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S Smoothie Dec 2015
It's a painful stretch to re-loving
Gargoyles in clusters clutch at my heart
Talons pierced and locked wings wrapped upon layers
Pulling each one away takes insufferable self violence
Just to clear a small space to let you through
Too many years of inequity
have placed needs burning in my heart  
you struggle to relinquish your control,
Your gift of consideration is noted.
Your changes have exceeded my expectations
Though we are nowhere near even.
Still, I play it peachy,
Your tenderness, your keeness to please me
Is unnerving,
too little,  too late
Your heart whispers squeal like whistles in the hunt
Unsettling the watchdog beasts
Growling and snarling
Clawing tighter at the leather pith of a stone heart
Your own needs are barking
Your expectations are going to be laid,
I'm letting blood Before your debt is even paid
It's going to be different this time...
Claws tighten, wings gripping tighter
Artehoke heart,
just another set up
I keep anticipating the fall.
I go on pretending in the hope It will become real
Your darkness permeates
your dark love kills
Still, there's something about you
I can't live without.
Folder the kind of pain love rubs in your face
SøułSurvivør Mar 2015
and gargoyles

v  v  v
>     an     <
> angel <
###          down          ###
######          from         ######
########/heaven sat on########
#######/a gargoyle's wing#######
#####/said she, "too bad youre#####
###/hideous! such an ugly thing!###
###\the gargoyle said nothing/###
so the angel said, nonplussed
"too bad you have to
stay on earth and
cannot fly with us"
the gargoyle just sat
there. The angel left
alone. the gargoyle
shed not one tear
for he was made of
V               V
ekaj revae Nov 2014
One eyed Doug is dead,
Mario told Trey
at the foot of the trail
where they caught each other
sneaking up to the old civil war fort.

they walked up together
where the trees made it
seem later in the day,

catching the stride
through the deep shadows to the top.
They heard the fire
cracking and voices stirring the embers,
stirring all the Coyote and Deer
to the outskirts, away from
Justin and Nick, resting at home,
Sitting with newly lit eyes
Glazed against the giant logs
Gargoyle’s roasting
slowly in the fire

Mario lifts the log
where Doug always sat, that somehow
never got burned.
He lifts it high,
like a ghost
they see in the slant
of the train bridge walls.
Shoves it hard
breaking open new fires
breaking apart
the civil war owl
rising up from the ashes
Now's the time where magic starts to change the world we see
Where mist and moonlight intersect making everything anew
Darkness spreads it's blanket and it grasps the fading light
As the devil dances with the shadows on the moon

Children run from house to house begging for one treat more
While in the darkness, evil waits to venture from the void
The innocence is fleeting as it ends before the hour
While the devil dances with the shadows on the moon

Gargoyles break their concrete holds and spread their wings to fly
Taking back the night before the dawn of a new day
Evil hides in alleyways in costumes we all know
While the devil dances with the shadows on the moon

No zombie walks or howling wolf is out upon this night
Creatures of the past are waiting to come forth
Imaginary monsters to keep children in their beds
While the devil dances with the shadows on the moon

At midnight proper all will change and souls will be reborn
And those who signed a pact will fade away
Transferring souls on this dark night happens without noise
While the devil dances with the shadows on the moon

Witches fly among the clouds on broomsticks we are told
But these are only stories spread to keep the good at bay
The night sky is inhabited by those who fear the light
While the devil dances with the shadows on the moon

The sun will rise as it always does with the night before laid waste
As the gargoyles settle in as guardians for the year
One night is all the devil has to gather up his treats
and wait again in darkness to dance with the shadows on the moon
Amy Perry Jul 2014
I'm so happy,
I could dance on the moon
To an a cappella symphony.
The shine in my face
Could give starlight
To a galaxy in billions of years,
And that will be my memory.
I'm so happy,
Mona Lisa will grin in return.
Gargoyles in Gothic cathedrals
Will cease their snarling stares.
I'm so happy,
And you are in the background.
I can dance to a cappella,
But not to the white noise
You emit.
I personally like this one very much. Will be interesting to see what readers think.

— The End —