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I never thought to love again but two ladies In one lifetime  both equally
I never
have thought to be Terry In this life, and Helen now In the next, but It true, Oh yes It's
For Terry had a calling she said didn't know just why but needed after
a tribute poem written by me to wife, she felt her the need to look out for
But I think now I have the answer Helen sent a message to Terry from somewhere out afar
saying I can no longer look after my
Oh Terry please look out him cause I love him so, Oh yes I love him, Terry and I have become
such good
so naturally, It seems as If friends we were meant to be until we both go
Oh yes until Terry and I we both go home, forever friends that what we shall forever be, until
we both go
This Is actually more like
a song a tribute two very special ladies In my life
both have saved me from a sad and what have been a very lonely life
Johnny walker Apr 11
It to Texas to where I go now at night In my
dreams to live a new life
of which so lucky to
But at this moment Is all but a dream, just waiting
to be realised hopefully one day this dream
will come
If just one time I could
see Terry thank her
for the kindness that this t, she is shown to be just one time before I
Then I would happily pass from this life with a smile on my face
just how lucky I've been to have known two wonderful
In my life, you have to be lucky to love once In this but twice that's really special all the
I suffered as a child the loss of my wife I've truly been
I've truly been blessed with being able to love twice In
a lifetime that has to be something truly special and this doesn't happen all the time
Johnny walker Apr 11
I have  never tried to compare Terry to my
wife to very different
ladies And I think that reason Terry and I get
on so
because neither went looking for each other found purely by chance hand of fate had bought
us together as
Had so much sadness sorrow and pain In my life and of the tragedy of
my wife
but happiness has found me again through the kindness of my friend Terry from
to love one lady In my life was truly special but lose and then find Terry seems too much like a
All seems but a dream never
thought through tragedy I would there be a fairy tale ending to my life but thats looking more like It could be
possible now
Johnny walker Apr 11
I have a true friend called Terry who has help so much through her emails to me she sends every day
that always brings a
smile to my
For Terry allthough she live many miles away, In Texas but she has bought so much happiness back to me when I needed It
For this lady called Terry
a true Texas Rose, ,so kind considerate and caring who now has a place In heart for me, and through her kindness she has
help me so
A thank you to Terry, from Texas has help me so much
through her kindness and caring nature who has put a smile back on my face
In some parallel universe.
Where blessings are curse.
Where doctor are called nurse.
You keep your kids in the purse.
You sit on the dogs and houses are guarded by horse.
Where the grains are powder and the flour is coarse.
Where the rain is burning hot and the bird roars.
The money is nothing and your right matters.
The guys are scared to go out in the night and the world is hers.
Women's rights are something, next to impossible in our world. I can only hope, maybe somewhere else it's a real thing.
March 15 2019

***** are bouncy
***** are fluffy
***** are squishy
***** are yummy

Oh so wonderful
Bouncy fluffy
Oh so irresistible
Squishy yummy

Jiggly jiggling great for ticklin
Wibbly wobbly great for coddling
Or cuddling...
I dont know

But hey though whacha know
I like fingers lips hair and your nose
Eyes ears flowers bows
Iam just some guy. That nobody knows

Sunflowers lavender bees and the moon
I have rainbows everywhere
All over my room...
But i love the gloom. The shadows to

Weird crazy not so so lazy
I love cooking writing and showering in a daze yee
Movies and food. Cheese. Of course
(Whispering: Lactose intolerace)

Welp its out there as they say
Who reads madness anyways
Express yourself i like to say
Cover your nose. I ****.
I guess thats my way
o - O
.....what is this
Random blarg

Gimme A LEFT SHOE!!!

(Honestly wrote this just to tag it with *****)

Dont judge me GARRRR
Jodie-Elaine Mar 14
You will feel deeply
Little girls can write like dragon ladies,
galvanise poems and spit them out metallic
slipped through pavement portal cracks
I don’t want to write like a girl anymore
there’s no air holes.
Dragon ladies told me not to
I stuck googley eyes on my conscience
diversion tactics
I hope the world doesn’t eat me
***** sun-roof open
limbs steer in different directions and going around in circles.
No canoe
I want to be an radio ooost
me in their karaoke voices
if you stop being yourself, it will set you free.
if you stop being yourself, it will set you free.
Poetic T Mar 9
Woman have
                  more ***** then men
most of the time.

       It's pity that

men are bigger *******
                      all the time...
At every bar on the shore
till I can't drink no more
young ladies svelte and so tanned
they wink and they smile
with eyes that beguile
like the tides rolling in
to the strand

Jimmy Buffett would say
every hour today
is five o'clock in the world
every shot of cane ***
my max and my sum
every wave every surfer has curled

So out in the eve
too somehow believe
the ladies and women desire
to give me a spin
and hope I give in
as mayhap my woody
Ahhhh the sweet taste
not going to waste
or a drop of ambrosia to lose
her lips too mine
better than wine
maybe it's me
that she'll

sunprincess Dec 2018
Before the birth of our late president
George Herbert Walker Bush,
Ladies and gentlemen of the Victorian era
Strolled through gardens with their crush,
Inhaling pleasing fragrances of roses
And lilacs of summer
For our late president GHW Bush
Rest In Peace
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