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Juliana Apr 2021
I want to step into the pages of a book.
No, I don’t mean that I want to be
the badass sword-wielding damsel
who gets herself into distress,
only to be the girl who gets
everyone else out of it.

I don’t want to be the little blonde girl
with a lifetime of bad luck,
except for the one day in which
she falls in love with the school’s
biggest *******,
yet little did they both know,
he’s actually quite pleasant.

No, I don’t want to be reincarnated
as yet another protagonist.
No, I can do without the *******.
I can do without boys in blue
—black, and blue.
Sometimes purple, and a little green.

I’m just asking…
can I be their friend?

Like, when **** gets rough,
when the hero has been kidnapped
one too many times for a single day,
can I be the one she vents to?

Can I be the one she tells first about
that kiss that stole her breath
—the one she didn’t even know
she was holding?

I want to be at her service,
holding the scabbard while she
takes the villain down,
winning his heart over in the process.

And when the book finally ends,
when the pages have closed,
I want to be in the epilogue,
her next adventure safe with me.
Zoe Grace Aug 2019
I'm 100% Fangirl mode right now
I'm not even gonna lie.
They're just both so... so...
******* CUTE AGH I'M DYING!!
LN Apr 2019
Once again I'll see you
Staring deep in my eyes
Telling me to love myself,
To Speak myself.

Once again I'll fight
All the haters
That curse at you.

Once again I'll be the
Voice cheering for you.

Once again I'll be
One of those thousand
Hearts that beat for you.

And once again
You'll not know
Who I am.
You don't know me, but i do

I'm a fangirl
LN Apr 2019
It's a difficult love
I adore you,
Love you,
Care for you,
Fight the whole world for you,
And you don't even know that I exist.
I can even tell you about the number of moles on your face..... The ones that you might have not even noticed, but you can't even tell that a girl in a far away country exist to whome you mean the world.

I'm a fangirl.
Park Shin Mar 2019
If loving you is a crime,
Then I am guilty, yes I am.
I'll admit it all this time,
I loved you, as a woman, as a fan.
No need to hide the screaming reality.
There's no escape from my insanity.
Don't ask me where my fearless passion started.
For I don't know, I just found my self addicted.
You change my life without trying
You set my heart in jail, and I'm crying.
I dream to walk with you under the moonlight.
Stealing a moment,
To hold your hand for the entire night.
Your lips and smiles makes me shiver
As I stare at your eyes, crime has overpower.
I committed the crime,
But I'm the one who been murdered.
By the way your body move,
With the music your group rendered.
An arrow from your bow struck my heart.
Love arrest my innocent soul from the start.
But I don't repent this crime I did.
For stealing your heart is all I wanted.
Call me crazy, but I don't care
I won't look back for the word fear.
Punishment of pain might await.
Let me be judged by the law of fate.
Oh my love, I'm a sinner , yes I am,
Because loving you from the start is all I've done.
this poem is dedicated to all my bias in Kpop,  specially to Bts Park Jimin
Kleigh Oct 2018
Performing full of passion
Watching you through my vision
You catch my attention
And I ended with admiration
You don't have an exact description
'Cos you're the best than my expection
And totally beyond my imagination

Before, I live for nothing
As you came it's worthliving
You are life changing
You give my life full of meaning
Everything you do keeps my heart beating
You are the reason behind this feeling
You keep my heart trembling
Can't help just keep on admiring

It is not an obsession
Just giving me a daily motivation
And become my life inspiration

You always makes me smile
Even the distance between us are
thousand miles
This kind of situation is totally fine
I love you as a man
But you love me as a fan
I love you even though you are not mine.
Dedicated to a man I never have
deuynn Nov 2018
i wish for
is for
someone to love

people joke
but there's a twist
they joke about terrible

they joke about
suicide and
mental states
why do they do that?

something i want
is for something to just
go my way for

i want
for someone to be
kind and
acknowledge me

rain falling outside my window
represents all of
the tears of the world

and the droplets
of the sky
cling on to trees

like i cling on to hope

suicidal thoughts cloud
my head every day
i always
them away

falling into depression
both the suffering
cell-mate and
the cruel jailer

i want the door to swing open
and to be free

but with bad things
repeatedly happening
i don't think it'll open

no friends
school is hell
my sister hates me
my dog doesn't even love me

get out of this hell
maybe live in another world
being a fangirl
that would truly make me happy

because is there anything in this world
that wants me?
Sehar Bajwa Sep 2018
poster kisses, an
impossible wish; isn't it
hard being fangirls ?
how is it though, to live in imaginary universes?
val Apr 2018
I dont understand how I am living in a world that is not yours
I hope we can meet each other one day
we can get to see ourselves with our own eyes
and we can finally


break the distance
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