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Kenya83 Mar 2021
Look nowhere but within, for your spiritual highs, forgiveness and sin.
The saddest truth there is, your a commodity.
You're a consumer to the holy man who put a price on his wisdom.
And the teachings of the earth are so lost
That we pay for courses in the innate.
To know what we thought we never needed. And become who we thought we'd never be.
Isn't that ironic?
We're lost.
This human being.
The uniVerse Oct 2019
I'm watching the rain, again
watching how it's driven
crashing from the heavens
towards the Earth
bringing new life, rebirth
such a precious commodity
yet it's treated with triviality
man cannot live without water
but will fight to death for an idea
being heralded a martyr
shedding precious tears
tell me why you fight?
why you need the pain
when everything will be alright
right as rain.
Sam Faisal Mar 2019
Minimise distraction
Maximise intention.

Minimise commodity fetishism
Maximise giving out love.

Love people, use things.
The opposite never works.
Flesh over fiction
validation over volition
find the angle
to carve desire,
find the curve,
to contort the insatiable itch
seared by the rapacity
of modernity.

We transcended commodity,
we're free,
not in sense of liberty
the shackles still remain
but our worth diminished.
Rex Verum Regem Aug 2018

This is an obvious one, seeing you is all I need to make a bad day good
This is an obvious one yet you still do not know.

If we were a cookie you would be the chocolate chip goodness that bring absolute bliss as it melts.
This’s is an obvious one yet you do not know,
Words I should have spoken sooner; like the first roses are red on an awkward date or the first song sang to impress, true that violets are blue

This should be obvious I cherish every moment like it’s my last because seeing you smile, is a commodity, one only a few may enjoy.

Stars twinkle and cows may jump over the moon but you smile and I’ll smile too.
This should be obvious.

Rex Verum Regem
A Simillacrum Jun 2018
Am human

For reasons

Am conscious

Want what is mine.

The only planet I might
ever touch with my toes
in my lifetime, the only planet
that our children may
ever, is in constant flux
as humankind fights on high
between the minds that
can't decide on the price
of life in this land of freedom,
minds on high that can't
decide if a government
should protect its citizens' best
interests or preach
individualism until the best
is a corporate Wild West.
Until when? The time
Has come.

It is.
You can see it.
Look what you've built.
Gaze upon social implosion and cry.

Am nothing

Am a part
as the


You want to see God?
Feel your face with your hands.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Assess what you've become.

At some point in time,
The value of commodity
Became The value of a human life
At some point in time,
The value went intangible
Became the money We need, when

Our leaders all fritter Fiat funds
For access to guns and bombs.

(Bigger and Better, Baby)

Who am I?

(Who am I?)

Who am I,

but a sound of tomorrow?
Andreas Simic Apr 2018
Can you help me please
I have been born into someone else's life
how else to explain a child like me
living on the streets filled with quagmire
alone and lonely watching your children pass by
They dressed in clothes that fit not found
in an alley filled with the worlds least desirable
Their mouths having tasted a regular meal
not the hand me down scraps that provide
sustenance but not nourishment
They walk to school for education while I
pander to humanity for another day of living
idle chatter a commodity I can ill afford
laughter a luxury that evades me
smiles are for financial gain not for expressing inner joy
Yes this is not my life, but a temporary stop, is my hope

Andreas Simic©
Picture prompt and credit: https://mweiss-art.devi
Andrew Wenson Feb 2015
Escape from Planet Hipster
They're nostalgic for a time
When wearing the peace sign
was a revolutionary act;
Now propaganda of the deed
is free shows on ghetto borders
Craft IPAs, grandpa's clothing,
and dismissal above all.
Austin Heath Jun 2014
Wake up in the morning with
a chip on your shoulder;
like a **** in a serial killer-
someone's going to learn the truth
if you keep dripping.
Trading in your old records
for something new,
you felt the urge to scream
right as they cut to commercial break.
The price of a commodity
becomes outweighed by it's crowd
How truth is like Starbucks.
The metaphysical quality of truth
you seek/ want to burn between
your fingers isn't even
the worst document you've
cleansed from their eyes.
When they learn you,
they're going to tear you apart.
Don't forget.

— The End —