Angel Mar 18

I can’t hug them, I can’t even see them
They are the reason for me to live.
I just have to believe.
I thought I was close
But suddenly the chances closed
I and my fandom are inseparable
But meeting them seems impossible.
I said I love you… you can’t feel it,
I cry for you… you can’t even see it
Because I’m just one of your million fans.
Impossible to hold your hands.
I’ve realized,
No matter what will happen
I’m just a girl in the crowd
Screaming loud.
Impossible to reach you.

Lol, this is dedicated to Bangtan Sonyeondan i made this because i feel infires rn
Shem Feb 14

I always reached for the stars thinking that it was you.
In my life full of chaos, you were the one who gave me a colorful hue.
I watched you as you swayed your body
Throughout this catchy rhythm and loud melody.
Your smiles that worth thousands of butterflies
Our fate is impossible to catch in our eyes.

I prayed every night to hug you and kiss you before I sleep
For in your sparkling eyes made me easily leap
It doesn’t matter how long I’d wait
Rumors around started to burn into hate
You are the star twinkling at the darkest skies
Your every movements are watched in every eyes

How I wish I was beside you
Holding, hugging and comforting you
Optimistic words that encourage you to do better
My heart is really shot like a jagger
Then I realized I’m out of your league
The endeavors will never be with us even if I beg

Hi!! I made this poem specifically for my NCT bias, Jung Jaehyun! Posting this poem as my gratitude for him and a birthday gift? LOL! Whatever, hope you give some thoughts about this poem. Criticisms are highly appreciated. Lovelots, Shem.
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016

My pantheon is
The hundreds of characters
That I know like friends

Just a little bit of fangirling.
Sky May 2016

Oh, MythBusters!
I will be sad to see you go;
Your explosive awesomeness
and gut-busting science
has kept me laughing since my twelfth year

Fourteen seasons
of exploding pigs
and Adam screaming "Ouch!"
and theorizing
"Is Jamie a robot?"

Oh, MythBusters!
You will always remain in my heart
as one of my favorite shows
and I hope and pray
that the re-runs keep rolling
'till the end of my days.

One of my favorite shows, MythBusters, is ending after 14 incredible seasons
I just wanted to write an ode to the show :)
Lori Feb 2016

2016 video plots and #the1975 lyrics to the #YOUTH
Tyler Pose[y]-ing you to choosing defining what is "true" love for you
are the surface, are the #COLORS white and gold
But they will paint you to underLying black Badlands
and Blue Neighborhoods
Nihilistic aesthetics kids don't believe All the Art they sell you

:: Referencing Troye Sivan's YOUTH video + Blue Neighborhood Album, Halsey's COLORS video + Badlands Album, The 1975's I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Album
Zanna Blouin Dec 2015

The feels rack me
Fits of squealing
In the dark so no one will see
Tumblr plans the wedding,
Look! My otp!
I ship it so hard
It actually pains to read fanfics
The smut,
The fluff,
We read it all
To get more
Of those
Life giving feels.
Arms flap,
The cuteness makes us skip meals
One more episode.
When's sherlock season 3?

Also available on wattpad @WriteActSing
Vanessa Evans Nov 2015

you might describe me as
"in her own world"
it's only because
fictional people mean more to me
then you do
and yeah
that might be sad
but to me
it's my whole world
what happens on the screen of a tv
affects me more then
what happens in my school
and watching my favorite character die
hurts so much
and i'm so tired of being categorized
as just another fan-girl
because i feel like so much than that

my thoughts
xie Sep 2015

one day he'll find a girl
and he'll see her as his everything
while you spend your time crying
because that girl has your world


Sophia Marie Aug 2015

Music, like an everyday-medicine, we take.
The text-- to our hearts-- sometimes tastes,
Bitter it is, still we devour, as if its a cake.
Bitter, how you need peace, it betrays.

To most of you,
Music is about what meaning lies behind.
To most of you,
Music is all about the soothing rythm you find.

But to a too broken person,
Who found voices that express,
An extraordinary love was born,
A love that--once felt--is hard to surpress.

We are the broken people you call immature,
Just for 'obssesing' over something out of your nature.
We are the broken people whom you judge,
But who are we to hold a grudge?

Id like to take this opputunity,
To inform an array that critisize,
We are not in the least guilty,
For dedicating something to those who saved our lives.

But for the record,
We, fans do feel.
Being respected,
Will be very much appreciated.

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