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Mike May 14
Star Bound

Society, sobriety, entirely, I’m finally
Not in denial, my smirk is my smile
No coasting or boasting, no time left just get toasted
Rampaging pages, no waiting in cages, lately impatient

I’ve been standing dismantled, thoughts scrambled, abandoned
Pursuing soothing illusions, mirages emerge influent
These terrors in bearing preparing on perishing
Common ground sound, vibrations deterred losing renown

Bracing the wastes, enticing the tastes, priceless the chase
Overencumbered, numbered the days I have left to plunder
Decisions are rampant, listless the canvas, incision the campus
Unveiled are the plans to ensnare, hail to the king of the fail

Spots on the rocks with my scotch in the locks
Pretty, petty, steady confetti, embezzle the Getty be ready
Losses, no life lost, eternally embossed, drained and caustic
Fires burn urging to earn, no concern, my place in the stars

By:  Cosmik
J J May 9
All I ever see now is things of hers that you left lying around,

I wear her pain vicariously,
You do not get to just die.

Morning cuts through the dawny sky
And lifts along the wall,
The squeaky squawk of pigeons flying
By outside in unison.

Tired. Our faces are so tired. She reminds me of her so much

Sometimes and when she drops your name my blood turns to ice

Dejavu memento mori dejavu memento... life was simpler when

I didn't fear or care about death.
Vi una columna de luz
Más brillante que el sol
Directamente arriba de mi cabeza

Y esta luz gradualmente
Descendió hasta descansar
Sobre mí.

Al reposar sobre mí la luz
Vi en el aire arriba de mí
A dos personajes

Cuyo fulgor y gloria
No admiten

Uno de ellos me habló
Llamándome por mi nombre
Y dijo, señalando al otro:

Éste es mi Hijo

"I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me….

When the light rested upon me I saw two Personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air.

One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other—This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!"

- Joseph Smith, The Prophet
The third and most poetic
Of his first vision
PoserPersona Dec 2018
Iron and coal fused into a steel sword
torn from the comforts of an idle home
Against both will and wish into the forge

Mere foot to pedal unshackles the horde
onto that which was ****** into the dome
Iron and coal fused into a steel sword

Crude earth melts into an effulgent form
that once cooled will become harder than stone
Against both will and wish into the forge

Burning is sequestered by drowning boards
that go unnoticed but for hissing moan
Iron and coal fused into a steel sword

New pain begins despite what came before
anvil and hammer fashion the unknown
Against both will and wish into the forge

Those who endure will still need to be honed,
to be, of their own soul, the highest lord.
Iron and coal fused into a steel sword,
against both will and wish into the forge
“Mastering others requires strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” -Lao Tzu
eric sims Nov 2018
The love the hate the pain. I said I loved you but instead I hurt you I said I'll be there but it's not turn my back on you I said I needed you would turn my back on you I said we will be together forever and then I played you those are the things that you want to hear out my mouth those are the things that happened in this relationship we had love the love was so sweet when we had the love you smell for days we talked for hours the pain the pain came when we started going through anguish we just couldn't get it right fussing and fighting and arguing with each other all the time the Haight the hate came on each other's behinds when I started doing some wild **** you started doing some wild **** and then the hate was grown but now I'm sitting here saying to myself at least she admitted one thing that you know it was kind of spiteful because do it all man you know it and I know it you can say it wasn't enough money you can say it wasn't **** but through it all I gave you everything always whether it was enough for not for some people that's all that matters to show a motherfuker that you're when I'm down and I'm in the mud I can give you everything I have so just imagine were up and we're winning you going to get it ten times more I just don't understand why you couldn't understand that the love the pain the hate I tried to give you love but it's that I gave you pain I tried to give you happiness but then I gave pain I tried to make you smile but I often made you cry I don't understand why but I look to myself I didn't this it can't be rightyou say you hate me I know that's not true hate me is love and love means hate I just hurt you so much. That's the word to say I know I'm not perfect I'm not the best man but please understand I would have gave my right hand for you cuz I Was Your Man you were my lady and I was your man you was my rock and I was your roller I was too blunt and you was delighted I was the gun and you was the holster you was the Braves and I was the body I was the arms and you was The Lacs we complete each other at times I will say something and you will finish my sentence you will say something and I will finish your sentence but now it's like **** all that **** man what's the point of you going to love it I'm sitting here hurting and you don't give a fuckthere's never been a time maybe once or twice why I felt pain and you felt the same pain that I felt but I've always thought you're ******* hang but I guess I'm a man so I'm not supposed to show emotions I guess I'm a mesomorph not supposed to care I guess I'm a man so I don't have heart aches and pains I guess it's a man I can't hurt CelinaI tried to give you everything but I guess I gave you nothing sometimes I look at my life and I feel just so disgusted I gave this woman the best things in my life as you said it wasn't good enough she don't talk to me my whole life and said I wasn't good enough you played me out like I'm a fool but I am not good enough come on man this is crazy I guess I am not good enough
Dream Fisher Sep 2018
You can say I'm nobody,
But I am something, I'm not a body,
I bring in a force, not of reckoning,
I don't have the devil by the horns
I'd rather scorn those who sit so serious.
We can burn down this city,
Torch the town to ash with me
But only to laugh that it really hit the ground
Don't worry, we are all survivors, all around.
I don't need your money, don't insult my mind.
I'm a soldier of a different kind.

You can say I'm nobody,
In a sea of passing people populating a plot
Because the train for me just doesn't stop,
Time doesn't move for me and it doesn't not
I'm here like you with a name attached
But from me to you, I'm just a faceless man
I'm not special, I didn't participate,
I didn't do good or great and most of your demons,
I am nobody, so how could I relate?

I could say you are nobody,
Or we can shake hands and be now known.
We can discuss our interests, the lives we've grown.
We can be special in a sense that I made you so,
We can have heated discussions making time slow
Or laugh until the sun dawns then sets.
But truly i must admit,  I'm in a hurry and must be going.
a nobody someone almost met.
listening out for the catch, through the ordered lines
then running into familiar counter-melodies
that hit the gut like surprise meetings with old friends

pushing against the current
you write the soul’s ebb and flow of discovering
break and breakaway, meet again

figuring it out along the way, slipping back,
humble, soft vulnerability of emitting,
rolling out in music and codes interior landscapes
A poem about how it can feel to listen to Elliott Smith's music and lyrics
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