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Abby M Jan 7
Tucked between bark and the life blood of trees
Shrouded in shadows and leaves
Deep at the core of the heartstrings of woods
From magic and elmwood conceived

Living in silence but also in wood
Falling for none but the axe
Standing in stillness, her shroud is a cage
Her only consolements are tracks

She watches and wishes as travelers come
Hoping that one will commit
To chopping her life giving elm cage away
And helping her learn to forget

A man did just that in the forest one day
He swung and his axe whistled through
She fell to the ground and she tried to get up
But her elm cage had fallen there too
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018

I bet I could be an oak
if I tried hard enough

Extend my roots
maybe branch out a little
lead with my leaves

Reach for the sky!

Let my bark ring true
through the sea of trees
Watered by rain
Fed by sun
Raised in Earth
Hg Jun 2018
we’re rubbing our twigs together
trying to make flames
but instead of that
we’re scraping back
our bark revealing rings

and things that we’re not proud of
times we thought we passed
struggling to hug
with ****** knives
stuck in our backs

we’re just two wounded people
trying to start a fire
using wood
already burned
from the last scorching desire
Temporal Fugue Jun 2018
Can't **** what isn't alive
or bring to life what's dead
gotta just live, and survive
keeping your wits, and your head

Severely precious and few
with soul and heart are the brave
knowing just what too do
nobodies lackey, or *****

Talley the marks of the strong
tightening the reins and the nerves
playing the game, way to long
drawing on deepest reserves

When every moment is precious
and every scar has it's mark
listening attentive the chorus
every dog has it's day
and it's bark
Woof woof woof, actually posted this on another site (some minor alters for here), too see what it "ranked":
Autorank: Total 1.0, professional similarity 2 (of 10), concrete vs abstract 0 (of 2), noun/verb/etc order 1.0 (of 1), cliches -2 (of -3)
So apparently, it is very rank LOL
Neuvalence Mar 2018
If only I had
Basked in all your legacy
Before you were slain,
Gushing sap from your thick skin,
I would have cherished you more.

A tanka I wrote today after mourning the death of an old tree taken down in my yard.
Amanda Mar 2018
I miss your little paws
Your coal black nose
The way you used to twitch
Whenever you would doze

I miss your floppy ears
Your dorky overbite
The cute way you would growl
While in a play-fight

I miss the positions
In which you would fall asleep
I would snap a silly pic
For memories to keep

I miss those bright eyes
Your boundless energy
When we would go on walks
You would run circles around me.

I miss your soft fur
Your unique smell
How your warm tongue felt
I remember too well

I miss your bark
You were a noisy guy
Every sound set you off
We never knew why

I miss my stoner dog
You would try to eat ***
I would give you my stems
We would get high a lot

I miss your eyebrows
Your quick brown tail
If i needed a friend
You were there without fail

I miss sleeping with you
Right by my side
Curled under blankets
Beneath covers you would hide

I miss the bounce in your step
You had a favorite toy
We would play around the clock
You were a good boy

What I miss most of all
What brings me this heartache
I miss the memories
We never got to make
This is for my little boy Diesel who died about a year ago. He was a Chihuahua and he was only a year and a half old he still was just a baby and he got out accidentally at my grandma's and her dog killed him with one snap. It was by far one of the worst days of my life but his memory lives on in my heart and through my other fur baby Mocha, which is hid daughter so I have a little piece of him alive still.
sadgirl Sep 2017
after robin coste lewis*

the dogs do not have names
so you just call them
with a whistle
they bark still and still and still

they are not animals
they are just humans
that have lived out their lives
and found a new body

the dogs do not speak english
so you bark back
and they look at you,
ears raised

and mouths dry
and dumb, tongues,
rough like sandpaper
and teeth that shine like enamel pins

the dogs do not run
they move like water
muscles like leaves in

all you need is
an ocean calling
your name, the dogs
can't give you that

the dogs are all you need,
as they run and whisper to
each other
they do not speak english
so you curse each one in tsimshian
Inspired by Huk-Huk by Robin Coste Lewis and my Alaskan roots. Also, my dogs, Charlie and Sally.
I can try and try
to peel off all this tree bark, but
Why? would I ruin my best friend, This Tree?

I should be peeling off of myself...
stripping down the thick scales tensing up
on my shoulder, plucking the dust from underneath...
there are a lot of **** parts underneath...

maybe some sunlight
will make them not as sore...
Donna Jun 2017
Next doors dog barking
Walks up and down garden path
Catching its own barks
Yeap next door dog been barking early hours in morn..grrrr :)
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