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TD Sep 19
Verde the solace seethes
jealous of the tumbling wind
tossing bountiful waves about
in careless patulous splendor.

Out of the burning light
tendrils warm anfractuous trails
placid to the touch
alive beneath leathery veins.

Their tenuous links splinter
unaware of their impending plight.
The nights will give way
to mornings of gold and dying.

But I know--
after it all
new life will bring solace
the company she longs for
--once more.
Inspired by: the moments of contentment I felt when standing near our old madrone tree, as a child, before when I felt alone, and after when I was surrounded by love.

Solace isn't being alone
only that we've experienced it
and understand
there is more life
that we haven't met.
All of a sudden
we're just contented
of getting what we need-
what we wanted to be,
no detour that misleads,
no pavement to put our paces through.
We just got by the humidity
and a little bit gloom
you're facing the unknown
half shy exposed.
you asked me, not to look back,
no push restart
and I nestled strangely with ease.
Pine trees grow toward a
Heaven they will never reach
Perfectly content
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Donna Aug 2
Don’t let no one take
away your happiness , live
it and love it well
(A gradual dream of more)

the Scale of Continued Practical Worth, is set...

one pan holds our Mind Born As Is
Dueling in the opposite tray, lay the Experienced Mind With Growth,  
beginning to tip into an immediate fluttering imbalance

Dissatisfaction debuts as
mid-crowning meets first breath
The pre-cradle screams
Run parallel with the desire for want

A leveled contentment
is laid out in a pasture of vast
to be taken possession of
Keeping forever,
within immediate grasp
Too tangible to breach  

While “the more, the better” is what is the vehicle driving us to this jaded result

We never stop striving for the bigger next better. So long as this goes on, comfort and contentment get lost in the past, as years blow away the life of ease
when and where we would have wanted for nothing
Cné Jul 1
Breathe the bright moments
in life and hold them.
Let them go gently
as you would
release a butterfly.
For they will come back with love.
Let love come to you
as a soft breeze finds you
in a quiet moment
in a sweltering afternoon.
Love will return in perfect passion.
Grasp passion with both hands
and hold onto it
until you have wrung
all the heat from it you can,
then release it
as a sigh of contentment.
Dwell in each moment
of contentment
as you would savor
the perfect moment in life.
Life, love, passion and contentment
come to us all,
but they stay with those
who appreciate them.
Be the one who appreciates them.

ktle Jun 15
My mind used to run
A day ahead
And sometimes
It would get lost in
Weeks ahead.

All I can think about
Is you and me
Feet buried in cool sand.
One towel to shield us
From the ocean breeze.
My head on your shoulder
Your head resting against mine.

And how beautiful it is—
The world in our now.
and i hope our now can last forever
Zizile Tantsi Jun 13
I had a dream last night, one where I was whisked away in the arms of a love.
A love so pure even angels envy it, Sweet like honey,
dripping from the top of my head, capturing the essence of my soul,
in doing so, moulding me and gently teaching me how to feel
A love that completes me and makes me whole. Listen, I dreamt of a love
An unconventional, but familiar kind of love.
One that doesn’t need to conform to what’s supposedly normal
But a carefree kind of love that is not subjected to rules but governed by free will, the will to love.
One that gives me hope and rids me of my burdens and in turn gives me peace and blissful happiness.
A love whose mandate is complete and utter contentment.
An unfamiliar yet pleasant warm feeling, I must confess.
But as the sun wakes to caress my skin in the morning, I slowly realise that it was just a dream, mere expansions of my deepest desires, longing to be fulfilled.
Chandler Ames Jun 11
what good is the strongest motor
if the boat is sailed into the rocks
thus, what good is our desire
if it motivates us to destruction
humanity, all hedonist and epicurean
every pleasure exists, to man, in a closed palm
as fists **** the butterflies of pleasure
in an attempt to make permanent
what is by nature fleeting
let go
open your hand
admire and enjoy
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