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May 2018 · 360
2018 Pledge
Andreas Simic May 2018
Worry less
reduce stress

Let go
have love show

Hold a hand
take a stand

Lose control
shore patrol

Distemper the temper
alleviate anger

Less of a lug
more bear hugs

Take a hike
ride my bike

Get a kiss
from my Miss

Turn off the TV
just be

Count blessings
not window dressings


Be a friend
till the end

Andreas Simic©
May 2018 · 248
You and Me
Andreas Simic May 2018
Deep down inside I knew I wasn’t good enough

Though we would share the same space
you hung out with a different crowd
the “in” crowd

The ones that were good looking
everyone wanted to be with

I was on the outside looking in
shy, reserved
sitting at the back of the class

You had friends to hang around with
I had a job to take up my time
too poor to be fashionable

Waiting for the pain of high school
to be over
which couldn’t come fast enough

Knowing in our last class
our paths would never cross again
that was how things worked in my world

Then one day while  
working under hood of my old car
you came around the corner

All the right things happened
we wed and had a great life
until the words of doubt

Wormed their way back
into my subconscious mind
deep down inside I knew I was not good enough

And then it was over…

Andreas Simic©
Apr 2018 · 216
Le Madam
Andreas Simic Apr 2018
Le Madam

She is most like her age

Time having eroded some of her natural beauty

A few warts have appeared here and there in spots

Yet there is this blend of young and old alike melded into one

She has transformed herself from bilingual to multi-lingual

Despite this her character has little changed over a long existence

The night life she relishes still as vibrant as ever

If she was a building one would say she had age and charm

Her busyness belies her serenity

Blessed with a deep history she exudes confidence

Allowing her to grow and prosper

Into whom she is today

Nothing can dampen her spirit it seems

Though sometimes turbulent periods have been had

Through it all a humorist slant developed and enjoyed by many

Her name Montreal

Andreas Simic©
Apr 2018 · 192
Andreas Simic Apr 2018
Life is indeed an incredible journey
when I was young I grew up in a different place
that place was the cause of many wars

When we left there, I was a mere child and
it was to allow us children the opportunity
for a better life and a chance for normalcy

Yet learning a new language, being ostracized
feeling the pain of being different and carrying
the stigma of being a foreigner was a heavy burden

And were all part of the process of assimilation
of fitting in, of being like everyone else
oft a painful journey both physically and mentally

Years of being different, melding to become the same
and so over time you blend in, the differences becoming
less stark, day by day, year by year

Then as if by magic you are one of them
you graduate high school and college and get a job
you have children, own a home and a standing in the community

You realize that there comes a time to forgive
forgive your parents for taking you from your old home
where you knew who you were and looked like everyone else

Forgive the other kids that bullied you and made you feel unwanted
for they were kids being kids and didn’t know any other way
to accept someone from someplace else

Forgive yourself for feeling the way you did towards them
for in the end we all learn, learn to adapt, learn about acceptance
and learn to forgive.

Andreas Simic©
Apr 2018 · 180
A Drop in the Bucket
Andreas Simic Apr 2018
I spoke to God the other day
Wanting to hear what he had to say

My ask
What is my task

Why am I here at all
Every winter, spring, summer and fall

The reply is always the same
Make a difference in a life regardless of their name

But how can I do this
When my life has been far from bliss

Why me I express again
Erstwhile checking if I am sane

For I am but one from many a billion
Some who have many a million

What makes me different from the rest
Uniquely qualified for this quest

A drop in the bucket is how I feel
Far from someone who can make this real

The answer is always a surprise
One I forget and have oft to re-surmise

No deed no matter how small
Counts equal to them all

It may make someone’s moment
Or cause them to lament

That they too have been heaven sent
To be the treasure they were meant

Each rain drop adds to the lake
This we should never forsake

Andreas Simic©
Apr 2018 · 241
To Dance
Andreas Simic Apr 2018
Whether it is cheek to cheek
A proper distance apart at the start
Or belly to belly just like jelly
Dancing can be fun for everyone

What does it mean to be seen dancing
Are you cool to be out there or just another square
Wanting to be included and not deluded
About your foot work skills creating chills

Is it taboo to dance with a neighbor too
Or by chance the girl next store that you adore
What a about at the school dance hoping to take a chance
We know it’s there for romance

At a wedding to celebrate or those on a date
Watching that dance show so you know
How it ought to be done can bring joy
At a bar or somewhere not that far

There is no right place to test your pace
Whether formal or out to impress in your favorite dress
You can’t really make a mess
Though lesson’s can lead to better success

Is there not a greater feeling when the girl is reeling
In your arms so close for you to get the most
Of her hand in yours eyes blazing and glazing
The heart a glow, you putting on quite the show

Or what of a child cradled in your arm away from harm
As you twirl with your young girl
For a starter you don’t need to be a martyr
You can dance even if it makes you want to prance

Dance can happen in any given season
In fact there doesn’t even need to be a reason
For you to strut your stuff
Until you have had enough

Andreas Simic©
Heading to a wedding this week and there will be dancing!
Apr 2018 · 244
I Hold Out My Hand
Andreas Simic Apr 2018
Can you help me please
I have been born into someone else's life
how else to explain a child like me
living on the streets filled with quagmire
alone and lonely watching your children pass by
They dressed in clothes that fit not found
in an alley filled with the worlds least desirable
Their mouths having tasted a regular meal
not the hand me down scraps that provide
sustenance but not nourishment
They walk to school for education while I
pander to humanity for another day of living
idle chatter a commodity I can ill afford
laughter a luxury that evades me
smiles are for financial gain not for expressing inner joy
Yes this is not my life, but a temporary stop, is my hope

Andreas Simic©
Picture prompt and credit: https://mweiss-art.devi
Apr 2018 · 222
A First Date
Andreas Simic Apr 2018
Stumbling to find the words
To ask her out that first time
Stomach like curds
Finding that right line

When yes was her reply
Joy and excitement on my face
My emotions sky high
The heart beginning to race

Oft to a dinner royale we do go
Conversation and wine ensues
Eyes meet and smiles exchange, she's it I know
Drawing to an end was getting the blues

The bill arrives and it was quite a lot
Then the realization my wallet I forgot

Andreas Simic©
Wrote this sonnet for a poetry contest
Mar 2018 · 226
What Would It Take
Andreas Simic Mar 2018
What Would it Take

What would it take to have peace on earth


What would it take to have peace on earth


What would it take to have peace on earth

Open mindedness
Inner strength

What would it take to have peace on earth


Why don’t we have peace on earth


Why don’t we have peace on earth

Any or all of the above

Andreas Simic©
Random ramblings in the early A.M.
Mar 2018 · 203
Someday will Come
Andreas Simic Mar 2018
On that day
I will cast away
the chains of responsibility
like a cruise ship leaving port
to places unknown and far away

On that day
I will relinquish
the title of
good son
and share the load

One that day
I shall let go
of always being in control
allow my inner compass
to lead

On that day
I shall purge
the voices
those demons of my mind
and hear silence

On that day
I will be free
to explore the world
having released the burden
of adulthood

On that day
I will awaken
to find contentment
that place in my heart
where all is good

Someday this
will all be mine


Andreas Simic©
Mar 2018 · 249
The Quest
Andreas Simic Mar 2018
The Quest

Oft I ponder the quest that I have been delivered upon

Whilst laying in the midst of a field of straw

Mine eyes gazing in the sky with it’s hews of gold

Not far from here lies the battlefield

Forthwith there will be bloodshed and mayhem

But as I rest my weary bones upon the coolest of thine earth

Mind over matter is what I behest

Is it the goal to capture the king as in a game of chess

Am I the pawn sent out earliest to set the tone

For the rest of the game to follow

Or be the fortunate survivor having played a skilled match

My protector some unknown hand

Guiding my way whilst I traverse through an army ahead

Each step a calculated risk that could end in my demise

Somehow out of my control yet each of my moves

Dictating where this may all end

Devout to the King

But looking to create a new Queen

That will carry on the lineage I am here to shield

Thus I start my day

Andreas Simic©
Mar 2018 · 260
Andreas Simic Mar 2018

Each footstep heard as though it is the only human imprint
On a land left unmarked by our presence
The stillness in the air as if wind did not exist
I gaze upon a frozen lake far and wide with nothing but ice
A white dusting like that of icing sugar on a cake for a topping
Covering imperfections caused by occasional crags bursting forth
Mother Nature showing she has been here
Birds wisp before me, displaying her colorful art
A robin and its orange belly, a red cardinal, a blue jay
Birds chirping to a rhythmic tune interrupted by
The hoot of an owl or a woodpecker hard at work
Amidst this display footprints leave a puzzle to be solved
Deer and wild turkey presence is easily identified
But what of those others, may they be fox, wolf or coyote
Are they nearby watching or on a distant foray
Moving between trees eyes ahead the cracking of branches
A signal to all ahead of my progress
An invader to be respected
Each step forward deeper into an array of trees
Maples, oaks, cedar, poplar, elm, pine, spruce
A cornucopia of height, width and breadth
Deeper into the forest I move alone-ness envelopes me
Yet this is where I find serenity
Amongst those not of my species
Alone but not lonely

Andreas Simic©
Mar 2018 · 200
What is it?
Andreas Simic Mar 2018
First of all it’s free and it may be a sign of glee

It can light up a room clearing the gloom

From small beginnings it can turn into laughter thereafter

Apparently it takes a lot of muscle for it to win out that tussle

Some call it a frown upside down

When flashed upon approach it can help someone coach

Something a mile wide and possibly creating mirth inside

So take it out for a spin feel the joy it will bring

Flash those pearly whites and gain new insights

To what will make your heart sing and its stirring

Who knows where it can lead when planted like a seed

Perhaps kinship or friendship is on its way this day

All from that thing that’s free and others can clearly see

A smile in the aisle

Andreas Simic©
Mar 2018 · 187
First Kiss
Andreas Simic Mar 2018
You scan the room
eyes meet
smiles are spawned

Blushes shared
sideways glances
embarrassment cascades

The dance has begun
awkward moments multiply
rituals are invoked

Stares become contests
flames of desire kindled
yearning turns to wanting

Time stokes the embers
into uncontrolled heat
that cannot be squelched

Days become longer
nights intolerable

That moment
where lips meet
and lust is born

Andreas Simic©
Everyone can remember theirs, yes?
Mar 2018 · 210
A is for...
Andreas Simic Mar 2018
A is the first letter of the alphabet does it mean that it is number 1
Andreas begins with an A does this mean I am the number one son

All I know is when Mom selected my name I became fair game
Although “attention deficit” would be more apt just the same

Another thought to ponder is why I like to wander so much
Amazingly enough it's not what you think as such

Achievement is my middle name some say keener should be it
After much thought I have to agree that’s a better fit

Acclaimed I am not with no fame to call my own
Against the headwinds of life the door has many times been shown

An athlete I aspired to become a star in track no less
Aptly I would come up the rear once more with little success

Always the optimist my attention turned to girls
Ablaze that theory went even for those with curls

Aging has now firmly set in
Actualization now being taken for a spin

Awareness as to who I am
Allows me to confess I’d rather be a “Sam”

Anchors away I say
Additional admissions left for another day

Andreas Simic
Feb 2018 · 424
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
Tick tock goes the clock
Sometimes fast sometimes slow
Especially Fridays ergo

With great anticipation
The game begins
When it hits five everyone wins

Until then our minds tend to wander
In that moment of reckoning
The weekend beckoning

Of the things to explore
When we head out that door
Having just finished our last chore

Will it be fun to enjoy
Or entertainment to employ
Either way jumping with joy

There’s that sense of freedom
Coming to our life
Leaving behind work strife

A big smile or a grin
Coming my way
No more din for this day

A few beers to quench my thirst
Sleeping in is the option first
Time with my honey never a curse

Leaping children in mine arms
The substitute for alarms
Bringing their delights and charms

Andreas Simic©
Feb 2018 · 159
That Kind of Day
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
That Kind of Day

Woke up late
Too much wobbly pop
The night before a blur

Race to get ready is on
Make up applied
Toast burnt

Out the door
Car won’t start
A bus is no fuss

Miss it by that much
When it begins to rain
Mascara running in shame

Hail a cab
Hair dripping went
Am I there yet

Andreas Simic
Feb 2018 · 162
Distant Love
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
I love you so
You don’t even know

Pretending to glance around
Until you are found

Hoping that you see me too
The captain of a ship with a crew

Sailing us to some place far away
So we could see each other every day

Only the horizons marking beginning and end
This is the message to you I send

If only you could look deep into my heart
There you would find it breaking apart

Those eyes so inviting even from where I sit
The glow a fire well lit

Your hair golden like a chaff of wheat
Making me boil in my seat

A smile that could melt ice
My commitment an easy price

If only I could touch your skin
Would it be such a deadly sin

Andreas Simic©
Feb 2018 · 163
Lost Voyage
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
Overlooking the bow of the ship
With nary a thing in sight but the lake they call Gitche Gumee
The waves crashing against the hull with a thunderous roar
Winds howling like the sound of a jet engine taking off
Nothing I have not seen before all these years at sea

My thoughts turn to home
A wife, a son, friends and family
Celebrating yet another birthday without me
Below I can hear the men at dinner equally jubilant
Soon another lake crossing will be met with pay checks

How did I get here all alone at the helm
Responsible for so many heading into yet another storm
Riding in and out like tides on the ocean of life
Highs and lows each day rippling through the hours of a journey
The aroma of my coffee brings me back to the present

Radar indicates others are around me but what are they up to
Racing to cover like we are or hunkered down already
In a safe cove readying for bed, dreams about to be launched
Like this ship when she was shiny and new and held out great hopes
For both crew and owners

Now my fears mount as does the heaving of the ship
Listing from side to side the fateful sounding of the alarm
Despite their best effort the engines are fighting a losing battle
For the first time my thoughts turn to failure
What if she actually went down to the ragged sea bed below

Sinking to the bottom like a stone tossed into a pond
My men scurry to ready the life rafts
We all know this will be in vain the seas too rough to set them adrift
Through their silence they too communicate our doom
It is now only a matter of time

And so we wait.

Andreas Simic©
Feb 2018 · 195
Happy Valentine's Day
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
Went to get a card for my loved one
There it was all shiny and new
Held together with paper and glue

Looked at the price which made me hesitate
Got me thinking hold on and wait
When did paper get this expensive?
Making me quite apprehensive

What did it say that I couldn’t my bride tell
In a poem written by me just as well
For words can never express how I feel
About the woman that is the real deal

The one who I still adore
No matter on land or shore
Whether on the Canyon floor
Or just next door

Though age has moved us along
There are still words to be written for our song
Every day I awake I pinch myself that you’re right there
In the bed we both share

To say I’m lucky
Would be rather plucky
Though I am so blessed
I can hold you close to my chest

Through a life of challenge and many a tear
Losing you is my greatest fear
For you are all I’ve ever wanted in a mate
Someone like you to whom I could relate

There are no words on a card bought
That express to the one I had long sought
How I feel each day
For having you in my life in every way

Happy Valentine’s Day

Andreas Simic©
Feb 2018 · 177
A Valentine's Day
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
I sit here and ponder
As I let my mind wander

To the girl that makes my heart race
Who shows me her every grace

The one who has stolen the show
Erased the others who I did know

It’s not her beauty that leads the way
But what’s inside that shines every day

She can make my heart sing
Even when I am not listening

The smile that can light up a room
All the while holding a broom

Amidst these thoughts that stir
Another Valentine’s is here for sure

How to make this one special I plead
Ideas from a magazine I ought to read

Then my mind begins to click
What a great idea to woe this chick

So a call on the phone is made
Hope on a sunny day they have a shade

A knock on the door brings my dear near
Hope I’m right I fear

For the horse drawn carriage awaits
To take us on this very important date

To a place where we can dine
And her smile will shine

When I drop down on one knee
For a future for you and me

Andreas Simic©
Feb 2018 · 158
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
What an amazing thing it is
the center of the highways and byways of humanness

A rhythmic beating that stirs the soul
the ultimate example of the word dichotomy

It can survive attacks with incredible resilience
yet be shattered by mere words

Lobbed in your direction to inflict pain and suffering
these powerful weapons wielded like a sword

Leaving it in shreds like shards of glass
strewn carelessly about each crystal abandoned unto itself

The results can be deep incisions leading to permanent scars
picking up the pieces far easier said than done

Some say it is akin to a stab wound with a twisted blade
that literally and figuratively can invoke fatal damage

Often; time, space and love encourage healing
While a touch, hug or kiss can re-ignite its flame

Occasionally it requires the talents of a skilled surgeon
To bring it back to life using ordinary means sans heroics

Hope, trust and faith the elixir aligned with patience
A potent cure commingled with a mix of prescriptions

The combination of memories and senses
Delivering messages for it to act upon

Call it heart break or heart ache or any other name
The result can end up being the same.

In the end it is not a matter of whether science
can complete a successful transplant
But whether a broken heart can be mended at all

Andreas Simic©
Feb 2018 · 78
Painted Horse
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
I am the symbol of pride for a nation
Decked out in paint and decoration

Though I have colors of my own
Artistry of others I have shown

Representing endurance and strength
Taking you on journeys that vary in length

Subject for a photo or picture to behold
Witness to many stories left untold

Equal abilities to work or play
Whether ridden for fun or transport this day

My worth is immeasurable to those in need
Even when they speak the tongue of a different creed

Equally adept in peace or war
I can swim from shore to shore

We have lived both wild and tamed
******* and saddled even been lamed

Ability to stir many an emotion
Returning the favor through dedication and devotion

So write the message you need to spill
I’ll carry it up any given hill

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic, horse , painted
Feb 2018 · 170
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
It is like there are two parts, the watched and the watcher
The watcher seeing a struggle to find love
An essential ingredient to happiness and self fulfillment

You have constructed a wall impenetrable by most everyone
Built for protection to keep others out, but why
Like a bird with an injured wing I observe you flapping about

Flailing at some unknown enemy or force in defiance or defense
A look of utter scorn scowling across such a delicate tender face
One that could be touched gently like a light breeze by a suitor

Oh they have tried, your outer beauty a draw like honey
I too know the inner beauty you harbor safely in the bay of hope
Away from the rough seas of life where hurt and pain lurk

Alas frustration mounts as the dueling enigmas duke it out
Like a ring with two combatants competing to best the other
A hard fought battle that may see neither a winner, a draw no less

Leaving pugilists exhausted and feeling no less loved or cared about
An outsider peeping into a window to the soul of a future lover
That can be seen but not touched like in a dream
Jan 2018 · 302
Andreas Simic Jan 2018

What a kind and yet cruel concept

You hope for the best and …
Hope is eternal and…
We can always hope and…

Thank goodness for hope and…
When all else fails there is always hope and…
Hope is elusive and…

Hope for the better and…
Give hope time and…
Hope you get…and…

Hope is blind and…
Hope things work out and…
Hope you get well soon and…

When no one else is around
You can always count on hope
It is like a companion who never leaves your side

Hope is a great gift and…
It is free to give to those in need
And remember when all else fails there is always hope

Andreas Simic
Jan 2018 · 197
Andreas Simic Jan 2018

There once was a show named “Chuck”
It didn’t have much luck

After five seasons it was gone
Oh it felt so wrong

For Chuck was about a nerd
Who ran with the herd

A fun loving guy in a comedy no less
Always making life a mess

Each episode an adventure or a quest
Making it fun to watch as a guest

It had all the right things
Even a girl with “talent” it brings

More bumbling than a bee
He reminded me of me

Sometimes hero and sometimes goat
Made him feel real and not remote

With a side kick and a crew
Each week your addiction grew

More laughs than a barrel of monkeys
Was the trigger that turned the keys

To my heart
Right from the start

Adieu I say to cast and show
If there is a movie or spinoff let me know.

Andreas Simic©
Jan 2018 · 200
Advice on Women
Andreas Simic Jan 2018
I enjoyed your winning poem. Congrats.      R.L.

Advice on Women

A woman can be fragile thing
What you need to know is they’re like a bee that can sting

In your arms gentle and kind they may feel
What’s inside to be feared is also real

When you have that first kiss
Your mind goes instantly to future bliss

And that’s where the games begin
The moment that intellect kicks in

You think that you are on equal ground
Until those thoughts are proven unsound

For in a contest of wills
She'll give you more than just the chills

Long before the conversation is over you’re be worn out
Making you want to scream and shout

Every point made receives a counter punch
It is far better to end it now and have lunch

For women travel in a pack
Are you ready for a group attack

Though your ego will take a blow
It is your manhood that must now show

Once scorned it is better to go into retreat
Revenge is not something to repeat

For in the end you will lose it all
From their graces you shall fall

Better to live another day
Than to end it some other way

So there you have my advice at best
Realizing I say all this in jest

Andreas Simic©
This poem was an entry for a poetry contest. The parameters provided were to write something from the perspective of a jilted lover.
Jan 2018 · 157
A Flower and a Book
Andreas Simic Jan 2018
A Flower and a book

Saw the picture and had a second look
A flower and a book

What can you say about those two things
A flurry of thoughts it brings

When I think of a flower it is beauty I see
A book brings words of who I may want to be

The smell of petals bring joy
Page after page brings wisdom for me to employ

How are they the same you may ask
This is where I put myself to the task

Both are there to amuse our minds
Even if it is of varying kinds

Is it a stretch to say
Each brings wisdom your way

Texture is found by your fingers
Impressions made live long and lingers

There are feelings evoked galore
By reading into what is in store

Memories tweaked and new ones made
Though some may one day fade

No matter what the occasion or circumstance
They can deliver even in the case of romance

Under the covers they do bring
The possibility of inspiration for songs to sing

Stories yet to be told lay in wait
Whatever you imagine will be great

Andreas Simic©
Jan 2018 · 200
Forbidden Foolishness
Andreas Simic Jan 2018
Forbidden Foolishness
They were prisoners
not of walls but of words
words of threats and alienation
walls none the less

But destiny would intervene
a chance encounter at a shop
eyes meeting in a fateful dance
unspoken thoughts exchanged

Notes were passed
through clandestine means
hidden from watchful eyes
little by little trysts ensued

At first with conversation
then, that kiss
the one that opened the prison gates
to a world unknown

Of freedom of the heart
hands began to meander
exploring the inner reaches
of parts unknown

He climbing past mountains of doubt
she guiding his hands
to her Garden of Eden
both searching in the shadow of darkness

Like unleashed primal beasts
theirs was a passion in a fertile land
breath taking and breathless
the planting of seeds

Would soon bear fruit
the chains that once held them
now kept them close
the escape complete

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic Jan 2018
The Truth or Something Like It

Aah, the truth and nothing but the truth
Who do we believe in this day and age

Where a guy named Donald spouts about fake news
And always seems to be in a rage

Who do you trust if it’s not your president
How do you get information if not from this sage

If the FBI cannot be trusted according to him
What else are we to surmise at this stage

Is there anyone left in who we can trust
Or are we permanently ****** in this cage

And just when we thought we’re as low as we can sink
Some women come forward in a display of courage

In a world so harsh and critical at best
They took a stand to spill their baggage

For the abuse from years long ago
Can be silenced no longer is their message

To all those who hide the truth
Know that we all come from the same village

The time has come to seek the truth
From those that took advantage

Hurting one of us is to hurt us all
It is time to write a new passage

(For a poetry contest entry based on this quote.  “Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.”)
Jan 2018 · 356
How Do You Know Me
Andreas Simic Jan 2018
How do you know me just from the color of my skin
Not accepting that which is deep within

How do you know me from looking into my eyes
My heart could be filled with deception and lies

How do you know me from the way I look
My intelligence will often be mistook

How do you know me from the way I talk
An accent or a twang or lisp why mock

How do you know me from the way I walk
A strut, sashay, limp taken ad hoc

How do you know me from what people say
Maybe they’re just have a bad day

How do you know me from the way I dress
Can’t I express my depress

How do you know me from what you hear
Maybe I’m not really queer

How do you know me from what you read
Words can often mislead

How do you know me if you don’t ask
Leaving it to your imagination is not its task

How do you know me or my dreams
You already have an opinion it seems

How do you know I won’t make the world glow
Given the chance to put on a show

Andreas Simic©
Jan 2018 · 218
The Lone Wolf
Andreas Simic Jan 2018
The Lone Wolf©

Exiting the cabin I instinctively look up
Maybe it is out of habit now
I spy you perched atop the distant ridge
How different are you and I

What do you see when you look down at my humble abode
Nestled amongst the trees the smoke wafting from the chimney
My home in the wilds of the woods; alone
How different are you and I

When you are not there I wonder where you are
Foraging for food, a drink by the fast flowing river,
Seeking solitude
How different are you and I

Do you see a man with a broken heart
One that has been cut so deeply it will never mend
Relegated to healing the wounds through nature
How different are you and I

Each day is a new day
One filled with wonderment
Of opportunity found or lost
How different are you and I

Time has inevitability
Someday one of us will not be there and I wonder
Will this be the last time I see your grace
How different are you and I

Andreas Simic©
I love being in nature and often think of what it would be like to live in a remote faraway cabin.
Andreas Simic Dec 2017
Confessions of a Happy Person©

Standing at the kitchen sink
My wife quips “you are one happy person”

It is right there and then I realized
I have been found out

Time to confess

I am one of “those” “happy people”
And a morning person to boot

I admit I am an ice –cream-aholic
Hooked on chocolate Rocky road, 2 scoops

Left to my own devices I play hooky
My favorite vice mid day movies

Yes chick flicks
And I buy the ludicrously priced pop corn

Next up on the list a get away at the spa
Even if I fall asleep during the deep massage

Cruise ships are my Achilles heel
Where else do they make your bed

Feed you 24 hours a day
And you can hide from the world

My flexible job schedule allows for daytime bike rides
Who doesn’t want to be a kid again wind blowing through your hair

The bane of my existence, poetry writing
Anytime, anywhere at the drop of a hat or spur of the moment

To espouse words of wisdom or not
And connect with family, friends and complete strangers

Yes, there are up and down days but as the saying goes
“Be Happy”

Andreas Simic©
I am one of those.
Andreas Simic Dec 2017
You Know You’re Getting Older When…©

The scroll bar for an online application
takes forever to get to your year of birth

The creaks you hear are your bones
not the floor boards

Younger people take the time to hold the door
open even without asking

Taking an escalator or elevator instead of stairs
is the only option

Switching the phone from ear to ear
doesn’t make hearing any easier

Can openers and jars become the enemy

You swear your arms are getting shorter
making tying your shoe laces a challenge

“Say again” are the most commonly used
words in your vocabulary

You save money on haircuts and shampoo
as there is less to work with

Grey becomes your new favorite color

Slow now feels fast

Cat naps are mandatory

The right lane on a highway becomes your domain

You need eye glasses to find your eye glasses

The remote is an extension of your hand

“Skip to the lou my darling” are
more than words to a song

And that’s just the short list

Don’t laugh, someday you’ll be there

Andreas Simic©
Reality 101
Andreas Simic Dec 2017
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
How I love thee

Where’s thy pine cone I want to see
That fills me with so much glee

And has me plead
Where is thy seed

That will spring forth future generations
And hence bring great tribulations

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
How I love thee

For now and evermore
You bring happiness to my shore

They vibrant colors I behold
If the truth doth be told

Thy aroma in my nose
Brings me to a close

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
How I love thee

Andreas Simic©
Dec 2017 · 374
Take My Hand
Andreas Simic Dec 2017
Take My Hand©

When you are

No matter
where you are
the place you’re in now
or how deep you have sunk

Know that
there is always a tomorrow
those who lead sometimes follow
success is measured by you

I will be there
to hold you up
give you strength
embrace your soul

Life is
lived one day at a time
each moment counting on its own
from blessing to blessing

my voice to guide you
through times that are tough
for you are never truly alone

Let your
thoughts be bright
even when it doesn’t seem all right
all the while remembering I am holding your hand

Andreas Simic
Andreas Simic Dec 2017
Zack and Camill went up the hill
Oh what a thrill

With pail in hand
The trip would be far from bland

As the class clown
He wasn’t entitled to a crown

But was prone to tumbling down
Camill was his peach with eyes a brown

Was this the day to plant that first kiss
Or another for remiss

Only time and a climb would tell
If he would finally ring her bell

He was surely under her spell
One she had cast and for which he befell

Was today finally it
His heart long ago being lit

His biggest fear of all
That he would suffer another fall

And have to race home
All alone

To his bed
Where he would tears shed

Andreas Simic
Dec 2017 · 219
Today's World
Andreas Simic Dec 2017
How to describe the era we live in today
one filled with a constant diatribe
of those beliefs that were once treasured

Now it seems the more bellicose one appears
the more they are held in high regard
with those that are voluble taking center stage

Being peaceable is now a quality to endear
with the denunciation of the common good
replaced with boisterous chest beating

Antagonism is the order of the this time
using social media to be pugnacious
and argumentative the norm

One can only shake ones head
to the contriving that has infected our humanity
with machinations too wild to believe

We are besieged by the need to be superior
to the people that share our streets
is this because our voices have been drown out

We vilify those who dare denounce
this way of being with venom
like that of a deadly snake

Hoping to silence those that oppose them
with a tyranny of fake news claims
neither verifiable nor accurate

Into this world our children are being born
what will they learn
that belligerence is the way to get ahead

Pity us all for we will all rue the day
that we collectively chose leaders
who embody these qualities

Andreas Simic©
Dec 2017 · 256
My Modern Age Reality
Andreas Simic Dec 2017
My Modern Age Reality©

The daily commute a daily grind
Bumper to bumper you will find
Asking “are you out of your mind”
Hoping to spot someone that is kind

Road rage is now the new adage
To get where you’re going at this stage
Maybe this can be forestalled with courage
Though that is wishful thinking at this age

My child in the back seat
She’s my daily joy when I do pick her up and we meet
Her arms outstretched as if to greet
Though the morning drop off isn’t so neat

A woman in a job no less
That a man used to do my guess
Why does it feel so thankless
Although that paycheck is a bliss

At the end of a long day I just want to rest
But hubby dear has announced a guest
Shopping, cooking, cleaning is now my quest
After all we want to show our best

The closing of the door and a big sigh
Tells me that bedtime is nigh
But first tidy up both low and high
Maybe it’s worth a hug from my big guy

My head comes to rest on the pillow
A last glance out the window at the willow
And a snuggle with mine bedfellow
Leads to a day’s afterglow

That’s all I have for today’s sideshow

Andreas Simic©
Dec 2017 · 272
She is Vulcan
Andreas Simic Dec 2017
She is a Vulcan
Part Seductress
Part Enigma

She will lure you into her sphere
The sound of her music a trap
You’re unaware of its allure

Like a kiss that captivates your heart
Leaving you wondering is this madness
Until caught in its entanglement

You ask how did I get here
Why was I such easy prey
When will I learn

Yet again shopping around
The fractals have led you wrong
Is this self sacrifice you ponder

Led down a garden path
Betrayed by yearnings thought pure
Her crown like a shiny object reels you in

Her lipstick captivates you
Her eyes like a gravitational pull
Her horns pierce your heart

Like a cigarette burn left unattended
The wound festers like an assassin
Until it feels like a lobotomy

It is only as the poison spreads that you realize
It was all a game to bring on a revolution
Vengeance the end goal

She is an artist vying for your love
Throwing gasoline on our passion
As if struck by lightning the reverberation hits

There is a lesson to be learned
But what
And is it too late

Andreas Simic©
Written for a poetry contest
Nov 2017 · 162
Eternal Fantasy
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
Eternal Fantasy©

Crossing the bridge I hear the roar
Instinctively my head turns

And there it is
A red Ferrari

The driver shifting through the gears
One day I will have a car like that

As I mesmerize myself with those thoughts
A tall blonde statuesque woman approaches

The kind of look a model in a magazine would have
One day a woman like her will be attracted to me

My mind imagines her and I in that Ferrari
Me shifting gears like a race car professional

What kind of income would I need for that car
And to attract that kind of rare beauty

Larger and larger numbers come to mind
One day I would make that kind of money

With the car, girl, and money would come prestige
People would know who I am, maybe I would be famous

We would live on a private island
Our home an estate worthy of my success

One day I could have all that
Then reality sets in

My age, wage and stage of life
Make this a fantasy

Only a lottery ticket away
Could make this real one day

Hope is eternal as is fantasy

Andreas Simic©
Nov 2017 · 400
What is Success
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
What is Success©

Is it being selfless
Even during moments of duress
Where I don’t try to impress

Or those times where I don’t make a mess
Which is often I confess
For wisdom I don’t profess

These thoughts coalesce
In my mind like a fortress
Sometimes seemingly useless

Difficult to access
During moments of stress
Or worry in excess

Do they reveal my lack of  classiness
Or skills at chess
Over which I obsess

Is it about the way I dress
Or a life lacking fullness
Without much to bless

Shame arrives during idleness or
After periods where I am win less
It is these I try to suppress

My parents believe I am aimless
But still show their fondness
And support with kindness

My life at times senseless
Revealing all this is just a guess
So I egress

Andreas Simic©
Nov 2017 · 200
One Day Bucket List
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
My One Day Bucket List©

When I was young life was tough enough
As I sat behind that old wooden school desk I would dare to dream

I had a dream that…

One day I would fly a plane and soar like the birds in the sky away from the pain

One day I would find someone to love and be loved back just because they wanted to

One day I would have friends and feel like I belonged and not be different

One day I would own a home, a house to call my own because it looked like everyone else

One day I would sail the oceans to know what it would be like to be totally surrounded by water and feel like no one could find me to hurt me anymore

One day I would make money so no one would know I was poor

One day I would move a thousand miles away to an island so
No one would know I was not okay

One day I would own a business so that I could control my destiny

One day I would travel, to see what made the Panama possible and
Learn how deep the Grand Canyon is, see why people go to Las Vegas and experience what it would be like in Alaska

One day I would return to my father’s place of birth and see where it all began on that small family farm in the middle of seemingly nowhere and how he got to be so far away to escape a war

One day I would be there when Mom and Dad were passing on
So that they would not feel alone as they made that last human transition

One day I realized how my dreams had turned into reality that
Those early beginnings became an incredible life
Filled with family and friends

One day aspiration had turned into inspiration and inspiration into reality.

One day looks like inspiring others both young and not so young to hold on during those dark moments for the light to shine through and the opportunity for dreams to come true

One day

Andreas Simic©
Nov 2017 · 492
Wave of Emotion
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
Wave of Emotion©

Where doth it begin, this wave that cometh over me
That leaves me at times in great overwhelm
Unable to respond
Frozen in time and space

It seems as though one day the seas of my mind are calm
All is well at the helm of life
Clear sailing as it were
But underneath...

Like an undertow or undercurrent
Swells are forming that will one day reveal themselves
Maybe it starts like a ripple on a body of water
Building up steam

Hence I do not know that which is coming
Lurking, slowly building up
Underneath the tranquility
Waiting to erupt or burst forth

If one were able to see the tides shifting
Maybe one could get a sense of the impending storm brewing
Something like a light keeper
Warning Captains of impending ill wind

But alas it is not so
The waves come rolling in
On an unsuspecting shoreline
Crashing unto its midst

Growing stronger from some unseen source
Wreaking havoc and intensifying as it goes
The storm unleashed with great impotence
Inflicting the desired impact

The groundswell of emotion now set free
Erupts in its various forms, anger and disgust
Fear and sadness arise sometimes
Disguised as surprise and happiness

This co-mingling of human outlets
Can plunge us into the depths of despair
Into the caverns of our vessel and sink us
To depths undiscovered and fraught with danger

Yet like all hurricanes above the waterline
They too shall weaken, wear themselves out
And over time they lose power
Once again we will feel like we are in control

Calmness is the order of the day; after all
We are “emotional beings” living through a human existence.
And it is so and
So it is.

Andreas Simic©
One of my favorites
Nov 2017 · 169
At the Top
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
At the Top©
I often think as the crest of the hill appears
That I am at the top
The top of this game

It is my dream it seems
To go out on top
To be the best me when I flee
To the other side
With a great measure of pride
Knowing I have tried and tried

So what does the top look like for me
Holding hands with my honey
Knowing she will have enough money

That I have lived a full life
Even if that includes all that strife
After all nothings perfect

Even for those of us who like to direct
The path we have chosen
For the long journey to get to the other side

Will have traveled far and wide
And won’t have anything to hide
I will have kissed and hugged a lot

Even enjoyed all those things we bought
With many friends and family too
My hope is to be the glue

That you see me too
At the top
The top of my game

Andreas Simic©
Nov 2017 · 244
The Funny White Stuff
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
The Funny White Stuff©

It is hard to believe
That there is a part of the world

Where no funny white stuff exists at all
This thing that can create great pleasure

Or be seen as a plague or aggravation
Which some will never experience

How something so good can also be so bad
In one moment a plaything

And in another a quagmire to escape
A symbol for the chills and cold

Or that which can bring a warm glow to our hearts
Those that love to slide cherish it

While those that drive oft curse it
Yet it is made of the same thing

You can throw or fling it for fun
Build a fort or igloo too

If need be it’s a water source
And hence a precious resource

Floating from the sky above
It can create quite a scene

Leading people to dream
Especially those that have not seen

The magic and wonder
Of the season and the funny white stuff

Andreas Simic©
Nov 2017 · 214
My Plight in Sight
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
My Plight in Sight©

I find myself alone
I was once with many
Dwindled to a few
Now a sole survivor

I am huddled here
In the cold
In this ditch
That now serves as shelter

It is not my fault
I did my very best
To help them survive
To keep them alive

Now I am freezing
My hands shake
And quiver
As I hold my metal defense

They are all around me now
It is just a matter of time
My thoughts are of home
Of family and that tree in the yard

The odds are not good
I know they are not
That I will hold your hand
For now it is just a thought

To have and to hold is just a dream
Our baby in my hands
Something I glean
What happens now is unforeseen

The din of earlier in the day
Gives way to an eerie silence
And here I have to stay
To see if I will live another day

This is war
And I am a soldier

Andreas Simic©
Nov 2017 · 238
Journey to Tranquility
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
Journey to Tranquility©

As I nestle into the seat of my
Far from new mode of transport
I steel myself for the journey ahead
In my mind I plan out the route for this day

I'm sure bumper to bumper was invented here
There will be that slow crawl up the parkway
This will turn into the raceway as we hit the expressway
Where I let her go

Road rage is the new adage
So one must be aware not to stare or glare
This gauntlet must be run to arrive alive
Success here brings relief as we turn,

Turn onto a highway of only two lanes
Gains can be made here though watch for deer
Home after home turns into farm land
As the lights of the city disappear

Another left, then one more with pavement
Becomes gravel for many a mile
Don’t go too far there it is on the right
A smile appears as it comes into sight

The scurry of a fox across the driveway
The chirp of birds as you exit the car
The smell of a lake and its shore
You are at the cottage and tranquility galore

It is worth the drive every time.

Andreas Simic©
Nov 2017 · 209
My Plight in Sight
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
My Plight in Sight©

I find myself alone
I was once with many
Dwindled to a few
Now a sole survivor

I am huddled here
In the cold
In this ditch
That now serves as shelter

It is not my fault
I did my very best
To help them survive
To keep them alive

Now I am freezing
My hands shake
And quiver
As I hold my metal defense

They are all around me now
It is just a matter of time
My thoughts are of home
Of family and that tree in the yard

The odds are not good
I know they are not
That I will hold your hand
For now it is just a thought

To have and to hold is just a dream
Our baby in my hands
Something I glean
What happens now is unforeseen

The din of earlier in the day
Gives way to an eerie silence
And here I have to stay
To see if I will live another day

This is war
And I am a soldier

Andreas Simic©
To honor Remembrance Day and those who serve.
Nov 2017 · 298
Prince Charming
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
Prince Charming©

I know he is out there somewhere
Living a life without a care

He’s the guy that will fill my dreams
Maybe end all my screams

The one that will my problems solve
That’s why I play a game I call revolve

In and out they go
Hoping the right one will show

It seems like it is an endless chain
One day one will remain

The few have become the many
Life passes by with nary a penny

They come they go
Yet I have little to show

Years pass on by and still I date
Hoping to find someone to relate

They move in for just a while
Till I realize they are not my style

To the curb they do go
When the next will show I don’t know

It’s not you it’s me
If I could only see

Andreas Simic©
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