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Joe Black Jun 2017
Open your heart, open your hands,
close your eyes.
Dive in feeling.
Make your transcendence experience happened.
Totally open minded.
I dont know who I am.
But I feel that.
You can be mine experience and I can become yours experience.
I can help you undersand  the spirit molecule inside of you.
Joe Black May 2017
Ceased to be.
  Apr 2017 Joe Black
the Internet
is how we met
it begins all the same
the devil in me is to blame.
I have sinned
but where will it all end?
it may seem
but like a dream
starting out fresh and new
with a flirty how do you do
and **** talk to ensue
but now with another who.
I think I am clever
dancing forever
but the devil
is not careful
with my artist's soul
swallowing me whole
not special or unique
one of many you seek
sneaking in my heart
to tear apart
when will I learn
that hell will burn
my eyes are blue as is my mood
Joe Black Mar 2017

in solitude we walk on Earth,
going through challenges in life,
Predictable routine, like on repeat.

Among many you meet one,
it hooks you up and lift you high;
Emotions, feelings, experiences…
All new and strange…

You split apart some day,
it drops you heavy down,
it feels all strange;
seems like that’s the end...

it wraps you into wings,
let you feel anew,
things you never see in sober world,
All new and strange…

There comes a time,
it kicks you back to "real" life,
it feels all strange,
Feels like that’s the end.

They walk align,
too tempting to resist,
Too dangerous for mortal me.
Joe Black Mar 2017
-Do you love me?



-Till death!

-I thought longer...
Joe Black Feb 2017
If walls could talk,

What one would say to another?

-See ya in a corner...

  Feb 2017 Joe Black
I'm not a very good at explaining things.

But I do have amazing ideas I'd love to share.

But I'm not good at explaining.

dang i wish i was good at explaining
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