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I can’t wait until I’m                      content.

                                  in the heavens
Zander 2d
And this is it,

the life I want.

I thought I couldn't have it all.

I thought it was too much of a price to pay.

I thought it was all for nothing...

but here I am.

I made it, and by my side-

Is You.

They almost made me forget how much I love you.

But how could I possibly?

You are My Breath, My Life...

You make me who I am.

You taught me how to be me.

And yes, some things I have to do alone

But today, I'd rather be with you than to be anywhere else.

Thank you for showing me how to love.

And even though I haven't figured it out yet,

Maybe one day you can teach me how to love myself too.
He's burgeon from mind and soul
Trivialized only by what folks sow
A man I hope, life grows to know .

His mettle ways can be so sore
Meddling with one's heart like an open court,
But chafed love knows not of caulk flows
And I'm of trepidation of growing old,
without his love.

But assurance made, cue's all doubts ever feared
Leaving me assuaging in the satiation of life
I had closed my door on him
He knew why,
A thick layer of grime covered him
He had not bathed for many years
And stank.

He was the poet whose poems
People knew by heart,
While he did not retain them
For more than two days at the most
His publishers called for more,
They needed him to survive,
Therefore, fed him intermittently.
He was still alive incognito
Battling his wit with surmise
Wondering as to why each year
His birthday drew maximum attention worldwide
Of people who did not personally know him
And did not invite him
As they celebrated.

I was aware that he dreamed of a brighter future,
Strived to spell out a new world
Without destroying old relations,
This was just not enough.
He who cannot take care of himself
Cannot be my hero,
He should not meddle with our future.
Also, I detest ***** people,
I cannot tolerate their stench.
Shes a young woman in a red flower dress.
Surrounded by a charm of hummingbirds.
A young girl full of forbidden energy flickering in the gloom.
Ardent to compensate through the indulgence in sense of pleasure. An attempt to extinguish dissatisfaction by gratifying desire.
The approach gives pleasure, but the won is gross, transitory and devoid of deep contentment.
She prays but gets no special dispensation for this believe now.
A sobbing whisper in the throat of a mermaid.
All is left is to transcend by recognition of the futility of desire.
She found her middle way, now she must give rise to vision, which will rise to knowledge and lead her to inner peace.
Steve Parker Apr 28
Nectar of the honey bee, serene
My light wispy treasure in the sky
If all the stars turned to glass and shattered
For just one more moment on your lips
The morning is perfect for the moon

....and you are perfect for me
Seanathon Apr 19
Reteach me the lesson
Not greatest of all
But most pertinent to me
Which dissolves all resentment
Teach me that of contentment
Ambition needs its limits
Eric Apr 17
To tell a story I cannot keep , you came to me in a dream . your name was blissfully placed , in my mind and all I thought about was your face . how you loved, how you acted.   even the smile that you seem to have  rejected. I sat in class in silence . but in my mind I was committing relationship violence.  I took the step to contact you my first day out . and without a doubt I knew you was mine before you found out . I asked to hang just as friends , then you brought a friend . who soon went home and we began our night all over again . on that stage with no music playing.  you was the only rhythm I was dancing . we made love on that stage an it , made my heart complete ,it torn every sheet , I ever woven over my heart . it's deep . you have seeped into my mind , with feelings so Devine . that I forgot that there was a thing like time . I went away to a place you couldn't stay . a place I still regret till this day . prison is the word I'm trying to say. but you stuck by my side anyway . you was my Outlook my future . my love . and everything now an days looks as if I gave up . did I? or did you forget what our love was.  my bad side turned out , you was scared of me , but I was scared of losing you without a doubt . all these accusations ? when did they even come about ? . why question my love in mornings light , or even when I kissed you every night goodnight . what happen to us planning our daughter , just so you could send my heart into a slaughter . I was dealing with cancer , and I'm sorry I forgot my anger . when condemned with such a burden , when I'd give my life to a stranger . but I filled you with anger . your took my house , my home , my love , and my daughter . and you wonder why I cut to relieve everything that you've  deceived .I feel like there's nothing left of me . when everyday was to work hard for a roof over your head , you see . I made that a part of me . I made that a goal to be . not for someone else to envy me , and take my heart like it's a enemy . that's what's inside of me . even the days that it's hard to see , that our love could be , but still I'm fighting with every bit of me . to keep me , from destorying your dreams . as you destroyed my every dream . cause you thought it was impossible to be . now I'm blind and I cant see babe. you left me heartless , and I feel as if I'm fading . to the back of your mind I'm a cheater . a two timing peice of **** wife beater . how is her mind so twisted since I met her . everyone tells me I can do better . but I lover her so much , I let her . break me down to the very sound of my heart beating in my ear . even when we ain't close my heart still beats for you dear . in time you'll know by the stories told . that you was my one and only love , to grow old.
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