift is the power
For the wanderer and abhorred, goddess is the goodness, gift is life and light
For the hero goddess is his lover and gift is the Love

But at the end of the tale, the hero dies making a promise of return and so the title is loveless
KathleenAMaloney Dec 2015

This Land is my Land
This Land is Your Land

...walk of Heaven

soft footsteps of the chockar  hunter
Snapping twigs across the hillside of being
..the sound of Peace

As the fluttering wings of the morning dove,
Just before the bullet strikes

World  of Love,  
the We of the me
both the hunter and the hunted
Free Grace
Unheld Captivity
Born of every moment
Love's Free Life

And so it is

Driving through small farm towns  western Washington .. Seeing and being seen by the land .. Now- gas and a prayer poem

I walk across the landing
and through the double doors
and aim towards the lift shaft,
that's where I'm going, of course.

It's as if it hears my footsteps
and needs no company
as that old elevator
shoots down to level 3.

Every single morning
as I approach its doors
it disappears pretty quick
down to those lower floors.

I swear it sees me coming
and doesn't like the look
so as I rush to hitch a ride
the damn thing slings its hook.

The doors are on a system,
computerised I read.
But whenever I get near them
they change the bloody speed.

I stand alone here waiting
and it just isn't fair
'cause I am stuck up here
when I want to be down there.

It speeds down to the bottom
and sits on the ground floor
you can here it taunting you
with the movements of the door.

Then after what seems ages
it gradually starts to rise
giving me some hope at last
as I can hear the noise.

Then it makes a pit stop
at another floor
and seems to take forever
to open and close its door.

Each and every level
seems to get a viewing
as if it wants to kill some time,
with my mind it is screwing.

And then it reaches the sixth floor
as if it is my saviour
and finally opens up the doors
as if it's doing a favour.

It seems as if this machine
requires me to stalk
so now I've found the stairwell
and instead I'm going to walk.

9th July 2015
© Copyright Christopher K Bayliss 2014
This is a True Story of one elevators aim to cause me STRIFE!
RH 78 May 2015

"Can the people at the front please move forward?" Came a stern voice as we piled into the empty lift.

"If I move any further forward I'd be kissing the wall" I replied from the front with an elbow in my back and an old ladies shopping bag on my foot.

"MOVE FORWARD!" She repeated.

"You're havin' a fuckin larf!" an annonimous voice mumbled.

"Who said that?" said a professional looking woman in the middle dressed in a suit looking in my direction. "Mind your language!" She frowned.

"Not me I said" looking down.

"MOVE FORWARD, THERES LOADS OF SPACE AT THE FRONT!!" Said the stern voice of the lady pushing forward.

"She's got good fuckin' eyesight" said an old boy trying not to lose his temper or his balance.

"You should know better!" Said the professional lady switching her glare from me to him.

"Doors closing"

"Do not obstruct the doors"
"Do not obstruct the doors"

"Doors opening"

"Do not obstruct the doors"

"Doors closing"

"Do not obstruct the doors"

"Lift out of service"

Announced the pre recorded message in the lift.

I shouted!

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