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Lu Wilson Jan 26
I breathe, I close my eyes and I drift  
I'm so happy, but still wanting to cry

Air fills my chest this is truly a gift
Bidding farewell to all that why

I open my eyes and breath again
Singing praise yet quietly screaming out

Releasing this dark aggressing bane
Grateful, now hopefully liberating doubt
Good news, full heart
Lu Wilson Jan 11
An impending procedure looms
Results of which no one can assume

Nerves and butterflies with a dash of fear
Feeling helpless as the time grows near

I need peace of mind and a calm heart
Pleading with myself not to fall apart

Will it hurt or will I just hold back the tears
Will this all fade away or haunt me for years

I have no control and that's the worst feeling
The waiting and unknowing, praying for healing
#biopsy #hope #fear

— The End —