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Man Feb 24
rims rolling, underneath the machine moving
on a path beaten

legs of one leaving, they look good

she had a packet of sugar, what was it
she sought to sweeten

tarter than battery acid, acidic lady
who makes the mood, placid

you try, gathering to go after
to follow this feeling, disheartening

this love was a disaster
but you want more, mayday man
maybe, today
you'll get her
Kanika Chugh Jun 2020
Drifted off into the space
for I was
adamant about my perception.
People abhorred
my placid nature
for my impressions created
a ripple effect in continuous motion.
Stray thoughts I possessed
something awoken yet under-acknowledged
the unseen beauty vanished into the deepest oceans.
Armand-DeamoJC Sep 2018
Received on February 14th, valentines day
Not meant to be this way
Just for my soul to train
The cup she gave me
my valued  possession
turned to the thing
blocking progression
I drink from it
Filled with rage
Wrists un-slid
again, this stage
Keep it to tease
the beast inside me
for if I throw it away
I would be the same
that I was the day
I broke her
and threw her away
And remembered
I threw her away first
and broke her first
******* hate myself for that
AMISHA Jul 2018
Meet me where the Daisies bloom
where it often showers too.
Meet me at the crack of dawn
It will be only me and you.

Meet me where the sun-rays fall
and paint my hair auburn-red.
We'll walk around the mossy knolls
and run upon the grassy bed.

Meet me where the trees and leaves
are still dripping with the morning dew.
Meet me at the quiet end, all alone, with a placid view.

All I need is a simple gesture
or even a solemn promise from you.
Promise me you will come for me
Then I will think about it too.

K Balachandran May 2018
Placid water parts,
Up flies quick, a cormorant;
Epiphanous this!
loggi Jun 2017
On the lake
Sits a toad,
An ugly thing
Three years old
With boils,
large lumps,
And a croak
That challenges
The voice
Of an old woman
Who smokes.
Placidly he stares
Off in space,
And doesn't care
What takes a glance
And passes upon his lake.
He is a simple thing,
Three years old
Admiring tranquility
On a quiet lake.
Zero Nine Jun 2017
Anxious, strained, agitated, placid, still, dispassionate
Reference the DSM and of its many pages
Ask ad infinitum, Will you heal schism?
Lines of my shape in shade
seem monstrous when
I've been your part and whole
well before your birth
Not long ago you were
pale, *****-white
I breathed over
your mother's neck
I painted canvas
with color
K Balachandran Apr 2017
He was lake placid
Her shadow fell on water,
The lake is ablaze.
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