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Rama Krsna Jul 29
tis a perfect summer evening. a blood shot moon inches across the night sky in the city of sin. the sage and the enchantress sit at an outdoor cafe under a lantern lit tent exchanging life stories, as a vintage bottle of ‘82 margaux loses its virginity.  

she could’ve been off the cover of Vogue. clad in haute couture, her slit eyes sparkle like the diamond butterfly ring, she elegantly sports. her complexion near flawless. he on the other hand, a hippie, a yogi and ancient as Rome. living proof that the hour glass can indeed be brutal on a city dweller.

her doe eyes dart from the past to the future while his steady gaze stays in the present. quite like the burning candle on their table. the mercury dips into the night as saintly time simply goes rogue.

written in the stars
this unusual kinship ~~
beauty and the beast

© 2021
S Smoothie Jun 28
Not one but all,
No true hate was ever born
without love abandoned,
rejected, abused, or scorned
Love is every positive and negative
facet of emotion
Divine and literal

Its wealth disguised by its true name -


Without this blind fumbling fool
We are of no use, no consequence,
no matter.
Where there is no love,
there is no existence
Only inertia.

Your deepest hate
is your deepest love in reverse
these can never be separated;
except by degrees.
like a galactic elastic band;
as far as you go for one,
you will enviably be flung to the other.
That's how energy survives,
it changes form but never dies
and life is love in all its forms


You are its expression devine
Love is us
Anais Vionet Oct 2020
I feel like we could
sing one of those righteous
civil rights anthems.

“We shall overcome”
goes to the pandemic point,
and we could hold hands.

Our kinship is dear, and earned,
with simple sacrifices.
Our struggle isn’t over.
we're going through something - together - but we aren't being drawn together
This poet paints a pristine picture
Using unique written words

A kaleidoscopic kinship with kindness
An avalanche of artistry
Astoundingly absurd

This poet plays a pantomime of pathological perfection
This pristine painted picture was the sum of all her worth
i tried to paint a picture
old willow Sep 2020
In Autumn river, my thought drift and came.
The people are flaky as withered leaf,
their fickleness that put my past to shame.
A once vibrant pears is now not so green.
Name lost in time, face forgotten;
the person is now foreign.
old willow Sep 2020
Blood is thicker than water.
A drop of water can shatter the greatest hardness,
can blood do the same?
With blood as ink,
Water as canvas,
kingdom fell and rises.
Kinship is perpetual;
blood represent ill-omen,
and fortune.
Catnip Lily Jun 2020
Brace indefinitely one another
Our bond is made in heaven thereunder
Not just anyone except each other
The day seems shorter
The night seems forever
But if we have each other
Nothing should matter
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by Michael R. Burch

O pale, austere moon,
haughty beauty ...

what do we know of love,
or duty?

Keywords/Tags: moon, pale, austere, haughty, beauty, goddess, love, kin, kinship, duty
Andreas Simic Mar 2018
First of all it’s free and it may be a sign of glee

It can light up a room clearing the gloom

From small beginnings it can turn into laughter thereafter

Apparently it takes a lot of muscle for it to win out that tussle

Some call it a frown upside down

When flashed upon approach it can help someone coach

Something a mile wide and possibly creating mirth inside

So take it out for a spin feel the joy it will bring

Flash those pearly whites and gain new insights

To what will make your heart sing and its stirring

Who knows where it can lead when planted like a seed

Perhaps kinship or friendship is on its way this day

All from that thing that’s free and others can clearly see

A smile in the aisle

Andreas Simic©
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