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They say you are just an old gravel country road
lined by trees on both sides for many a mile
but for me you are the path of escape
that leads me away from here

I often fantasize about what I would discover at your ending
akin to finding out what lies at the end of a rainbow
would it be glee or disappointment

It is said there is a great city somewhere along your route
one filled with opportunity and excitement
Containing things a rural being cannot imagine
buildings taller than all the trees stood end on end

There have been whispers of ladies of the evening
and places where someone may imbibe in a drink or two
or parlors that entertain many a man through lonely nights

A young lad with big dreams can only yearn for passage of time
for when that day comes wherein I will traverse thee till the end
to witness for myself all that has been spoken about
and to dip my toe into a world of aliveness and intrigue

Andreas SimicĀ©
Peacock Secrets Feb 2021
Femininity cannot succeed
by emulating
toxic masculinity

That's female DISempowerment's job
In order to step into my power as a grown woman, do I have to grab my crotch, blast WAP, flirt a lot, wink and stick my tongue out? Do I have to go to strip clubs with the fellas to prove, I'm cool? Do I have to claim emotions are a weakness? Do I have to call women "B*tches"? Do I have to insult another woman's figure?
Is "sexiness" our greatest power?
It's a shame how many women get duped into seeking money, status, fame, careers, fans,... off the female dis-empowerment of themselves or their peers. Let's do better ladies! and let's demand better!
GQ James Jan 2021
You're a lady,
You should be treated as such nothing less,
If you're not cherished, uplifted, respected,
All the things you deserve and more,
You should wait on it,
Don't deal with nothing less,
Queens are valuable,
Your worth is priceless,
Don't let him take you for granted,
If he can't see your worth,
Leave him behind and move forward.
GQ James Dec 2020
My tongue be rubbing all over your ****,
Then the rest of that ***** I kiss,
That morning bliss,
I wanna lick on her until she ****,
Where you going don't you run,
Your juices is what I want,
I wanna feel you and taste you,
Breakfast,lunch,dinner and dessert.
You're the only thing I have a appetite for,
You got the recipe for whatever I need,
No need to beg nor plead,
But you're the only thing I wanna eat,
My favorite thing to eat and please is you.
GQ James Dec 2020
wrap them legs around my neck,
wrap my arms around your body, wanna keep u safe and curess your body. touch you like nobody else can,
pleasing you is always the plan nobody will ever get it or understand.

A boy and man are very different,
Only a real one will know the difference. I like the mix things up like a chemist. The chemistry be so strong .

Eat it like my last meal,
When it comes to you I always need a refill. Some say too much of anything isn't good but there's no such thing of having too much of you. baby I just can't get enough of you I want more and more of you.

I thought you knew . Ya blow my mind like some nicotine. It feels like a dream it can't be real . Talk to me baby let me know how u feel . You talk , I'll just listen. your beauty runs deeper than water in the ocean.

I wanna feel on you like some lotion. Mositurize your heart . Feed your appetite. Drink your juices. whatever this is I can't or don't wanna lose it.

Don't run I wanna taste you until you ***. Dripping like sweat , you know you're the best. I'm blessed .
GQ James Dec 2020
Come in and let me take it from there,
Your body is the party tonight,
The fragrance is you,
The food is you,
The drink is you,
All I need and want tonight is you.

You asked what did you need to bring?
All you need is to bring is you,
Wardrobe is your birthday suit,
I'ma cater to you tonight,
I'ma spoil you tonight,
I'ma give you everything you want and desire.

Explore your fantasies and dreams,
Tonight is your night,
I'ma make it the best night of your life,
Let's make it last forever,
Let's keep this moment,
Stay in moment tonight,
Let's remember tonight.

I know you never had a man like me,
I'm all about you,
You deserve to be desired,
You deserve to be spoiled,
You deserve to feel wanted,
You deserve the best.
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2020
"Suspense is like a woman. The more left to the imagination, the more the excitement."
A mixture
of sinister and sweet,
smoking gun at your feet.
Reclining dead
in a meadow,
or wishing you were
as you gaze out your window.

Bottling undecided dark,
catching keyed-up light,
in random, misleading angles.
The uniform hour
holds Grace, Grant,
and the mystery
it entangles.

Don't look directly
at the camera,
icy blonde afterimage.
Everything you need
is written on the page.
Number 13,
Mrs. Peabody?
Don't you know
all contemporary
escapist entertainment
begins by turning your back?
Lingering on what
suspicious minds track.

The migrating voyeurism
sits as the crow,
wired and unfriendly.
The method is an organism,
an implication, a crossbow,
thought, but unseen.
He will push the girl,
until you succumb
to dream sequences.
It's snowing humiliation
at Winter's Grace,
for out of the male gaze,
invading your space,
you become gifted
at doing nothing well,
in sheer

(for inner circles & triangles of fur
are all the rage in Europe).

Yes, he hates pregnant women,
because then they have children.
So leave him
to his work,
to analyze your handwriting,
and build that ramp
directly into your trailer.

His larger than life silhouette
will fill the silver screen
with tension,
trip wire,
and a ****** ambivalence,
that ends with
the violent sound
of someone
packing a suitcase.

He enters by virtue of this door,
and you leave through another,
and another,
and another,
until the final scene
alters your state of mind.

Your pretty little feet
dangling precariously
over the edge...
Lanech Jun 2020
She vanished in the fog,
Without a final hug,
I saw the tears that drowned her smile and swallowed her might till it was all gone.
The woman within her,
How could she die?
The power she had,
The power of her mind.
The esteem she built,
The pride she had.
She lost to his lies.
She fell for his charms,
She fell so hard.
How did she lost her self so easily,.to the things that go with the season.
nif Apr 2020
above her feet
and lil tummies
above her teeth
tiny necks
and chubby arms
in final form
a female physique
all cheeks
i am woman
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