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Sep 9 · 455
coffee girl Sep 9
Sana sa mga oras na ako’y ubos na,
Andyan ka sana para bigyan ako ng pag-asa.
Sa mga pagkakataong ayaw ko na,
Yakapin mo sana ako at ‘di na pakawalan pa.

Mga yakap na siyang nagbibigay lakas,
Na wari’y isang lakas na nagsisilbing lunas,
Lunas sa mga sakit na hindi maipaliwanag,
Sa pagsasamang tila nauubusan na ng liwanag.

Mahal, isang mahipit na yakap,
Pantakip sa katotohanang hindi natin matanggap
you feel the sadness???? lol
Sep 9 · 346
coffee girl Sep 9
You should find you and nobody else but you.
Nobody can understand what you've been through and why you did what you did.
Because at the end of the day, you only have yourself.
You can only understand, you.
self love is all that matters everyone! :)))
Sep 9 · 597
Moon and stars
coffee girl Sep 9
You will see the light of the star you always adored at night.
One day, the moon will serve as your savior from drowning in the darkness of your own past.
And these lights will then guide you into taking the right path.
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Sep 9 · 468
Late night
coffee girl Sep 9
Rainy night, dimmed light,
Felt cold having a blurred sight.
Crying. Sobbing. Wondering.
Is there still a happy ending?
these words really fits what i am feeling right now 🥲
Mar 2020 · 707
coffee girl Mar 2020
sa ilalim ng mga ngiti sa aking labi,
ay may nakatagong lungkot at pighati,
naguguluhan sa mga desisyong pinipili,
patuloy na pagku-kuwestiyon sa sarili.

pilit inaalam kung ako ba'y may importansya,
sa mga taong tinulungan kong magkaroon ng pag-asa,
lubos ang pagbibigay at aking isinakripisyo,
ngunit bakit tila wala naman yatang epekto?

pipilin lamang sa oras ng pangangailangan,
babalewalain sa oras na hindi mabigay ang kanilang kailangan,
ganito ba talaga ang mundo?
kilala ka lang kapag kaya **** ibigay ang kanilang gusto?

hindi nila nakikita ang aking kalungkutan,
dahil hindi naman nila gustong malaman,
at sino ba naman ako para magreklamo?
isang taong tumulong sa kanilang bumagon sa mundong magulo.
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Mar 2020 · 295
coffee girl Mar 2020
maaaring pwede at maaaring hindi,
lungkot laban sa ngiti,
ikaw laban sa ako,
tayo laban sa mundo.

sa bawat sandali na nakakasama ka,
ang mga ngiti sa labi’y ‘di maipinta,
ngunit sa kabila nito’y may mga humuhusga,
mabuting itigil daw ito dahil hindi tama.

ano nga bang dapat na gawin?
sa mga alaalang ginawa natin,
mga bugso ng ating damdamin,
itutuloy pa ba o pipilitin na lamang pigilin?
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Oct 2017 · 3.5k
for Maureen Wroblewitz
coffee girl Oct 2017
rossy cheeks and pretty eyes,
pointed nose and lovely smiles.
humbly speaks in every way,
gets more beautiful day by day.

she walks as if her soul is on fire,
that many people really admire.
she can barely make my heart flutter,
even by just standing right in the corner.

many people tried to bring her down,
but she didn’t let them take her crown.
though haters hate her even more,
her kindness remains, that’s what I really adore.

confidently proud of what she is,
she’s just really such a masterpiece.
appeared to be soft but defeats blunt with keen,
how can you not love a girl like Maureen?
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Oct 2017 · 584
She’s Hurt
coffee girl Oct 2017
she’s hurt and she cries,
screams as if she’s going to die,
but do you even hear her?
no, because you don’t even bother.

she’s hurt and she smiles,
believed each and every of your lies,
though she already knew it’s fruit,
she set aside all of the truth.

she’s hurt and she’s scared,
because none of you really cared,
for your love is too sweet,
that makes her hard to breathe.

she’s hurt but still loved you,
eventhough you made her feel blue,
believed you once again,
but never forget that the pain left a stain.
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Oct 2017 · 473
Blurred Love
coffee girl Oct 2017
it gets blurry, it gets wavy,
sometimes things really gets crazy,
tears flow as the rain does,
don’t let everything have rust.

it gets blurry, it gets tough,
some things aren’t really enough,
turn of events may happen as the tape roll,
but don’t let everything fall.

blurred love may be complicated as it seems,
but complication is what love screams,
a love without complication is already dead,
like a body who doesn’t have a blood anymore to bled.
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Oct 2017 · 2.9k
coffee girl Oct 2017
mukha mo’y paulit-ulit na inaalala,
kasabay ng paulit-ulit kong pagluha,
mata ko’y pasulyap-sulyap,
ikaw ang palaging hinahanap-hanap.

tuluyan na akong nalunod,
at tuluyan na akong inanod,
sa aking bawat pagtingin,
bumubugso ang aking damdamin.

sa oras ng iyong paglingon,
tila naguluhan ako sa sitwasyon,
ang lahat ba ng akala ko ay umaayon?
mahal mo na ba ako ngayon?

sa iyong paglakad, ako’y napatagilid,
sa aking mata’y may luhang nangingilid,
sapagkat sa iba ka lumapit,
at heto ako, tiniis na lamang ang nadaramang sakit.
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Aug 2017 · 369
The Promise
coffee girl Aug 2017
you promised to be with me til death,
remember? i don't think so, you already forgot,
the together forever we promised with each other,
left me here all alone , crying in the corner.

why do you have to be the cause of my laughters?
if you'll just leave me full of tears,
why do you have to be the cause for my life to have purpose?
if you'll just leave me full of sorrows.

before, you're the reason of my racing heart,
now, you're the reason why my heart is torn apart,
to the person who made my heart sore,
thank you for the memories i still store.
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Aug 2017 · 866
coffee girl Aug 2017
she is the kind of a girl who is keen,
like a foxglove flower that i've never seen,
beautiful and elegant on its looks,
but seems to be very poisonous.

a bell-shaped highly toxic flower,
a life ruiner and a happiness killer,
a flower that is very dangerous,
that love requires you to be very cautious.

she can cause irregular heart function,
severe pain and hallucination,
that's the reason why it's hard to love,
a girl that's like a foxglove.
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Aug 2017 · 299
coffee girl Aug 2017
i saw you with the one you love,
she's really lucky for the things she have,
does she know that she have my world?
does she even know your worth?

while i was staring at the both of you,
i didn't know what to do,
my eyes became wet,
teardrops i felt.
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Aug 2017 · 710
coffee girl Aug 2017
i looked at your eyes,
it always looked so nice,
whenever i stare,
you're always looking at her.

i realized, i'm really different from her,
i guess she's a whole lot better,
i guess i can't really have your heart,
and our story can never be restart.
ig: seluriing
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Aug 2017 · 418
coffee girl Aug 2017
i was trapped in this darkness,
i was left so helpless,
then i found you standing infront of me,
smiling so perfectly and freely.

as i saw you there,
all things disappear,
you and me was the only thing left,
lighting the whole place filled with darkness.
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Aug 2017 · 847
coffee girl Aug 2017
i thought it's gone,
i thought it's done,
but my love for you,
grows in every little thing you do.

i know you'll ruin my world,
yet i faced it being so bold,
the love i had for you have a little bit of hate,
hate for making me fall so hard, my classmate.
ig: seluriing
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Aug 2017 · 212
coffee girl Aug 2017
we have different choices in life,
be killed or **** with a knife?
we have to make wise decisions,
we have to find a better solutions.

people come and go they say,
accept it or not, no human is meant to stay.
wrong or right?
leave or fight?
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Aug 2017 · 383
coffee girl Aug 2017
we all have our own fears,
a fear that'll be the cause of our tears,
it may be the reason of our sadness,
that may lead to loneliness.

but then we must conquer it all,
face our fears so that we won't fall,
throw away your anxiety,
and show some bravery.
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Aug 2017 · 249
coffee girl Aug 2017
i remember the moment i lose hope,
the moment i realize that i should stop,
that time when i surrender myself up,
that moment that i gave up.

i realized that i'm really really tired,
i already new my worth and protect my pride,
but each time i saw you,
i can't help myself but to fall back in love with you.

the harder i tried to get rid of this feelings of mine,
the stronger i tried to stick with the word "i'm fine",
the more i thought that we're through,
the more i fall and fall in love with you and everything you do.
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Aug 2017 · 197
coffee girl Aug 2017
i tried bringing it back,
i tried unlocking the lock,
yet you continued closing the door,
and it really makes my heart sore.

don't you appreciate my worth?
don't you notice all of my efforts?
why are you always finding someone,
if you always found the wrong woman?

please give me another chance,
if not, please lend me your last glance,
for i am too weak to see you walking away,
so please, can you atleast stay?
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Aug 2017 · 883
I Am A Worthless Person
coffee girl Aug 2017
i am a worthless person, i know,
value me? i hope so,
i admit i'm not perfect,
sometimes i do overreacted.

making conclusions,
making suspicious reactions,
creating nonsense illusions,
mistakes in every actions.

i am a worthless person, i know,
prioritize me? i hope so,
i'm not commanding you,
but still, i hope you do.

you complain about what you read and hear,
but what if i disappear?
will you even feel?
these grudges i don't want to reveal.
ig: seluriing
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Aug 2017 · 6.5k
coffee girl Aug 2017
ilang beses na akong naniwala,
naniwala sa mga mapanlinlang na salita,
naniwala sa mga mapagpanggap na gawa,
ngunit sa bandang huli'y trinato na parang wala.

ilang beses na rin akong pinangakuan,
pinangakuan na hindi ako sasaktan,
pinangakuan na ako'y aalagaan,
ngunit sa bandang huli ako pala'y iiwan.

kaya ako'y may gustong hilingin,
sana ito'y iyong dinggin,
sa bawat salitang aking babanggitin,
sana ito'y iyong tuparin.

dahil sayo ako'y susubok muli,
sana ika'y manatili sa aking tabi,
kung maaari sana'y 'wag akong isantabi,
'wag tratuhin na isang pagkakamali.

simple lamang ang hiling ko aking sinta,
mahalin mo ako ng tapat at walang pagdududa,
sa bawat salita ay sana maging totoo ka,
'pagkat mahal kita at sa akin ay mahalaga ka.
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Aug 2017 · 865
coffee girl Aug 2017
i once met a stranger,
he who cause my laughter,
he who makes me flatter,
and i who became his admirer.

what is this something?
this love for him i am feeling,
i know this feeling is worth denying,
but why am i still embracing?

do we fit each other? nope,
but then i found myself still holding the rope.
i told myself to stop holding on and let go,
but instead, i didn't follow it. no.

i once met a stranger,
he who became my lover.
but everything stays temporarily,
i need to accept that we aren't meant to be.

the stranger,
who became my partner,
that turned to be my lover,
was again a stranger.
ig: seluriing
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Aug 2017 · 48.6k
coffee girl Aug 2017
nais kong simulan ang aking tula sa isang katanungan,
"bakit mo ako iniwan?"
dahil ba sa ugali kong hindi maintindihan?
dahil ba sa itsura kong hindi kagandahan?

bakit mo ako binitiwan?
bakit mas pinili mo ang lumisan?
bakit mga pangako mo'y iyong kinalimutan?
bakit ka lumihis ng daan?

mahal, sana'y sagutin mo't huwag kang magalit,
kung marami akong tanong sayo na bakit,
hindi ko parin kasi talaga matanggap yung sakit,
sagutin mo naman, baka sakaling tumamis ang mapait.

hindi kita matanggal sa puso't isip ko,
at dahil sa takot ko na baka maulit ang pag-alis mo,
ipinagkatiwala ko ang puso ko sa ibang tao,
kaysa ang maniwala muli sa mga salita mo.

sa bawat paggalaw ng kamay ng orasan,
sa bawat pag-ihip ng hanging amihan,
sa bawat pagsilip ni haring araw,
tila puso ko'y nanatiling naliligaw.

paulit-ulit sa aking isipan,
tama ba ang aking napagdesisyunan?
kasiyahan sa iba ay dapat bang subukan?
nagbakasali na hindi ko ito pagsisihan.

sumubok ako, nagtiwala sa mga salitang naghatid ng panandalian ligaya,
nagpadala ako sa mga pangakong "ikaw lang at wala ng iba",
pero nagkamali ako, pare-pareho lang pala kayo,
sa una lang kayo pursigido.

mahal, nais kong alalahanin mo,
lingid sa kaalaman mo na makakalimutin ako,
pero inaamin ko, ni minsan hindi ka nawala sa isip ko,
oo mali 'to, pero masisisi mo ba ako?

bakit ramdam ko parin ang sakit ng iyong paglisan?
bakit hindi kita kayang bitiwan?
bakit sa bawat oras ng aking kalungkutan,
ikaw, ikaw ang nagsisilbing dahilan ng aking kasiyahan?

ang unan ko'y basang basa na ng luha,
mata ko'y tuluyan ng namaga,
alam ko na wala na akong dapat kapitan,
kung kaya't sanay matutunan ko ng ika'y bitiwan.

mahal, wala akong karapatan para sabihin na ako'y iyong balikan,
dahil minsan na kitang pinagtabuyan,
kaya hinihiling ko na sana sa iyong muling paglisan,
kasabay nun ay ang unti unti kong pagtahan.

patawad sapagkat hindi na tama ang aking nadarama,
patawad sapagkat alam kong tayo'y tapos na,
patawad sa mga salitang hindi na maibabalik pa,
patawad, patawad sa pagpili ko noon na lisanin ka at wag ng lumingon pa.

labis ang naramdaman kong lungkot,
labis din ang poot dahil hindi kita malimot-limot,
subalit sa mga panahong naghihilom na ang kirot,
saka ka naman muling susulpot.

lubos akong nagalak,
puso ko'y nabusog sa iyong salitang mabubulaklak,
nawala ang patalim sa puso ko na nakasaksak,
nang ikaw sakin ay kumambak.

subalit hanggang kailan kaya mayroong "tayo"?
hindi ko maalis ang takot sa puso at isip ko,
hindi ko maalis ang nadarama kong silakbo,
na ang dapat na "tayo" ay mapalitan muli ng isang "kayo"

hanggang kailan mo ako muling mamahalin?
hanggang kailan mo ako muling yayakapin?
hanggang kailan mo muling ipaparamdam ang apoy ng pag-ibig?
o papatayin na lamang ito muli ng malamig na tubig?

natatakot ako sa mga bagay na hindi inaasahan,
na baka magbago ang iyong isipan,
natatakot ako sa mga pwedeng maging dahilan,
dahilan ng iyong posibleng paglisan.

kasi minsan mo na akong isinantabi,
minsan mo na kong trinato na parang walang silbi,
minsan mo ng binasa ng luha ang aking pisngi,
at minsan mo na rin pinunit ang puso ko sa iyong mga sinabi.

natatakot ako mahal ko,
nais kong magtiwala muli sa mga salita mo,
paumanhin, subalit natatakot ako,
natatakot akong iwan mo ulit ako.

sana'y sa ating karanasan sa nakaraan,
manatili ka sa aking tabi at huwag lumisan,
sapagkat ikaw ang aking kalakasan,
subalit ikaw rin ang aking kahinaan.

ikaw, ang pumapawi sa aking uhaw,
ikaw, ang nagbigay direksyon sa puso kong ligaw,
ikaw, ang dahilan kung bakit ang puso mula sa bintana ng kaluluwa'y dumungaw,
ikaw, ang nagbibigay sigla sa akin araw-araw.

hinihiling ko na sana sa oras na magbago ang ihip ng panahon,
magbago ang direksyon ng mga alon,
tumaliwas ang lahat ng bagay sa dapat nilang posisyon at direksyon,
mag-iba man ang huni ng mga ibon,

sa oras na ikaw ay aking muling tanungin,
isa laman ang isasagot mo sa akin,
"huwag kang matakot at mangamba,
mahal na mahal kita"
ig: seluriing
twt: seluring
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— The End —