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Hammad Oct 9
We all take
slow poison
willingly -  when we allow
toxic people in our life
to exploit
our vulnerabilities,
to prey
on our weaknesses...
to infest
their misery
on our blessings...
My dear
I have seen them casting spells
so evil
that they left nothing
but a dry, barren and empty soul....
Allesha Eman Oct 8
I lay here searching for wakefulness
hours after sunrise.
Outside, remnants of a soft pink rest
among new-born grey clouds,  
And embers of a morning sun fade away.

I admire the transitioning sky, remembering how this life is a mystifying blur made of hellos and goodbyes.
My codes transcripted possession;
Thirsting for the smell of gold,
Craving the touch of marbles.
I watched time fading like a cloud,
Together with my chance to smile,
My chance to spread a thanksgiving.
A grateful heart, richer than the mud.
A pure wisdom, in having multi-loves.
A glory in my belly, a peaceful shade.
Then I loved myself more than ever.
Contentment, prolific complacency.
Joyful streams which broke through,
And a soothing piece of love to share.
Nalinee Aug 29
I'm ok
With one colour
Why rainbows try to flatter
I'm ok
In dark
Why sparks need to remark
It's not ok.
This thing , that thing
We're never satisfied
When shall we ever let it go?

More this, more that
We never get enough
Why can't we ever let it go?

You've got just one life
Learn to enjoy it
Worry about nothing

I just have one wish
Just one wish
Knowing what you have is more than gold

Jealousy and envy
Choking our daily lives
Why give it the way to be so?

Want what your friend have
Neglecting what you have
Why don't you value what's your own?

We all have something
Be content with yours
And worry about nothing

I just have one wish
Just one wish
That you know what you have is more than gold

Be content with what you have
Mark Toney Aug 17
be not content with one flower of truth—gather ever truth’s bouquet

© 2020 Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
8/17/2020 - Poetry form: Monoku - © 2020 Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Alex Aug 1
Lucky people stays lucky,
While the unlucky ones,
Try and try,
Seeks for something,
Until they truly realize,
Their true happiness found in something,
They wouldn't call luck,
Out of misfortunes and tragedies,
Contentment is what they'd  found,
Dnlbllrd Jul 27
On my journey to the never land
Where amber waves stretch far and bright
People trek with their vase hugging it tight
For their fear to lose their tiny vessel of joy

On my journey to the never land
Where pitfalls lurk in the shadow of trail
Some just alighted for a break
While some people camped their life
with their vase

On my journey to the never land
Where broken dreams shatter
The place was filled with mourning air
For their vessel, they didn't take care

On my journey to the never land
I found myself lost in this trail,
We're about to cross
Where's my vase did I left it there?
We all have our vessels of happiness that we carry in our life long journey. Some chose success in life while struggling to carry their vessel of happiness, some chose to stay contented with their happy life, some mourn for they have lost theirs. While some are just lost because they haven't found their vessel or maybe they have lost it already, no one knows.
I lay my body down                          in the lush by the river.
with the sun I'll depart                   to the other side.
For far too long I've tried               to make home of love;
bricks of support,                              mortar of laughter.
I would build a house                      that drowned each year.
A thousand kisses                             couldn't save it
from the slightest huff                     of the summer wind.  
I guess for some people,                  love is a rental apartment;
comfortable,                                        but never really yours.
So I collect my silver                        and wave to Charon
upon his boat I'll travel                   to the other side.
I pack loaves of love                         and morsels of hope
to sustain my soul                              in the arduous voyage
along the monstrous spine            of the river Styx.
I will try to build a home              again, this time
with  sand of heartbreak,               cement of despair.
I'll line the walls with                    the love I carried
and pray to Styx,                               to bring all her might
on my tiny home.                               This time
                                       it won't drown.
Happiness in an electromagnetic energy
Which flows from person to person in a liturgy
We say hallelujah in harmonious synergy
The joy spreads like ripples of the sea of Sicily
The spirit is contagious
Shining bold and religious
That smile expressed is prodigious
Mirrored from me to you which is unpretentious
The feeling is a supernatural high
Like the sun rays which pervade the sky
Expressing our soul's chi
A revelation of our energy that can electrify
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