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Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
Are you free tonight?

May be
Yet undecided
Whether to join you or not

Let me first be sure
What I need

A silent moment
A soulful music
A serious chat or
A sound sleep

Still I am not sure
Whether I need,
A cold beer
A hot lemon
An exotic coffee
Or Just
The delighting thirst
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Friday Air
Sophie Jun 2018
Today is going to be a lovely day!
Coffee stain!
Rain no umbrella!!!!
Terrible boss!!
Forgot lunch!!!
Deadline not met!!
Disappointed boss!!
What's for dinner??!
No hot water!!!!!!!!!!
Today was actually a lovely day...
I'm alive ain't I?
Andreas Simic Feb 2018
Tick tock goes the clock
Sometimes fast sometimes slow
Especially Fridays ergo

With great anticipation
The game begins
When it hits five everyone wins

Until then our minds tend to wander
In that moment of reckoning
The weekend beckoning

Of the things to explore
When we head out that door
Having just finished our last chore

Will it be fun to enjoy
Or entertainment to employ
Either way jumping with joy

There’s that sense of freedom
Coming to our life
Leaving behind work strife

A big smile or a grin
Coming my way
No more din for this day

A few beers to quench my thirst
Sleeping in is the option first
Time with my honey never a curse

Leaping children in mine arms
The substitute for alarms
Bringing their delights and charms

Andreas Simic©
Cana Feb 2018
Its Friday night in the ramshackle city
The sweaty bodies writhing to to soco beat
Drugs, Drink and Debauchery and Cigarettes
Let go.
Journey of Days Jul 2017
tragedy strikes
when you cannot find
that tenth word....
brain busy with other stuff

only thinking in 9 word phrasing

thank God it's Friday
Snehith Kumbla May 2016
all those in favour
of the weekend
say aye


All those not in
favour of
the weekend
say nay


Carrie Bradshaw May 2015
Different faces.
Different stories.
So many faces
with different beauty.

Barbie  face..
Smokey eyes..
Red kissable lips..
Skin color so white
Beautiful Famas face
  all girls
   would wish they have

Pink cheeks..
Tangerine lips..
Curly eyelashes
so fine
Beautiful bubbly face
    can melt a man's heart

Ashame ladies hid
their  faces
Shy having pimples
or any scars
Things  signifies hardwork
Tells you ,you're strong
Face that reminds you,
the true Beauty
is inside you're heart

Face that tells you a story  of
We are all perfect even if we have flaws.. because I believe that flaws complete us no matter what ...don't be shy.. ♥♥♥
You're beautiful
Ms Levinson May 2015
lawn nowms are they alive are they elfs do they **** .Whats the pont of lawn noms.Noms are related to elfs.
Joy Nteh Jan 2015
Loud music
Hands up in the air
Carefree moves
Letting all your sorrows out

Cig in hand
Lighter by side
Puff hard
Letting out the O's together with your sorrows
The relaxation that comes with Friday.

— The End —