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OpenWorldView Jul 30
she fell from the sky
a graceful unique beauty
then melted away
dani Apr 5
You dined off my demons
My flaws are what kept you afloat
You sipped on wine
As you absorbed all of the blood
Out of my raw corpse
You left me
Unsteady, powerless
On the cold, hard ground
Without me
You would have
As you move onto your next victim
I pray that you have an allergic reaction
To her blood
LWZ Feb 23
You remind me of the changing leaves in November.
The shine and glitter on the snow mid December.
The soft pound and beat of buckets of rain,
becoming prepared for the blooming in May.

Every single day has not always been a moment to cherish, but without you by my side I would certainly perish.

You’re the shining warm sun on my face in July, and the clear blue ocean which continuously whisks by.

Most days I easily take this for granted,
yet others it’s as if my soul simply demands it.

An intensity that can last a lifetime my feelings for you evolve past one night-shine.
There’s a sharpness in the clouds as the sky turns grey, you’re the moon in dark hours when I go astray.

The malleable Earth to its rigid core,
I find you all around me, within the depths out of reach.
Forever more.
My lover told me our love is perpetual.
That like Earth itself-
It builds from nothingness lavish youth
Sprouting sun-flowers from thorns as dead
As night itself.

I tell her, what if the earth comes frugal?
And in the night’s last awakening-
Fire comes ice and wind comes dust
If the earth vanishes, shall our love then
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2018
You’re the soul to my poetry;

for my forever rests with you.
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2018
What's in sight
is a perishing lie.
To see the truth
Save the eye!
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
Why don't parallel lines meet?

Together they travel,
all through a lifetime
savouring the solitude
of each others company.

Intact their identity they keep,
never crossing each other's path, giving space
to the other to bloom,
flourishing in each other’s company.

Parallel lines do not meet
when they meet, they perish!
Railroads always fascinate me!
Irina BBota Sep 2018
Listen to my prayer, Lord! Do not let me perish!
I need you as my teammate whom I deeply cherish!
Don't let the good remain unpaid and be envious
in this greedy world where everything is perfidious!

Help me, Lord, to stay for eternity in your cathedral!
Let me see my children well, protect them from evil!
Do not let them fall into the panic of this society,
but to trust, to believe in high-aspirations with piety!

Raise me up, Lord, pick my heart up from the floor!
Don't let my words be spoken for nothing, like before!
Give my mother and my sister good health, if you could,
to see them happy here in my neighborhood!

Catch me, Lord, if I should ever fall again!
Do not let me get into dreadful Satan's hell!
Leave me here with my both feet on the ground,
let me see the denouement of my life! Now I'm found!

Teach me, Lord, the secret of two gathered hands!
Touch my soul with prayers that are so intense!
Have mercy on me, give me strength to bear my cross,
to find out where peace and serenity are! Not to get lost!
Anne Scintilla Jun 2018
For a simple wish
Count on something to perish
Nothing to cherish.
we take so many things for granted. worth is depends on perspective, please make sure you get to see it in all directions.

thank you for reading!!
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