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Andreas Simic Feb 2018
Tick tock goes the clock
Sometimes fast sometimes slow
Especially Fridays ergo

With great anticipation
The game begins
When it hits five everyone wins

Until then our minds tend to wander
In that moment of reckoning
The weekend beckoning

Of the things to explore
When we head out that door
Having just finished our last chore

Will it be fun to enjoy
Or entertainment to employ
Either way jumping with joy

There’s that sense of freedom
Coming to our life
Leaving behind work strife

A big smile or a grin
Coming my way
No more din for this day

A few beers to quench my thirst
Sleeping in is the option first
Time with my honey never a curse

Leaping children in mine arms
The substitute for alarms
Bringing their delights and charms

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
I love you so
You don’t even know

Pretending to glance around
Until you are found

Hoping that you see me too
The captain of a ship with a crew

Sailing us to some place far away
So we could see each other every day

Only the horizons marking beginning and end
This is the message to you I send

If only you could look deep into my heart
There you would find it breaking apart

Those eyes so inviting even from where I sit
The glow a fire well lit

Your hair golden like a chaff of wheat
Making me boil in my seat

A smile that could melt ice
My commitment an easy price

If only I could touch your skin
Would it be such a deadly sin

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
It is like there are two parts, the watched and the watcher
The watcher seeing a struggle to find love
An essential ingredient to happiness and self fulfillment

You have constructed a wall impenetrable by most everyone
Built for protection to keep others out, but why
Like a bird with an injured wing I observe you flapping about

Flailing at some unknown enemy or force in defiance or defense
A look of utter scorn scowling across such a delicate tender face
One that could be touched gently like a light breeze by a suitor

Oh they have tried, your outer beauty a draw like honey
I too know the inner beauty you harbor safely in the bay of hope
Away from the rough seas of life where hurt and pain lurk

Alas frustration mounts as the dueling enigmas duke it out
Like a ring with two combatants competing to best the other
A hard fought battle that may see neither a winner, a draw no less

Leaving pugilists exhausted and feeling no less loved or cared about
An outsider peeping into a window to the soul of a future lover
That can be seen but not touched like in a dream
Andreas Simic Jan 2018

What a kind and yet cruel concept

You hope for the best and …
Hope is eternal and…
We can always hope and…

Thank goodness for hope and…
When all else fails there is always hope and…
Hope is elusive and…

Hope for the better and…
Give hope time and…
Hope you get…and…

Hope is blind and…
Hope things work out and…
Hope you get well soon and…

When no one else is around
You can always count on hope
It is like a companion who never leaves your side

Hope is a great gift and…
It is free to give to those in need
And remember when all else fails there is always hope

Andreas Simic
Andreas Simic Jan 2018

There once was a show named “Chuck”
It didn’t have much luck

After five seasons it was gone
Oh it felt so wrong

For Chuck was about a nerd
Who ran with the herd

A fun loving guy in a comedy no less
Always making life a mess

Each episode an adventure or a quest
Making it fun to watch as a guest

It had all the right things
Even a girl with “talent” it brings

More bumbling than a bee
He reminded me of me

Sometimes hero and sometimes goat
Made him feel real and not remote

With a side kick and a crew
Each week your addiction grew

More laughs than a barrel of monkeys
Was the trigger that turned the keys

To my heart
Right from the start

Adieu I say to cast and show
If there is a movie or spinoff let me know.

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic Jan 2018
I enjoyed your winning poem. Congrats.      R.L.

Advice on Women

A woman can be fragile thing
What you need to know is they’re like a bee that can sting

In your arms gentle and kind they may feel
What’s inside to be feared is also real

When you have that first kiss
Your mind goes instantly to future bliss

And that’s where the games begin
The moment that intellect kicks in

You think that you are on equal ground
Until those thoughts are proven unsound

For in a contest of wills
She'll give you more than just the chills

Long before the conversation is over you’re be worn out
Making you want to scream and shout

Every point made receives a counter punch
It is far better to end it now and have lunch

For women travel in a pack
Are you ready for a group attack

Though your ego will take a blow
It is your manhood that must now show

Once scorned it is better to go into retreat
Revenge is not something to repeat

For in the end you will lose it all
From their graces you shall fall

Better to live another day
Than to end it some other way

So there you have my advice at best
Realizing I say all this in jest

Andreas Simic©
This poem was an entry for a poetry contest. The parameters provided were to write something from the perspective of a jilted lover.
Andreas Simic Jan 2018
Forbidden Foolishness
They were prisoners
not of walls but of words
words of threats and alienation
walls none the less

But destiny would intervene
a chance encounter at a shop
eyes meeting in a fateful dance
unspoken thoughts exchanged

Notes were passed
through clandestine means
hidden from watchful eyes
little by little trysts ensued

At first with conversation
then, that kiss
the one that opened the prison gates
to a world unknown

Of freedom of the heart
hands began to meander
exploring the inner reaches
of parts unknown

He climbing past mountains of doubt
she guiding his hands
to her Garden of Eden
both searching in the shadow of darkness

Like unleashed primal beasts
theirs was a passion in a fertile land
breath taking and breathless
the planting of seeds

Would soon bear fruit
the chains that once held them
now kept them close
the escape complete

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic Jan 2018
How do you know me just from the color of my skin
Not accepting that which is deep within

How do you know me from looking into my eyes
My heart could be filled with deception and lies

How do you know me from the way I look
My intelligence will often be mistook

How do you know me from the way I talk
An accent or a twang or lisp why mock

How do you know me from the way I walk
A strut, sashay, limp taken ad hoc

How do you know me from what people say
Maybe they’re just have a bad day

How do you know me from the way I dress
Can’t I express my depress

How do you know me from what you hear
Maybe I’m not really queer

How do you know me from what you read
Words can often mislead

How do you know me if you don’t ask
Leaving it to your imagination is not its task

How do you know me or my dreams
You already have an opinion it seems

How do you know I won’t make the world glow
Given the chance to put on a show

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic Jan 2018
The Lone Wolf©

Exiting the cabin I instinctively look up
Maybe it is out of habit now
I spy you perched atop the distant ridge
How different are you and I

What do you see when you look down at my humble abode
Nestled amongst the trees the smoke wafting from the chimney
My home in the wilds of the woods; alone
How different are you and I

When you are not there I wonder where you are
Foraging for food, a drink by the fast flowing river,
Seeking solitude
How different are you and I

Do you see a man with a broken heart
One that has been cut so deeply it will never mend
Relegated to healing the wounds through nature
How different are you and I

Each day is a new day
One filled with wonderment
Of opportunity found or lost
How different are you and I

Time has inevitability
Someday one of us will not be there and I wonder
Will this be the last time I see your grace
How different are you and I

Andreas Simic©
I love being in nature and often think of what it would be like to live in a remote faraway cabin.
Andreas Simic Dec 2017
Confessions of a Happy Person©

Standing at the kitchen sink
My wife quips “you are one happy person”

It is right there and then I realized
I have been found out

Time to confess

I am one of “those” “happy people”
And a morning person to boot

I admit I am an ice –cream-aholic
Hooked on chocolate Rocky road, 2 scoops

Left to my own devices I play hooky
My favorite vice mid day movies

Yes chick flicks
And I buy the ludicrously priced pop corn

Next up on the list a get away at the spa
Even if I fall asleep during the deep massage

Cruise ships are my Achilles heel
Where else do they make your bed

Feed you 24 hours a day
And you can hide from the world

My flexible job schedule allows for daytime bike rides
Who doesn’t want to be a kid again wind blowing through your hair

The bane of my existence, poetry writing
Anytime, anywhere at the drop of a hat or spur of the moment

To espouse words of wisdom or not
And connect with family, friends and complete strangers

Yes, there are up and down days but as the saying goes
“Be Happy”

Andreas Simic©
I am one of those.
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