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The gloaming reflection of mine
in the light of sunshine.
She stays close to me always
even after the sun lose its blaze.
She is the pitch black darkness
that stirs inside my mind of aloofness.
I wish someday I can hold thee
and thou art can heal me.
☘ I wish my shadow will get up and walk beside me ☘
I recall, caramel mocha frappe

Taste was good and that's about all

I recall, delusional chemistry

Breaking up seven times and making up six.

I recall, English 101

Meant to be in high school but stuck in eighth grade with me.

I recall, A Wing

An Amazon

I recall, freshman orientation

Handprint staircases

I recall, Spanish class

Skipping lunch to digest some knowledge in the biblioteca

I recall, Chick Fil A in a mall

Back of a car with a handful

I recall, sneaking out with the boys

Upset over Pink Floyd for the wrong reasons

I recall, a trip down memory lane

Writing a poem
Desiree Jul 20
sitting up,
i mean laying down at 2 a.m.,
these intrusive thoughts once again so rudely knocking on the walls of my mind and barging in through the doors,
keeping me up longer,
when all i crave is slumber,
trying to control my breathing in hopes that i'll finally fall under,
listening to the same song on repeat,
one after another, they yank on my heart strings,
these oh so rude thoughts,
wishing i could clean out my brain and make things to be much more neat,
because these thoughts, these things i am feeling,
make my heart race and my stomach tighten,
desperately wanting these memories to brighten,
but i can't help when my anxiety creeps up in the dead of the night,
shaking me to the core,
once more leaving my heart sore.
Hasn't been a year quite yet and the wound still stings,
Thinking back to all of those things.
I still can't believe how dumb I was,
Everyone asks for answers but all I say is because.
I have no answer for how I didn't see,
I can't even say you're name, just "he".
Because thinking of you makes me want to cry,
I have all these questions of why.
I wish I was smarter back then,
I hope it will never happen again.
Nat Mar 1
I know I shouldn’t
But I can’t fight the urge
I miss you
My feelings overwhelm me
Im about to send the message
Then erase it all
I know i can’t
But it’s so hard
You’re the only person i feel this way for
My comfort is you
I won’t
But my emotions are drowning me
I need to release
I send the message
I feel Better
But i wonder if it’s the right decision
You don’t respond till later
I couldn’t help it
I needed you
I miss you .

The message You’ll never receive
Kaylee Feb 7
I feel like I’m letting your heart skip
while shattering it into at least ten million pieces
all at the same time...
Alexa Nov 2019
My thoughts are like rain. They start off slowly like a drizzle, I feel the emptiness start to take its course through my body
The rain gets harder.
The terrible racing thoughts go through my brain like knives.
Being convinced I'm not good enough, That nobody wants me around, There is thunder rumbling through me. The tears start coming out of my eyes. I can't move, I can't breathe, I start to feel numb. Soon there is a hurricane going on in my head destroying everything in its path.
My confidence, my beliefs, my dreams.
Everything gets shattered.
My eyes are so filled up with water my vision is blurry
and I just want this storm to pass so I can experience the
sunshine once again.
To feel the warmth of happiness.
But every time I do the rain cloud immediately
comes and starts to pour on me and drowns me in these evil thoughts. Over and over again.
My head is pounding, I want to scream But I
feel like no one would hear me because of how
loud this storm is. This happens every night
and every day I try to get stronger to beat this rain
so I can have more sun.
Jarred Karsten Nov 2019
I should start a farm
of sheep so I'll have enough
To count when I sleep
Deep Thought Sep 2019
Fact is, you can only relive memories through photos.

Do you know why that is?
It’s because time machines don’t exist.
Photographs will have to suffice.

Every photo, every expression…

You can’t recreate or alter them.
All you can do is remember.

Sadness from a past relationship, heartache from a family member that passed away. Joy from the time you moved across the country, or from that vacation you took and the people you met.

Even so, I wish there was a time machine.
Not to alter the past, only to relive the memories once again.

‘Till then, I’ll display them in a cathedral in my mind.
Can you relate?
ktle Sep 2019
you make me wish
i could stretch the seconds flat
so that my time with you can last forever.

we don’t know if we’ll still
hold each other close every morning
or have each other to lean on
years from now.

a year
a second

we might last forever
or we might become memories we ponder
when we reach a forever without each other.

but i will try
i will try to grasp your hand
as tightly as i can
as we approach the time ahead.

and even though we might not have a lifetime,
let us try to make it through what time has in store.
and if we don’t end  together
i pray that we can still glance at each other
from miles apart and still smile
at something that made
us dream about the slightest possibility
of a forever.
even if you’re not the one, i’m glad you’re here now
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