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Andreas Simic Jan 30
Time Passes
I get a reminder email
Who from whom I regale
Some poetry website
Reminding me that I used to write

As I look at the date of that work
How is it possible it was so long ago
Where did the time go
Was I too busy to put words to pen

Or what else has taken my Zen
To share what talent I do have
In relating what I know of life
Even if it cuts like a knife
Where have those years gone
When my light so brightly shone

Having lost three friends to cancer
I wonder what is the answer

Should I not acknowledge their pain
For I am the one who does remain

Their lives were my beacon of hope
Each providing a different point of view
Of how a life well lived can affect so many
Never asking for nary a penny

And with a tear in my eye
I look upward to the sky
Hoping to catch a glimpse of
Ian, Warren and Sil
It is a tough pill
To swallow their loss

One that I cannot easily toss
And with that thought in mind
I do not want to be blind
To the blessing that they were

For me and those they knew
And for helping me as I grew

Andreas Simic
My wife's aunt just passed yesterday, Another great one moves on.
Andreas Simic May 2018
Worry less
reduce stress

Let go
have love show

Hold a hand
take a stand

Lose control
shore patrol

Distemper the temper
alleviate anger

Less of a lug
more bear hugs

Take a hike
ride my bike

Get a kiss
from my Miss

Turn off the TV
just be

Count blessings
not window dressings


Be a friend
till the end

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic May 2018
Deep down inside I knew I wasn’t good enough

Though we would share the same space
you hung out with a different crowd
the “in” crowd

The ones that were good looking
everyone wanted to be with

I was on the outside looking in
shy, reserved
sitting at the back of the class

You had friends to hang around with
I had a job to take up my time
too poor to be fashionable

Waiting for the pain of high school
to be over
which couldn’t come fast enough

Knowing in our last class
our paths would never cross again
that was how things worked in my world

Then one day while  
working under hood of my old car
you came around the corner

All the right things happened
we wed and had a great life
until the words of doubt

Wormed their way back
into my subconscious mind
deep down inside I knew I was not good enough

And then it was over…

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic Apr 2018
Le Madam

She is most like her age

Time having eroded some of her natural beauty

A few warts have appeared here and there in spots

Yet there is this blend of young and old alike melded into one

She has transformed herself from bilingual to multi-lingual

Despite this her character has little changed over a long existence

The night life she relishes still as vibrant as ever

If she was a building one would say she had age and charm

Her busyness belies her serenity

Blessed with a deep history she exudes confidence

Allowing her to grow and prosper

Into whom she is today

Nothing can dampen her spirit it seems

Though sometimes turbulent periods have been had

Through it all a humorist slant developed and enjoyed by many

Her name Montreal

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic Apr 2018
Life is indeed an incredible journey
when I was young I grew up in a different place
that place was the cause of many wars

When we left there, I was a mere child and
it was to allow us children the opportunity
for a better life and a chance for normalcy

Yet learning a new language, being ostracized
feeling the pain of being different and carrying
the stigma of being a foreigner was a heavy burden

And were all part of the process of assimilation
of fitting in, of being like everyone else
oft a painful journey both physically and mentally

Years of being different, melding to become the same
and so over time you blend in, the differences becoming
less stark, day by day, year by year

Then as if by magic you are one of them
you graduate high school and college and get a job
you have children, own a home and a standing in the community

You realize that there comes a time to forgive
forgive your parents for taking you from your old home
where you knew who you were and looked like everyone else

Forgive the other kids that bullied you and made you feel unwanted
for they were kids being kids and didn’t know any other way
to accept someone from someplace else

Forgive yourself for feeling the way you did towards them
for in the end we all learn, learn to adapt, learn about acceptance
and learn to forgive.

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic Apr 2018
I spoke to God the other day
Wanting to hear what he had to say

My ask
What is my task

Why am I here at all
Every winter, spring, summer and fall

The reply is always the same
Make a difference in a life regardless of their name

But how can I do this
When my life has been far from bliss

Why me I express again
Erstwhile checking if I am sane

For I am but one from many a billion
Some who have many a million

What makes me different from the rest
Uniquely qualified for this quest

A drop in the bucket is how I feel
Far from someone who can make this real

The answer is always a surprise
One I forget and have oft to re-surmise

No deed no matter how small
Counts equal to them all

It may make someone’s moment
Or cause them to lament

That they too have been heaven sent
To be the treasure they were meant

Each rain drop adds to the lake
This we should never forsake

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic Apr 2018
Whether it is cheek to cheek
A proper distance apart at the start
Or belly to belly just like jelly
Dancing can be fun for everyone

What does it mean to be seen dancing
Are you cool to be out there or just another square
Wanting to be included and not deluded
About your foot work skills creating chills

Is it taboo to dance with a neighbor too
Or by chance the girl next store that you adore
What a about at the school dance hoping to take a chance
We know it’s there for romance

At a wedding to celebrate or those on a date
Watching that dance show so you know
How it ought to be done can bring joy
At a bar or somewhere not that far

There is no right place to test your pace
Whether formal or out to impress in your favorite dress
You can’t really make a mess
Though lesson’s can lead to better success

Is there not a greater feeling when the girl is reeling
In your arms so close for you to get the most
Of her hand in yours eyes blazing and glazing
The heart a glow, you putting on quite the show

Or what of a child cradled in your arm away from harm
As you twirl with your young girl
For a starter you don’t need to be a martyr
You can dance even if it makes you want to prance

Dance can happen in any given season
In fact there doesn’t even need to be a reason
For you to strut your stuff
Until you have had enough

Andreas Simic©
Heading to a wedding this week and there will be dancing!
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