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your green eyes were as the mint

which gives good smell

and satisfy inner soul

let your sad out

throw it with your happy

and told yourself with confident

if the morning comes

the dark sure escapes
thetime is short when lovers talk and approach. let us forget our hate and face our enemy
annh Sep 2019
As the twilight contracts
And outstretching sleep escapes me,
The darkness offers me its small hand to hold,
Sighing gratefully for the flame I place in the window
To pass the night through.

Mike Groves Jul 2019
The thoughts in my mind continually race;
I need something to slow down this awful pace;
I need to hear the crashing of the waves;
maybe a peaceful mountaintop where you just sit and gaze;
Just something to give my mind some space;
A way to empty my mind, like a runner does his legs;
The kind of quiet where if you pause it gives you grace;
for me this peace was never a specific place;
it could be staring at the sky, burning in the sun's rays;
it could be a memory that lasted a second but to me it was days;
something to make me feel small, like I've vanished from my body without a trace;
My mind can float safely here as writing is My escape.
Colm Sep 2018
In an empty room
No sun is there but you

At a day of gloom
No cloud escapes the moon

At a daily pass
No dream was meant to last

As the dreams may be
No one will last for me
No cloud escapes the moon
EmilyBatdorf Oct 2017
The familiar whirlwind of emotion rises up again,
a never-ending cycle of heavy, dark clothes,
a few light delicates throw in, barely visible  
and fading
This weekly ritual, the pauses, the tone,
memorized down to the digit.
I grow weary, carrying out the motions and
Dreaming of the end, hanging it all out to dry
to be embraced by the ever-welcoming sun and its
loving, warm rays.
Pax Jul 2017
No lies escapes someone's sharp mind.
just saying, quick reminder, a quote, 6 words story.
A bed of
a lad in

A lad in a bed of creased sheets catching crumpling dreams as the night falls apart,

I'd better start something or better to be snoozing?


Friday it's okay and two sachets of sugar with one spoon of instant,
it smells hot and tastes sweet

My eye's full of glue and my head's a marshmallow, the day ahead looks so deep and my breathing is shallow,

Nobody says,
poor fellow.
In the madness of a morning when everything's a chandelier I'm never really clear about anything,.
Atiya Ebony Jan 2015
Craving space.
Not the distance but the place
Where galaxies exist
And stars collide
Higher than the sky
From a **** of my pipe
I Fly
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