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Jana Pelzom Jan 11
It’s a consolation;
We are alone in this world,
But not alone
In our loneliness.
The strangers that pass by ©️ 2021 Jana Pelzom
M Solav Jan 1
You deserve no pity for it was done in earnest;
Declaring innocence’s a consolation at best;
Like us all through mortality you were put to the test;
Carelessness’ a testimony upon which you now may rest.

Against famine you took the lead by unsheathing the sword,
Spilling blood amidst the pleads without believing the word.
Our tribunal for this affair will have your future sealed;
The trial may not seem fair, but so never were your deeds.
Written in July 2019.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Naveen Malhotra Aug 2020
We may embed you in a constellation
To give us consolation
The FACTUM is otherwise
You are beyond space and time
Michael R Burch May 2020
Your Gift
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

Counsel, console.
This is your gift.
Calm, kiss and encourage.
Tenderly lift
each world-wounded heart
from its fatal dart.
Mend every rift.
Bid pain, “Depart!”
Save every sorrow
for your own untaught heart.
Marga 梅香 Apr 2020
my heart wants to heard,
but everything else is blurred
and the world isn't capable of listening.

and so i resulted to writing,
hoping that the pen and the paper
could give me consolation.
then, i finally found solace.
daily poems! ♡
Agatha Prideaux Apr 2020
Crisp summer breeze tickle wreaths of May blooms
Yellow flats traipse blocks where blue ocean looms
Serene waves greet shore's walls in fervent kiss
Moon's afterglow brush the scene in pure bliss

Fine sand witness time like dateless heirlooms
Brine's musk basks nightfall in coastal perfumes
Woven foams' calm poise in fond reminisce
With each cycle's ending, they go amiss

Red heels graze concrete in sultry whispers
As the salt-rimmed glass plays in my fingers
Gotcha!—my hapless victim for tonight

Caught my breath, it only faintly lingers
In front I stand, a door with four ciphers
"Aphrodite, save me" begins the plight
Day 6 of #NaPoWriMo 2020. Wrote a sonnet again for the first time in years. Pleased with how it turned out.
Debbie Lydon Oct 2019
Sun's glory set alight the autumn leaves I saw this morning,
It kindled consolation for my 9 am start,
Tyranny of traffic and bustling city found me yawning,
But they were no match for autumn's fire that did calm this anxious heart.

A beauty bitter sweet is oft more potent than just sugar,
Sweetness alone won't the seeds of awe sow,
Autumn knows her time is short and demands you look at her,
She was so bold this morning, she had given us a rainbow.
Ahnaf Jul 2019
Take me somewhere
Where I can fold your clothes
And sing a song for you

If I could know
The sorrows and dreams
that bring you to your knees

I would sit back
Take your stack
And fold it right down the middle

It's all I could do for you
Put a crease
In your sad dreams
Alan S Bailey Jul 2019
Some consolation...
I **** at all the things I'm BEST AT.
That's how I feel now.
Sorry to ruin everything for everyone.
I will go away now.
Please God, pray let me disappear somehow.
Shah Fahad Sani Jun 2019
Come, see, I have some pain in chest,
Come, let me put your arms around me!
Here, see the coldness in my soul,
Come let me hear the sound of your breath,

Come, hide yourself in my breast,
Come let's escape from this world
Let me steal from hearts of others
Come, Let me shed all the tears of grief,

I've a home, conquered by your absence,
A heart, stabbed by your desolation,
Let me be the consolation under your feet,
Come, let me hear my name from your tongue!
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